pos= pron, possessive/transitional

  gl= my

  samp= agu wewa! - it's my(consummable) mango

  gl= where

  samp= ambesa bukula? - where will you go?



  pos= pron

  gl= what likeness

  samp= amakawala bavigaki? - how or in what likeness shall I do it?

  note= the underlying form is probably KAWA in a demonstrative frame

   and preceeded by an interogative affix.

  amakawam? - what's with you? also occurs.



  pos= pron

  gl= which thing

  note= classifier specifies attribute of thing



  pos= pron

  gl= who, which man



  pos= pron

  gl= who, which woman



  pos= adv

  gl= whence



  pos= pron

  gl= what name

  samp= amyagala matona? - what is his name?; amyagam - what is your




  pos= ?

  gl= ho ho

  note= from SLOS:266

  note= reliability doubtful



  pos= pron

  gl= what

  samp= avaka m nanamsa - what is your thought?



  pos= adv

  gl= why, for what reason, to what end

  samp= avaka pela ima matona? - why does he come?



  pos= adv

  gl= why, from what source, by what cause

  samp= avaka uula ivataisi matosina? - why do they argue?



  pos= pron

  gl= whatever

  samp= imeyesa kaula, buwa, iniya, avaka waiya - they brought cooked

  yams, betelnut, fish, and whatever



  pos= pron

  gl= who

  samp= avela bibigatona? - who shall speak?




  gl= whoever

  samp= avela avela magila bila - whoever wants to go



  pos= pron

  gl= what man



  pos= pron

  gl= what woman



  pos= adv

  gl= when

  rel= nasigaivila



  pos= tense marker, first person future.

  note= see grammar



  pos= adj

  gl= deaf

  syn= tuli

  rel= nagowa

  rel= tulibaba

* pos= v

  gl= become deaf

  samp= "tobaba - deaf man; nababa - deaf woman."



  pos= adj

  gl= numb

  gl= paralysed

  rel= mwatatina(as when a limb falls asleep and then regains sensation)

 *pos= v1

  gl= numb

  gl= paralysed

  xgl= "like a limb asleep, pins and needles."

  samp= "Yagala 'wodogu ibabatila wala.'(T7)"

  freetrans= "That's called 'my mouth was just paralysed.'

              (when she saw a ghost in the night)."

  pl.suff.= si

 *pos= n2

  gl= numbness

  gl= paralysis

  c= kwe

  samp= "kala babatila"



  pos= n

  gl= ocean-floor

  dep= poor



  pos= n2

  gl= necklace

  c= kwe

  rel= bagidou(kind of bagi)

  rel= kuwekuwa

  rel= soulava

  rel= bagidudu(kind of Bagi,valuable)

  rel= bagiriku(kind of bagi, valuable)

  rel= kaloma(red shell beads from whese these are made)

  note= "may be other appropriate classifiers."

  samp= " sena bweyani kala bagi - very red her neckace."

  note= see Malinowski(Argo.Plate XVIII & plate XIX)



  pos= n2

  gl= necklace

  xgl= fine shell necklace

  c= kwe

  rel= bagi

  rel= kuwekuwa

  rel= soulava



  pos= n2

  gl= necklace, kind of bagi (valuable)

  note= see Malinowski (ARGO:309)

  note= see Bagi for other related terms



  pos= n2

  gl= necklace, kind of bagi(valuable)

  note= see Malinowski(ARGO:309)

  note= see Bagi for other related terms




  pos= n3

  gl= garden

  xgl= "  garden plot that is under cultivation."

  c= kwe

  rel= buyagu

  rel= baleku

  rel= kwabila

  loc.prep= wa

 *pos= v1

  gl= garden

  pl.suff= si

  samp= "ibagulasi m'tosina - the men garden."

  cont= bugubagula

  samp= "abugubagula - I am gardening."

  samp= " bitabagula, kaula kwevyeka bitabani,bitayaki.(TT12B:p.1)"

        " we will garden, if we find many yams, we will take them to him."




  pos= adj

  gl= bald

  note= "stress on first sylable."

  samp= " tobakana - bald man."

  note= "classifier required in adjectival use."

  note= "might possibly be used as a verb."

  note= ?



  pos= n

  gl= trail

  gl= footprints, as a trail(of animal?)

  note= nb4:89

  rel= kaigubuyoyu(trail left by a person)



  pos= adj

  gl= wide

  note= classifier required

  note= this may also occur in another form with different spelling.

  note= nb2:146



  pos= adj

  gl= lazy-tired

  rel= bugumata

  rel= numala

  source= Twomey

  dep= poor



  pos= n3

  gl= garden

  xgl= " garden plot not under cultivation / before


  c= kwe

* pos= n1

  gl= garden, its, hers etc

  note= with sound change as bilekula.

  samp= bilekusi - their garden(T26A:416)

  samp= " gala bilekula - not his garden."

  samp= " Bilekula Teyava - Teyavas'(village name) garden.(TTA2pg2)."

  rel= bilekula vivila(garden held by a woman)

  rel= buyagu

  rel= bagula

  rel= kwabila

  loc.prep= wa

  note= occurs in Malinowski as BALEKO.



  pos= v

  gl= lame

  syn= pem

  samp= "tobali - lame man.(adjectival form)"

  samp= "kaikela ibali - his leg is lame (verbal form)"

  rel= yobali



  pos= n

  gl= shelf in the rafters

  gl= loft

  note =  shelves high along the wall of interior of house.

  rel= kwanou

  c= kwe

  note= possible related to buliga ( classifier for layers)



  pos= n3

  gl= spirit

  gl= human spirit

  c= to

  syn= kosi

  rel= yaluwa

  rel= totaloi'i

  snd= bilome/biloma

  pl.suff= si

  text= "Baloma bikausa magudina gwadi bimeyesa bisakaisa minana vivila.


  freetrans= "The spirit would get a child and bring it and give it to tha


  text= "...igau bimesa bilomesi.(T26A:8)"

  freetrans= " later their spirits will come."



  pos= n

  gl= amionic#membrane

  note= "Occurs in Malinowski as 'internal female organs including the

          uterus, placenta at the time of pregnancy'."

  rel= vatula bam(magic ,see entry)



  pos= v2

  gl= find

  snd= bane

  pl.suff= sa

  cont= binibani

  samp= "Bogwa labani - already I have found it".

