Cogsci 220: Information Visualization (Winter 2021)

Selecting a Topics and Group: Dynamic Personal Information Spaces

As the first step in selecting a topic and group, you should read the following NSF proposal and paper:

This proposal and paper will provide context and background for your selection of a project or proposal topic. Your project or proposal must be related to dynamic visual information issues (these will be discussed more in class) associated with these readings.

Your ideas for a proposal will certainly evolve over the quarter but it is important to get started early. Ten weeks is a really short time period for completing a proposal and associated visualizations. As is frequently is the case in research, you need to commit to an idea before it is fully elaborated. Groups need to start to form as early as possible. If you already know people in the class you would like to work with, do link up with them. Group membership and topic selection must be determined by week four.

Some of the ideas behind our human-centered information space proposal come from early work on Pad++ and ReadWear/EditWear. You might find these early papers worth minining for project ideas.