University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093
EMAIL: PHONE: +1.858.534.8156
J i m    H o l l a n
Professor of Cognitive Science & Computer Science and Engineering
Founding Co-Director, UC San Diego Design Lab, 362 Design and Innovation Building

Requests to Meet
Email is always the best way to contact me. If possible you should come to the office hour posted on the course website. If that is not possible send me email so we can arrange a mutually convenient time. Typically the meeting will be in room 159 of the Cognitive Science Building.

Getting Involved in Research
If you are interested in getting involved in research in the Design Lab, you should come to office hour to discuss current opportunities. If there is mutual interest, you will be invited to attend lab meetings. Attending lab meetings is an excellent way to find out about lab activities. In addition, you might consider doing an honors project or perhaps participating in an independent study course.

Honors Projects
An honors project involves three quarters of course activity. In the Fall, you write a project proposal. Based on that proposal, meeting the grade requirements, and agreement of a faculty advisor, you are formally admitted into the honors program. Winter quarter is spent doing the research project. During Spring quarter you complete and document the project by completing a paper and presenting the project to a meeting of the department along with other honors students.

Recommendation Letters
If you are going to ask me to write a recommendation letter for you, please talk to me well in advance about it. I won't agree to write a letter unless it can be a strong letter. If I do agree, you will need to provide me with all the necessary materials at least a month before the letter is due. You should include your resume, a copy of your academic transcript, scores on GRE or other relevant exams, descriptions of all the programs you are applying to and any forms they require me to use, deadlines for the letters, and any additional information about yourself (e.g., research lab experience, internships, a web site with a portfolio of your work, etc.) that might help me to write a strong letter.

Graduate Applicants to UCSD
If you are interested in working with me, you should apply to the graduate program in either the Department of Cognitive Science or the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Admission to graduate programs in both departments is highly competitive. Graduate admissions committees are looking for evidence of your promise to become a researcher. Grades, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation are important factors in the admission decision. In your statement of purpose you should be clear about your specific interests, why this particular program is a good fit for you, and describe evidence of your research experience. Please feel free to contact me via email to discuss your interest.