  samp= "Igau abanem - I will find you later".

  note= bubani as a cont. form. looks as if it occurs only in the past




  pos= n3

  gl= fish-hook

  c= kai

  note=" binibani used when fishing. Literally finding."

  note= " the form banena occurs in Fellows."



  pos= v3

  gl= pierce

  snd= base

  pl.suff= si

  cont.= bisibasi

  samp= "ibasegu kai - it stick me, the stick."

  note= " bisibasi is the word used for sewing. Also used to describe a

        stabbing pain."

  note=' i baseigi and i bubaseigu appear in Twomey".



  pos= v2

  gl= thinning, of crops

  note=  see also Malinowski Coral Gardens p.164.

  rel= bwanana(new yams harvested when the yams are thinned)



  pos= adj

  gl= abundance

  gl= many

  pluralform= bobawa

  samp= " Tobobawa ( many people, a crowd); kwebobawa (many things)."

  samp= "Sivabobawa?- many times?"

  note= " classifier is required with adjective form."

 *pos= v1

  gl= abundant

  samp= " Kidamwa bibawa - if it is abundant."

 *pos= n2

  gl= abundance

  gl= plentifulness

  samp= " Amakawala kala bawa?- how many are there?"

  note= occurs also in Malinowski (SLOS:60) in the form:tobubowa'u

        (mature man) & Nabubowa'u (mature woman)."



  pos= n3

>  gl= butterfly

  c= na

  note= " all butterflys seem to be called beba with no individual species



  pos= v1

  gl= do in ignorance

  note= T25A:670

  note= tobebekam(ignorant person)



  pos= v1

  gl= sink

  xgl= to capsize or sink

  rel= katubeku

  rel= salili



  pos= n3

  gl= stone#axe#blade

  c=  kavi(kai'i)



  pos= n

  gl= betel nut husks

  rel= kwesalu(coconut husks)



  pos= n

  gl= coconut husk

  rel= kwesalu



  pos= adv

  gl= here

  samp= "Kuseli besa- you set it here."

* pos= dem

  gl= this#that

  note= "for concrete demonstrative see ma<c>na.

  note= " indicates indirect object of transitive verbs."

  samp= "Banigada buwa besa yokwa."

  freetrans= " I will beg betel nut from you."

  note= "igibuluwa besa yegu pela idoki kaina asasopa - he is angry

         with me because he thinks I'm lying.(T18)."



  pos= adv

  gl= random

  xgl= " literally here and there. undirected. actions without coherent

         direction. Without pattern or organization."

  note= " maybe from Dobuan."



  pos= v1

  gl= drift

  xgl= " to be pushed along by water or current."

  note= "see bi'u to push."

  note= " possibly same word as bi'u."



  pos= v

  gl= reeling

  note= " from Fellows."

  dep= unknown



  pos= n3

  gl= basket

  xgl= "a certain kind of basket, like a peta."

  note= "informant says this is old speech."

  c= kwe

  rel= peta

  rel= vataga

  rel= kauya

  rel= pwatai'i

  rel= pweya

  note= " there are other basket types."



  pos= v

  gl= withdraw (as after sexual intercourse)

  rel= gili

  note= nb4:18


BIDALAS  note= " maybe verb form of Dala?"

  samp= " bi bidalasi- they will be many."

  dep= ?




  gl= many

  gl= plenty

  rel= gala yomala

  note= " may be used without a classifier."



  pos= n3

  gl= soil

  gl= "fertile earth around the village. Literally black soil."

  md= "bwaubwau= black."

  c= kwe




  pos= n2

  pos= n3

  gl= language

  gl= speech

  gl= word

  c= kwe

  c= biga in demonstrative

  rel= bona

* pos= c

  note= "observed in demonstrative mabigana."

  note= " in Fellows with numeral as bigatala."

  note= occurs as bigi in adjectival- i.e. bigigaga.

  rel= bigatona

  rel= bona



  pos= v1

  gl= speak

  gl= talk

  pl.suff= si

  rel= biga

  note= snd change bigato{ni}si(T19B:500)

 *pos= n3

  gl= speech

  gl= words

  c= kwe

  samp= "wadogu isunapula ulo bigatona - my speech came up into my mouth."




  pos= v3

  gl= bad talk

  gl= insult

  xgl= " used to describe offensive words."

  snd= bigigage

  samp= " ibigigagem - he speaks badly of you."

  rel= "bigamwau".

  md= "bigi + gaga

       bigi - from biga ( speech)

       gaga - from gaga (bad)



  pos= n3

  gl= horizontally lying log

  rel= yobilabala

* pos= v

  gl= mans motion in sexual intercourse

  sorce= "Malinowski; SLOS;339."

  rel= bilamapu




  gl= woman's motion in intercourse

  rel= bilabala

  md= "Bila + mapu

       bila - horizontal

       mapu - payment or response."



  pos= n

  gl= fish, tyype of

  note= nb2:75



  see Baleku



  pos= n

  gl= garden, held by a woman

  md= " bileku + vivila

        bileku - from baleku

        vivila - woman."

  note= (T19A2:10)

  note= occurs on T26 as bulukuvivila




  gl= roll

  xgl= "to roll up, like a mat."

  cont= bilibali

  pl.suff= sa-past

  pl.suff= si-future

  rel= vili(twist)


  usedfor= rolled up things



  pos= n1

  gl= spirit

  note= nb4:65

  rel= baloma





  xgl= " also have as inside lower lip membrane."

  note= " Malinowski has 'Dubilibaloda = lower lip, ours.'

          possibly from dubili = lower."


  pos= v

  gl= pull back out

  note= nb5

  rel= kaivisuvi(v, push in)

  rel= gili




  gl= stone

  xgl=" hard non-coral stone that is imported from the D'Entrecastaux Is."

  rel= Dakuna

  rel= utukema



  pos= n3

  gl= streamer

  xgl= " pandanus streamers used for decoration. Oftern have magical signi-

        ficance. made from wawoma."

  rel= kainosaba(pandanus with wawega for dancing)

* pos= n1

  note = " In Malinowski ( argonauts:430) as Bisalena(bisalela)- his

           pandanus streamer."



   pos= v3

   gl= sewing

   note= "see basi".

