Gift Donation from Nate Bolt '99 and Ryan Freitas '97 to DCOG-HCI Lab

Drs. Hollan and Hutchins,

It is our dear hope that you are both aware your research, teaching, and mentorship at the Distributed Cognition and HCI Laboratory has had an enormouse impact. As former students, we take great pride in being counted amoung those who benefited from your tutelage. With our most sincere gratittude, it is our pleasure to make this joint gift to your lab. These funds are unrestricted and are to be used at your discretion to support your work.

As Cognitive Science alumni (in Ryan's case) and recipients of your guidance and advisement (in Nate's case), it's important to us to give back to the institution and instructors who gave us our joy for understanding minds in the wild. We look forward to watching you inspire another generation of young practitioners, and to your continued advancement of the field. 

With warmest regards,

Nate Bolt '99 and Ryan Freitas, '97