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Cognitive Science 10
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You will earn credit for completing the assignments described below. As you can see, you there are three projects. These projects are the most important element of your performance in the class. Please read the project instructions carefully. All of the projects require sustained effort, so be sure to begin work well before the due date. Consult the instructions provided on the "How to write a project paper " page.

Midterm (In class April 28)

This will be the only in-class examination in the course. It will consist of a number of multiple choice and short essay questions convering the readings and lectures up to this point in the course.

Plagiarism Tutorial (Must be completed by midnight April 5)

In order to help you make proper citations to the work of other authors in your essays, you will take a brief on-line tutorial concerning plagiarism. I know that some of you have taken this tutorial before. If so, you know that it only takes a few minutes, so do it again.

Project One: Technology Inventory (Due in Class April 9)

In this project you will make an inventory of the technologies in your living space. You will then perform an analysis to show how the technologies fit together as a system. Project 1 Assignment Details.

Project Two:Interface Evaluation (Due in Class April 23)

In this project you will perform an analysis of a user interface that has caused you difficulty. You will identify the source of the difficulty and propose changes to improve the interface.
Project 2 Assignment Details.

Project Three:The Cognitive Consequences of the Car of the Future(Due Dates: First draft May 21; Final draft June 4)

In this project you will choose some aspect of the use of the anticipated car of the future. You will use the concepts and tools developed in the class to perform an analysis of the cognitive consequences of this technology. Project 3 Assignment Details.

Final Examination (Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 3:00 - 6:00 pm. HSS  1330)

The final examination will cover all of the material in the course. The exam will consist of multiple choice questions and short-essay questions.

 Course Credit:
Plagiarism Tutorial
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Final Exam