   md= continous form of to pierce



  pos= v3

  gl= kill with spear

  md= "bisi=to peirce + mati=to kill."



  pos= n

  gl= measurement, one yard

  note= nb2:121

  samp= uvatolu bisividoga- seven yards)

  rel= yuma



  pos= n

  gl= arrowroot



  pos= v

  gl= pull

  gl= push

  cont= bibi'u

  note= " bibiyusi - tug of war."

  note= " In Fellows as thwart."



  pos= v

  gl= pull

  gl= push

  cont= bibi'ya

  note= "maybe area change of Bi'u."

  note= "Malinowski (SLOS;378) has 'ibi'a- he took hee by force."



  pos= v

  gl= pull

  gl= push

  note= " see Bi'u and Bi'ya."

  note= " Katubiyasi? as pulling yourself together."

  dep= unknown

  note= the {si} on the end of this word may be a plural suffix.



  pos= c

  usedfor= betel nut

  note= "  adjectival form only."



  pos= n

  gl= pipe

  gl= smoking pipe

  note= "poss. Dobuan"

  note= "from notes 3:85"

  note= in Fellows bobau is glossed as bamboo.

  note= tobacco rolled in leaf and made into a pipe(nb2:47)

  rel= dum(du'um)



  see BAWA



  pos= n

  gl= spider(type of)

  c= na

  note= " maybe a taratula like spider."



  pos= n1

  gl= lower back

  c= kabila



  pos= adj

  gl= rounded

  c= opt.

  rel= bwebutu-dull

  note= "bubuvatu?".



  pos= n

  gl= gift

  xgl= gift of love? for no special perpose.

  md= bweli= bwena (good).

  rel= ulaula

  rel= semakai




  gl= menstrual period

  rel= buyaii



 pos= n3

  gl= group of people

  c= kwe in the demonstrative and adjective

  c= buda in the numerical

* pos= v

  gl= meet

  pl.suff= si

  rel= bwadi

  rel= vaboda

* pos= c

  usedfor= groups of people

  syn= buda



  pos= n

  gl= chief's dependents

  md= literally his group(human).

  note= from Fellows



  pos= n

  gl= night

  c= kwe

  pl= bugibogi

  rel= yam(day)

  rel= dudubila(dark of night)

  rel= kwaitakawita(inky dark of night-kawita is octopus)

  rel= dubilikawita



  pos= ?



  pos= v

  gl= rot

  gl= decay

  cont= bugwabogina

  pl.suff= si


  gl= odor of decomposition

  gl= putrifaction

  rel= sigi

 *pos= adj

  gl= rotten

  note= " a mother refered jokingly to her infant son as tobabogina."

  note= " in Fellows as stink."



  note= ? nb4:56- no gloss given



  pos= adj

  gl= old

  c= required

  pl= bubogwa(dual)

  pl= bubogwasa(plural)

  pl= bwabogwa?

  samp= "Bwala kwebubogwa- old houses."

  samp= bunukwa nabogwa - old pig.

  rel= vau(new)

* pos= adv

  gl= already

  gl= previously

  note= aglutinates with verb.

  samp= bogwa kapokalabogwasi - already we ( have pokala'ed


  samp= litulabogwa(children born previously); litulavau (subsequent


  note= also occurs as bogi. isakaibogi -  he already gave.

  rel= vau (subsequently in this context)

  samp= " Bogwa lo kumesa - already you(pl) have come."



  pos= n

  gl= black palm

  xgl= "black palm tree whos very hard wood is used to make spears, floors


  c= kai

  rel= Kaiyala

  md= "bo= c for betel nut palm. Kaiyala= spear."



  pos= n

  gl= flower wreath, type of butia wreath.

  note= nb4:104




  gl= chase

  sorce= "Malinowski (SLOS:553)

  note= " Fellows has as to drive away."

  dep= unknown

  note= also occurs as bwekavili

  rel= bwekuli



  pos= n2

  gl= cough

 *pos= v

  gl= cough

  cont= bukuboku



  pos= n

  gl= village in mourning

  sorce= Malinowski(Spirits of the Dead:notes:41).

  note= "Maybe from boda-closed off."

  dep= unknown

  note= the staying in the village imposed by the death of a chief. can't

        fish or garden, but can got to other villages if desired (nb4:72)



  pos= n

  gl= ?

  note= " In twomey as 'red plant?."

  dep= poor



  pos= n

  gl= ?

  note= "may mean flavor (good?)".

  rel= kamwenala

  dep= poor



  pos= n.3

  gl= deserved situation

  xgl= "exclamative. You got what you deserved. Just deserts.Justice is done."

  note= " If a child  does something stupid and it causs him to get hurt

          someone might say to him "boma!."

* pos= n

  gl= sacred grove

* pos= n

  gl= war magic(?).

* pos= n1

  gl= taboo,forbidden thing

  sample=bomala-his taboo;bomagu;bomam(SLOS:461).

  c= kwe



  pos= ?

  gl= ?

  note= " from twomey or fellows...can't read entry. Looks like very...

          maybe virgin?".

  dep= poor



  see BOMA




  gl= east, eastwind

  note= "in Malinowski ( SLOS) as due north 'O bomatu'".

  note= see YAGILA for other wind names



  pos= n

  gl= flower wreath, butia. It is wrapped in a spiders web to hold it


  rel= butia

  note= nb4:104



  pos= n

  gl= flower wreath,butia

  rel= butia




  gl= green(unripe)betel nut.

  rel= lalava(ripe red betel)

  rel= buwa(betel,gen.)

  md= "bo is classifier for betel nut."



  pos= n

  gl= tabooed inside

  sorce= Malinowski (Argonauts:429)

  md= bomala-taboo + O luwala-between(?).

  dep= unknown



  pos= n

  gl= language

  gl= ?

  sorce= Fellows as Bonala- tounge or speech. Also in Twomey.

  note= bobona?

  note= possibly related to bonenona?

  note= possibly a n1 bona<o.p.>- language (nb5)

  rel= kabuboni(speak with maximum clarity)

* pos= c

  usedfor= speech

  note= ?

  rel= kaibonini(n, implement used to clean the ears)



  pos= n

  gl= plant, type of aromatic

  rel= butia

  rel= vana



  pos= adj

  gl= unknowledgeable

  note= used with classifiers to/na

  note= informants explaination ' mimilisi vavagi gaa inukwali' there

        are many things he doesn't understand.

