Assignment I: Thoughtless Acts, due 10/11 (5%)
Assignment II: Interface Critique, due 11/1 (10%)
Assignment III: Contextual Interview, due 11/29 (15%)


Exam I, 10/20 (20%)
Exam II, 11/17 (20%)
Final Exam, 12/6 (30%)

Academic Integrity

Please read the UCSD Policy on Academic Integrity of Scholarship Students' Responsibility Students are expected to complete the course in compliance with the instructor's standards. No student shall engage in any activity that involves attempting to receive a grade by means other than honest effort; for example: A student acting in the capacity of an instructional assistant (IA), a category including but not limited to teaching assistants, readers, and tutors, has a special responsibility to safeguard integrity of scholarship. In this role the student functions as an apprentice instructor, under the tutelage of the responsible instructor. An IA shall equitably grade student work in the manner agreed upon with the course instructor. An IA shall not make any unauthorized material related to tests, exams, homework, etc., available to any student.