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Cognitive Science 10  
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Reading, Lecture and Assignment Schedule

In the schedule below the assigned book is designated by an acronym:
Thus: HF = The Human Factor
Other readings are provided either directly via links on this page, or via electronic reserves at the UCSD library. Readings shall be completed BEFORE the assignment date.
Lectures slides will be posted on this page on the day of lecture.
Lecture audio will be available as a podcast at: http://podcast.ucsd.edu

Exams and assignment due dates are marked in red.


Theme 1: Technology and Cognition

Tuesday, March 31
Introduction and overview of course: course mechanics, basic themes.
The Human-Tech ladder
(Lecture: Introduction)
Project 1 assignment: Technology Inventory

Thursday, April 2  
Lecture: The Great Reunion, Ancient Technologies
Plagiarism Tutorial and Quiz. Must be completed by midnight on April 5.


Theme 2: Physical and Psychological levels of Human-Tech

Tuesday, April 7
Lecture: It's about time.
Case Study 1: Time keeping. Vicente's Human-Tech Ladder - an example of conceptual technology. Mechanistic and Humanistic World views, Hard and soft technology.
Reading: HF: Preface and Chapter 1

Thursday, April 9
Technology out of control?
Lecture: Complexity and Coupling.
Reading:HF Ch 2
Project 1 Due in Class

Tuesday, April 14
Lecture: Perception and action
Reading: HF Ch 3

Thursday, April 16
How tools transform cognitive activities, functional systems, cognitive amplifiers and cognitive artifacts
Reading: Norman, "Cognitive Artifacts"
Lecture: InterfaceDay
Project 2 Assignment: interface analysis

Tuesday, April 21
Lecture: The power of representation
Reading: HF Ch 4


Theme 3: Emergent effects in Human-Tech systems

Thursday, April 23 
Lecture: Representation Continued; Introducing Emergence
Reading: Moussaid et al , "Information transfer and self-organized behavior in swarms, flocks, and crowds:
Project 2 due in class

Tuesday, April 28  
MidTerm Exam

Thursday, April 30  
The next generation of Air Transport Systems
Lecture: Conceptualizing spatial relations in flight training

Tuesday, May 5
Lecture: Visualization and Cognition
Reading: Latour, Visualization and Cognition:Thinking with eyes and hands.

Thursday, May 7  
Lecture: The cognitive consequences of the future of the car
Reading: Hutchins, "Cognitive consequences of patterns of information flow".

Project 3 assignment: smart cars. An analysis using all of the tools of the course.

Theme 4: Teamwork and the Organizational Level of Human-Tech

Tuesday, May 12
Safety Critical Psychology I
Lecture: The Crashless Car
Reading: HF Ch 5

Thursday, May 14
Lecture: Safety Critical Psychology II

Tuesday, May 19
Lecture: SafetyCriticalPsych Part Two
Reading:HF Ch 6

Thursday, May 21
Lecture: Unwarlike Hostilities
Reading: HF Ch 7
Project 3 first draft due in class.

Theme 5: Politics of information Flow

Tuesday, May 26
Project team work in class
Reading: HF Chapter 8

Thursday, May 28
Lecture: Teamwork
Reading: HF Ch 9

Tuesday, June 2
Lecture: Just Culture and organizational learning loops
Reading:HF Chapter 10

Thursday, June 4
Politics of info flow.
Lecture: Citizenship in the digital age.

Project 3 Final paper Due in Class


Final Exam Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 3:00 - 6:00 pm. HSS  1330