  note= may occur as bonibona

  rel= lubulawaga(not knowledgeable)

  rel= gweluva

  rel= bekam

  rel= nagowa

  rel= nimakava

  rel= bugumata

  rel= tulibaba

  rel= lubulabwaga



  pos= n

  gl= wind direction-SSE

  rel= yavatam

  note= see YAGILA entry



  pos= adj

  gl= arogant, & without skills

  rel= paremwana

  note= nb4:65



  pos= n

  gl= whale

  c= na

  sorce= inf.

  rel= Bwituna(in fellows).

  rel= nubosa(inhale sharply)rel?



  pos= n

  gl= cleft in chin

  dep= poor



  pos= n

  gl= odor of mold

  note= " Don't know if it is bad odors in general.

  dep= unknown



  pos= v2

  gl= cut transversally

  xgl= 'to cut transversally something large."

  rel=  bwabu



  pos= v

  gl= cut in halves

  sorce= Fellows

  dep= unknown



  pos= n

  gl= ?

  gl= loving child

  note= " Maybe a bound morphine. Occurs in milabova."



  pos= adj

  gl= many

  note= "maybe a plural form of something/"

  samp= "toboweki- many people."

  rel= Bawa

  note= nb4:74

  rel= bobawa(abundant)

  rel= bidubadu(many, lots)

  rel= mimilisi(some,a few)



  pos= adj

  gl= brown

  note= ?

  dep= unknown



  pos= n

  gl= name, proper name of the main Island of the Trobriand group.

  note= see Malinowski (SLOS) map faces pg.xxviii.



  pos= n

  gl= grey crane

  c= na

  note= ?



  pos= n2

  gl= the hem of doba(skirt)

  note= "occurs in Malinowski (?:249) as its roundness. kalabubouvatu."



  pos= n

  gl= food offering

  xgl= "Food offered to baloma (spirit) and subsequently given away to a


  sorce= of extended gloss is Malinowski (spirits of the Dead:182).



  pos= n

  gl= poles, horizontal poles for the floor of a bwaima(yam store house)

  note= nb4:11



  pos= n

  gl= preying mantis

  c= na



  pos= v

  gl= glow

  gl= phosphorese

  gl= glimmer

  xgl= " to glow like phosphoresence."

  sorce= notes3:22

  note= " maybe used for fireflys and the glow of mushrooms (?)".

  samp= talia ibubula - high tide is glowing(phosphoresence)nb3:22

  note= TT22min/doc 3 - 'gala kwetala si bububula pela....' poss. noun?

  rel= kakata

  rel= katububula(note on this entry that bubula - eyes like a torch)



  pos= n

  gl= ignorant

  note= " Twomey has as ' one who is ignorant of our language.'".

  note= ?

  note= nb5 has tobekam,tobubula and tonagowa together.



  pos= adj

  gl= ignorant

  sorce= Twomey

  note= ?

  dep= poor

  note= see also {bu}bula




  gl= invent

  gl=  create by effort of mind

  pl.suff= sa

  snd= bubulei

  samp= "bubuledasi."

  samp= "E, tubumaiyeso! ibubulisa bagula. Ibubulisa wota. ibubulisa


  samp= " kububuli kebakabila - you create a plan."

  note= "Malinowski (SLOS:146) as 'come into existance.'"

  note= "Fellows has as 'form parts of the body.'"

  note= NB4:19 concerning paternity and conception ...bibubuli pwapwawa.



  pos= c

  usedfor= bundles of wood

  samp= "bubulotala- one bundle".



  pos= n1

  gl= custom

  xgl= " custom, habit, way of people."

  pl.suff= si

  snd= bubune

  note= " stress on ne in snd above."

  samp= " bubunedasi - our custom."

* pos= n3

  gl= custom

  samp= " si bubunela - their custom."



  pos= n

  gl= white cocatoo

  c= na

  note= feathers are used as a headress for dancing. see Malinowski

        (Argo:plate XIV) for photo.



  pos= v1

  gl= flow out, drip

  note= " probably a continous form of busi."

  samp= " i bubusi wowola- getting thin. Literally 'it flows out, his body."

  samp= " i bubusi bwala- the house leaks. literally' it drips, the house."

  note= see busi

  note= "busi means to come down or decend. The use ofbubusi as dripping,

         or flowing occurs in this contiuous form  only."

  note= contverbform

  note= " dripping and flowing water always go down gravity. Busi denotes




  pos= n

  gl= yam display holder

  xgl= "set of four or more sticks driven into the ground nto which yams

        are stacked. Used for yam display. Seen at feasts."

  c= ?

  rel= pwatai'i

  loc.prep= O

  note= nb2:134



  pos= adj

  gl= albino

  note= classifier to/na prefixed



  pos= c

  usedfor= cut parts

  xusedfor= "parts cut off by transversal cutting."

  note= " often contracted to bwa."

  note= verb generated classifier

  note= " comes from the verb bwabu- to cut off transversally."

  samp= "mabubwana -that piece; bubwatala- one piece; bubwakikita-small piece."



  pos= c2

  gl= food gift

  xgl= " food given when a new mother returns to husband's village after

         the birth."

  note= nb2:104

  note= possible related to the word bubwa - to cut off.



  pos= v

  gl= drool

* pos= n2

  gl= drool

  gl= water in the body,serum

  note= TT24A:165- as bubwalowa - serum like water in body tissue, also

        a baby's drool.

  rel= giu(spit)



  note= appears in Twomey as 'empty handed'. if so related to


  note= ?




  pos= c

  usedfor= groups#of#people

  rel= boda

  note= "maybe sound change in 'buditenidesi' ?".

  rel= "yuwo- groups of animals."



  pos= n

  gl= gunnels, raised gunnels of a masawa canoe.

  note= ?

  note= see WAGA for related terms



  pos= ?

  gl= ?

  note= " found in fellows or twomey(?) as 'bi budaki wala- you must be


  dep= poor



  pos= n2

  gl= gift to a sorcerer

  note= Malinowski(ARGO:183) as'a gift to a sorcerer described by the

        verb budipeta.

  rel= sousula

  note= " found in Twomey as bewitch, ensorcel(black magic).



  pos= n

  gl= single#group

  md= "buda-classifier for groups of people + tini-tala=one +desi-no more."



  pos= v

  gl= ?

  note= " in Twomey as; i budi kalagila - to prepare payment (for sorceror)."

  note= " possible gloss might be to collect."

  dep= poor

  rel= budapeta?budipeta?



  pos= n

  gl= cloud

  gl= cumulus clouds

  xgl= " The small clouds that gather around the horizon in monsoon season."

  sorce= " Malinowski SLOS:416."

  note= noun#plural form#only

  rel= lowalowa

  rel= bwaubwau






  see BUDAKA



  pos= c

  gl= night

  rel= bogi(night,n)

  note= bugi in classifier use:

          bugiyu =the#day#after#tomorrow

          bugitolu = 3rd day

          bugivasi = 4th day

          bugilima = 5th day."



  pos= adv

  gl= nightly

  md= " continous form of bogi- night."



  pos= c

  usedfor= garden

  xusedfor= " used for new gardens."

  samp= " buguvau - new garden."

  note= bugubogwa?

  note= ?



  pos= adj

  gl= lazy

  gl= non-gardener

  md= "bugu + mata

       bugu - from garden bagula

       mata - dead."

  note= tobugumata(dead garden person?)

  syn= numala

  syn= balau

  note= nb5

  rel= nunumata



  pos= v

  gl= bewitch

  samp= " i bugwau sola."

  sorce= Twomey

  note= " maybe bwagau."

  dep= unknown



  pos= n

  gl= dawn

  sorce= unknown

  dep= unknown



  pos= n

  gl= small#girls

  sorce= Twomey

  note= " Buyai=blood."

  dep= unknown



  pos= n

  gl= cockroach

  c= na

  note= noun#plural form#only



  pos= n

  gl= center#area#of#village

  loc.prep= O

  note= " thought the derivation of this might be from baku- to bury and that

         the center of the village used to be used to bury people. But we

         were told by informants that this was not true, they used to bury

         people under their houses."

  note= noun#plural#form#only



  pos= v2

  gl= follow

  pl.suff= sa?

  note= possible sound change bukule - bibukulemsi(T21A:40)

  rel= bwekuli

  rel= yakuli

  rel= vakuli-to#track

  note= " Tobwakuli- follower in a profound sense."

  md= "bu + kuli

       bu= ?

       kuli= from kula 'to go'".



  pos= n

  gl= bachlors#house

  sorce= "Malinowski (SLOS:?).



  pos= c

  usedfor= bunches

  xusedfor= " bunches of bulky or rounded things held together by natural

              fibre. for example, a bunch of coconuts on the tree; bunch

              of yams (ugu) when pulled up ( they come up in bunches)

              also green snails.

  samp= " bukwatala- one bunch; mabukana- that bunch; bukwavau- new bunch."

  note= this might only be used with numerals.



  pos= n

  gl= place name? past Boli point

  note= 'baloma si sopi - nb2:143)

  note= ?



  pos= n

  gl= vagina

  note= " Malinowski glosses this as ' large orifice'.  Fellows glosses

          as ' channel inside the reef'."

  rel= wi

  note= " if vagina is a correct gloss this should be entered as Bulabo

          a proximally possed noun".

  dep= unknown



  pos= n

  gl= news

  note= ?

  sorce= " Twomey has as news."

  note= " Wiener has as gossip."

  note= " Fellows has 'amabulogala mi valu' as taking revenge."

  note= " also have as' kuseki bulagala- send the news'."

  note= " bulagagu also seen."

  note= " probably from 'bulaga' for something like report and the proximal

          posessive suffix 'la' yielding , report of."



  pos= n

  gl= rack for storing yams in the garden

  note= nb3:118



  pos= n

  gl= banyon#tree?

  note= tree with wide flareing roots. from which the lagim and

        tabuya are cut.

  rel= nancila(the wide flareing roots of the bulaku tree)

  c= kai



  pos= v

  gl= mourning in house

  rel= libu



  pos= n

  gl= coconut#oil

  gl= purfume

  note= occurs also as bunami

  rel= putuma



  pos= n

  gl= odor

  xgl= " odor of dead animal".

  note= " In Malinowski Baloma S of D:153 as burapuase- carrion".

  rel= bogina

  md= bula + pwasa

      bula= ?

      pwasa= sore/ulcer



  pos= n3

  gl= family#residence

  note= " Malinowski has glossed as matrimonial homes."



  pos= c

  usedfor= domestic#animals

  note= " heard in both counting and adjectivess."

  sorce= " tape 23- story of M'louvyeka."



  pos= v

  gl= staying#awake all night

  note= "  stay up all night to fish or stay awake all night talking."

  samp= 'tauau ibulibwalisa kumwedona'(T26A:53)

  note= continuous#verb#form of bwali



  pos= c

  usedfor= layer

  gl= levels, or floors of a building

  samp= "buligayu- two layers."

  note= " maybe used for the layers of a skirt."




  pos= n

  gl= runaway#village#animals

  xgl= " especially for pigs which return to the bush."

  md= " buli+ kilova

        kilova= release, let go of."

  dep= +

* pos= v

  gl= run#away

  rel= u'uluulu?

  ant= bulituvalu

  rel= bwalodila= bush pig



  pos= adj

  gl= moldy

  note= " example given for this was 'kwetala vavagi wa tula bi kanukwena.'

          One thing lies in the cold. Tea was also given as an example, it

          gets moldy when its left out."

  rel= soso'u

  rel= raba



  pos= v

  gl= challenge

  note= nb2:32 - to challenge to greatness for reasons of personal

        rivalry- as adultery.



  pos= n

  gl= village#animals

  xgl= " village animals like pig, chickens, dogs & cats".

  ant= bulikilova

  md= " buli+tu+valu

        buli= ?

        tu= ?

        valu= village



  pos= ?

  gl= ?

  sorce=" Fellows has as '1st in creating'.

  note= possibly bubuli?

  dep= poor



  pos= n3

  gl= shelter

  xgl= "temporary shelter that people make in the garden to sleep in or to

        shelter in  from the rain."

  rel= bwala

  note= " bulivyeka occurs on this entry."

  md= buli + yamata

      buli= ?

      yamata= to watch out for



  pos= n

  gl= deepsea

  loc.prep= o

  note= " Kali keda yagala Boli Point. i mema i wewa."

  note= " Wiener has busibusi as far out in the sea, over the horizon.

          busibusi would mean literally down down."

  samp= " O bulobulo bwarita- in the deep deep sea."




  pos= adj

  gl= odor

  xgl= " odor from eating on hands, mouth, clothing. Like after eating


  rel= sulusalu

  note= stative#continuous#form

  note= " Fellows has as bad breath."

  note= " there is a note on the card that bulubulu is Dobuan for pwaneta-




  pos= c

  gl= pig

  note= generally na is used

  note= "la pokala tomwaiya bulukumwedona iseki (T25)."

  note= ?




  pos= n

  gl= magic

  gl= witchery

  xgl= " magic intended to disrupt other peoples plans. Malinowski has

         glossed as ' generic name for magic that counteracts love magic-

         the magic of estrangement and oblivion.(SLOS:378).' Also counter

         magic like not finding fish. Also used for sending away pigs into

         the bush."

  note= see also Malinowski(ARGO:395)

  note= "Bunubwalatu?"



  pos= v

  gl= cook

  xgl= "to cook in an earth oven. Also to warm oneself by lying over an

        earth oven.

  samp= " Ibulukumli kaula. Sena yuviyavi. Kaula bipwapwasa.

          It is cooked in the earth oven, the yams. Very hot. the yams

          will be soft."

  note= " Kumla is the classifier for earth oven (Kumkumla).

  rel= kumkumla

  rel= kumla



  pos= adj

  gl= personality type

  gl= quiet but violent type. When they get angry they just stew and then

      lash out.

  note= nb4:63



  pos= v2

  gl= fight

  xgl= " verbal fight. Yelling."

  note= " Fellows has as 'a hot quarrel'."

  md= " Bulu + Vatai

        bulu= ? (maybe from gibuluwa or butula)

        vatai= yell at ,express anger verbally."

  syn= kominimani

  samp= " ibuluvataisi- they are quarreling."

  rel= yowai(fist fight)




  pos= n

  gl= marsupial

  xgl= "marsupial of Australia and New Guinea. Twomey has as Bandicoot."

  sorce= Twomey

  syn= kwakwa'u



  pos= n

  gl= cowrie#shell

  xgl= "cowrie shells (cypria) including the ovoids or allied cowries.

        The white allied cowries (ovem ovem) are important in magic and


  c= kwe

  note= "they are a subset of vigoda (shell)."

  rel= vigoda

  rel= lubakaidoga(large buna)

  rel= bunadoga(small buna)

  rel= kiwakiwa(small buna)

  rel= bunalapi(small buna)

  note= buna varieties from nb2:120



  pos= n1

  gl= ankle protuberances

  note= it is believed that if a man is hit here with a spear he will

        die. sort of an Achilles heel.

  note= nb4:55



  pos= n

  gl= shell, type of buna

  note= see buna for related entries



  pos= n

  gl= shell,type of buna

  note= see buna for related entries



  see BULAMI



  pos= n

  gl= ants

  xgl= " small black ants."

  c= na

  note= "noun#continuous#form#only."

  syn= susukuna

  rel= sebwai'iki



  pos= n3

  gl= pig

  c= na

  note= " the prototypic case of wealth on the hoof."

  rel= bwalodina



  pos= n2

  gl= illness

  xgl= " a cold or illness especially in the nose. Stuffy and dripping nose."

  rel= nugogu(snot)



  pos= n

  gl= tree

  xgl= " type of tree that the butia flower comes from."

  dep= poor



  pos= v

  gl= decend

  xgl= " to come down, decend."

  cont= bubusi

  rel= tobusi

  rel= vabusi

  ant= mwena

  note= also a polite way to say that one is going to deficate would

        be used in mixed company or in presence of people of high




  pos= n

  gl= far#out#to#sea

  rel= bulobulo

  note= ?

  md= " busi + busi

        literally down down."

  rel= tilibwaubwau



  pos= n2

  gl= flower#headband#or#necklace

  samp= "...isikami kweyu kala butia."

  c= kwe

* pos= n3

  gl= flower

  xgl="small white fragrant flower. Comes from a large tree."

  rel= busa

  rel= vana

  rel= kabweboi

  rel= bomliumli

  rel= bomtalegisa

  rel= bokakula



  pos= n1

  gl= fame

  gl= renoun

  gl= characteristic#sound

  note= " butula is the most common form. Literally its or his renoun."

  samp= " m'tona butula sena kwevyeka - that man his fame is very great."

  samp= " Butula motobike - the sound of the motorcycle."

  c= kwe

  note= " In Twomey as footfall."

  note= " some distinctive quality that sets somethig apart or makes it

          stand out from other things or events."

  rel= katubutu

  rel= ninisi

  rel= kamwata

  rel= katunisi




  pos= v1

  gl= disperse

  xgl= " to disperse a group of people."

  note= " for instance if people in a group hear the sound of a fight

          then everyone will run away to watch the fight.

  md="butu + geyai'i

      butu = ?maybe from boda or buda (c for group of people)

      geyai'i = from gei to spread apart."



  see butu<o.p.>




  pos= n

  gl= dry#place

  xgl= " waterless place. not very wet."

  locprep= O

  ant= dumya

  c= kwe



  see butu<o.p.>,dialect difference



  pos= n2

  gl= gift, sexual

  rel= sebuwana

  rel= buwa(betel nut)

  note= Malinowski(ARGO:183)



  pos= n3

  gl= garden

  xgl= " garden site under cultivation."

  c= kwe

  rel= bagula

  rel= kwabila

  rel= baleko

  loc.prep= o

  dep= +



  pos= v1

  gl= bleed

  cont= bubuyai'i

  rel= gweli

* pos= n1

  gl= blood

  snd= buyai'e

  pl.suff= si

  note= " this is blood with proximal possesion as a body part."

* pos= n2

  gl= menses

  note= " this is blood that is transitionally possessed."

  note= " In some districts this word is pronounced as buyavi."



  pos= v

  gl= break#up#a#fight

  xgl= " If someone is fighting and someone comes and yells and tells

         them to stop."

  note= " Twomey has glossed as to scold."

* pos= v3

  gl= restore#to#order

  xgl= " to forbid, as in fighting."

  snd= biyaiye

  samp= " Bibuyaiyeda - he will restore us to order."

  note= " Fellows glosses as prevent, forbid."



  pos= n2

  gl= betel#nut

  c= kwe whole pieces

  c= sa a bunch

  c= pila half a nut

  c= kasina one forth a nut

* pos= n3

  gl= betel#nut#tree

  c= kai

  note= " In Malinowski (SLOS:319) occurs as buwagu,buwam buwala etc.

          taking the proximal possive form  when given for sexual favors.

          as a n1 type."

  rel= kikiya(type of buwa, looks like vadila fruit)



  pos= n1

  gl= sexual#gifts

  note= " this usage from Malinowski(SLOS:319) & (ARGONAUTS:183).

  note= " betel nut is the high frequency sexual gift.

  rel= sebuwa

  note= "occurs also pronounced buwana."

  note= " see BUWA above."





  pos= c

  usedfor= cut#parts

  xgl= " parts cut off by transversal cutting."

  note= " this is a contraction of BUBWA."

  note= " see BUBWA."

  note= "verb generated from bwabu."



  pos= n

  gl= wood, new young. green timber

  c= kai(etc)

  rel= kamwaiyaka(aged wood)

  note= nb4:69



  pos= v2

  gl= cut

  xgl= " to cut transversally i.e. a stick. Aslo used metaphorically

         for speech and thinking."

  cont= bobobu(possibly?)

  cont= bubwabu

  samp= " kubwabu kai.- you cut this wood."



  pos= n

  gl= group

  rel= boda

  rel= dala

  rel= kaiyawa

  note= T20Bp5



  pos= n2

  gl= vulva

  xgl= " interior portion of the female genitals."

  rel= bwebwekana

  rel= kasesa

  rel= wi<o.p.>



  pos= n1

  gl= sibling, same sex younger

  note= "  A clansman of same generation and sex but younger

           also wife's younger sister; husband's younger brother."

  samp= "ambesa bwadam- where is your younger sister/brother."

  samp= "Minana bwadala isisu Pt.Moresby- Her sister lives in Pt.Moresby."

  c= to

  c= na

  samp= "Bwadagu sena tovyeka - my younger brother is very big."

  rel= tuwa<o.p.>(older same sex sibling)



  pos= n

  gl= where#branches#join#the#trunk

  xgl= " Where the branches of a tree join the trunk. Forms a stepping


  md= " bwa + daga

        bwa= maybe from c bubwa (bwa) a thing cut off transversally

        daga= step

  note= "we refer to our children as little stair steps if they are

         closely spaced."

  rel= lalai



  pos= v3

  gl= fit

  gl= suit

  gl= possible

  gl= can

  gl= able

  gl= bound

  snd= bwade

  cont= nil

  pl.suff= nil (frozen form)

  samp= "ki, ibwadi nanom - does that fit your mind?. Gala ibwadi nanogu."

  samp= "ibwadedasi- we( are able."

  samp= "ibwadi wala bima m'tona- its just possible that he will come."

  samp= "ibwadegu- that suits me. I am able."

  note= " seems to occur 3rd person subject only. Gramatically like LAPI."

  note= " Occurs in Twomey as bi budaki wala- enough, this must be. dep. of

          twomey is generally poor."

  rel= sibwadi

  rel= lapi

  rel= silibwadi

  rel= tobwadi

  rel= gigibwadi

  rel= katubwadi

  rel= kanubwadi

  note= " this seems to be a complimentary concept to 'kwali' . Bwadi denotes

        a bounding of a concept which expands to meet the boundary. Kwali

        feels more like the encompassing of something within. Kwali encloses

        or contains, while bwadi fills to a limit."

  rel= sipuboda(tournaquet,n.)

  rel= sipubwadi(to apply tournaquet)



  pos= n3

  gl= collection

  xgl= " a collection, contributions of money to a common end."

  c= kwe

* pos= v2

  gl= collect

  note= " this probably isn't just for money. But we didn't observe it

          in another domain."

  note= nb2:126



  pos= n

  gl= sorcerer

  c= to

  pl= bubwagau

  samp= "tobubwagau- sorcerers."

* pos= v2

  gl= sorcerize

  cont= bubwagau

  pl.suff= si



  pos= n2

  gl= father

  note= "old speech. We have never heard it in conversation. People

         use tama<o.p.>."

  syn= tama<o.p.>

  rel= " agu nunu- for mother."

  note= "Twomey has as kam bwagila- your dead relative. dep. of Twomey

         is poor."

  note= " interesting case of kin term transitionally possessed."

  note= also nb4:63- father (old speech) biga mokwita besa- this is the

        true word.



  pos= v2

  gl= orate

  xgl= " make a speech."

  cont= bubwagwagu

  rel= bigatona



  pos= n

  gl= coconut,green

  c= ya

  rel= silakutuva

  rel= luya



  pos= n

  gl= yam#storage#house

  c= kwe

  rel= sokweipa(?)

  rel= liku

  note= see Malinowski (CGv1:260-272) for all the technical terms

        related to bwaima.

  note= see Malinowski (CGv1:) plate 82 & ARGO plateXXXIII(faces pg.149).



  pos= n2

  gl= memory#drug

  xgl= " liquid preparation uswed for learning magic,songs and other

         specialized knowledge."

  rel= sopi

  note= nb1:132  &nb2:144

  rel= kwegitalapula(adj- state of mind derived from drinking bwaiyawa).



  pos= v

  gl= hunt

  rel= tokola

  note= 4:87



  pos= n3

  gl= house

  xgl= " people's houses. Also used for animals natural houses,i.e. spider-

         webs, birdnests".

  c= kwe

  note = " classifier may change with different types of animal houses."

  note= "have heard a very small house described metaphorically as utukekita.

         utu is a classifier  for very small bits of things."



  pos= v

  gl= sneeze

  note = " might also be the noun."



  pos= v2

  gl= magic,type of. damaging magic against fishing, dancing etc.

  cont= bubwalata

  note= nb4:79



  pos= v

  gl= keep#watch

  cont= bulibwali

  rel= bulibwali

  samp = " ibulibwali iyam - I stayed up until day."

  note= nb4:56 as fall asleep at work( trip)



  pos= n3

  gl= wind,direction #from#the#South#East

  c= pila

  rel= yavatam

  rel= bomatu

  rel= kwebwaga

  note= " these are the names of the directions of the wind and not the

          wind itself which is yagila."

  note= see Yagila for related terms.



  pos= n

  gl= bushpig

  c= na

  rel= bunukwa

  rel= bulituvalu

  rel= bulikilova



  pos= n

  gl= yams#from#an#early#harvest#or#thinning

  xgl= " these are very small yams that are culled from thinning the tubers

         might be equivalent to new potatoes. Malinowski notes that they

         are never called tatu."

  sorce= "Malinowski (Coral Gardens v.1:165).

  rel= basi(v. to thin the yams)

  note= "classifier is probably kwe"



  pos= n

  gl= ocean

  gl= sea

  loc.prep= O

  c= kwe

  note= when at sea olakaiwa(up) is towards the shore & Obwarita is away

        from the shore- lit. in the ocean.

  rel= lum

  note= nb3:23



  pos= v

  gl= desire#a#certain#person#sexually

  snd= bwase

  samp= "  bwasi minana - I want her."

  samp= " i bwasegu - he/she wants me."

  source = Twomey

  dep = poor

  rel= tovagi

  note = ?



  pos= ?

  gl= ?

  note= " heard as yum yam bwata meaning everyday."

  note= " maybe also as kam bwata."



  pos= v

  gl= darken

  xgl= "to darken or get black like the roof of a hous above the fire."

  note= " Bwaubwau means black."



  pos= n

  gl= cloud,black

  c= kwe

  samp= " makwena bima. Kuna. - that one comes. rain."

  rel= budibudi

  rel= lowalowa

* pos= adj

  gl= black

  gl= dark

  note=  color term

  note= may occur as bobwau

  rel= bwau

  rel= bweyani(red)

  rel= pupwakau(white)

  note= bwaubwau wokva(completely black) T7A:s26



  pos= n

  gl= smoke#surrounding#the#village

  xgl= " The smoke from cooking fires as it hangs over the village. "

  note= " word means literally its darkness."

  rel= bwau

* pos= n2

  gl= that#which#emanates#from#a#corpse

  xgl= " special thing that comes from a dead corpse which is dangerous

         to the maternal kinsmen."

  sorce= " Malinowski SLOS:421 & field notes v4:63."

  note= " In Malinowski as Bwaulo."

  note= cloud eminating from corpse- if they don't put corks in all the

        orifices the bwaula comes out. The cryers may breath it and

        become ill as a result.i

  note= T22A:629 'pela kubwauwala buyaii - as the emerging odor of blood.


  note= kaiyawaii kubwawala(smoke & steam) the phrase together as -

        the steaming out of smoke from an earth oven. also a metaphore

        like blowing off steam as from overwork or excitement.


  pos= n2

  gl= elephantaisis

  gl= filariasis

  c= ?

  note= "classifier is probably kwe"



  pos= n

  gl= wound

  xgl= " Wound, open wide."

  note= " maybe related to or same word as Bayaiya."

  note= ?



  pos= adj

  gl= dull

  gl= not#sharp

  gl= blunt

  xgl= " Dull, or blunt. Applies both to cutting edges and metaphorically

         to magic."

  rel= bobuta



  pos= n2

  gl= vulva

  rel= wi<o.p.>

  rel= kasesa

* pos= adj

  gl= red,in#color

  note= "context determines meaning. This word has possible use in polite


  rel= Bwabweria




  pos= v2

  gl= follow

  rel= bukuli

  rel= yakuli

  rel= vakuli



  pos= adj

  gl= good

  pl= bubwela

  c= to

  c= na

  rel= bwena

  note= nb2:129- kukiliki do your best.

  note= "...yegulaga tobwela yegu.- I am a bystander."TT3S157

        in the context of a court case.




  pos= n

  gl= love

  note= "The following constructions are from Malinowski (SLOS:341).

         tombwaylim - sweetheart thine

         nabwayligu- sweetheart mine

         migimbwayligu - face (yours) beloved by me."

  note= " sena mbweligu iniya - I love fish

           P.K.sena mbwelisi gugwadi - children very much like chewing gum((P.K)

  note= " occurs in SLOS as mbweli also note different orthography."

  rel= yobweli



  pos= n

  gl= flower,type of.white (tiger lilly?)

  rel= lala(flower,gen.)



  pos= adj

  gl= good

  samp= " sena bwena - very good."

  samp= " nabwena - good woman."

* pos= n2

  gl= good

  samp = "kagu bwena - my good."

* pos= v1

  gl= good

  cont= bwabwena

  samp= 'ki,kubwabwena? - are you doing well?'(nb2:142)

  note= "see SLOS:464 for a range of meaning."

  rel= gaga(bad,n.,adj.,&v.)



  pos= adj

  gl= excellent



  pos= v1

  gl= urinate

  cont= babwesa

  note= ? is babwesa just - I will urinate?

  note= may occur as bwesi.



  pos= n

  gl= white#heron

  c= na



  pos= n

  gl= pandanus#roots

  note= " Possibly the same as kaibwibwi."

  note= ?



  pos= v2

  gl= drip

  cont= bwibwiki

  rel= bubusi



  pos= n

  gl= whale

  sorce= Fellows

  dep = poor

  rel= bosu



  pos= n1

  gl= forehead

  gl= head

  pl.suff= si?


  loc.prep= O

  note= "also used metaphorically as the 'head' of things- the leading part

         or head of a canoe is dubinawaga."

  samp= "sena maiyuyu dabagu - my head hurts very much."

  rel= pwaneta(head)

  note= "dabana is a frozen form. Used for butchered animal/fish head.

         may occur as debana"

  note= " on card: Dabadesa


                   dabasi the last two are noted as old speech."

  note= many metaphorical uses.' dabala used to indicate a promontory hill

        (nb1:15). also dabala as doorsill(lit. the head of the house),i.e.

        O dabala(at the doorsill)threshold.T21A364.

  note= observed also as a verb- idabala ( to put the best on top, as of

        a pile of yams- poss. lit. to top it (head it.)



  pos= v2

  gl= notch#transversally

  note= " derived from bwabu- to cut transversally."

  rel= kodabobu(cut off down to the level of transversal notch)



  pos= adj

  gl= proud

  gl= pretentious

  gl= conceited

  cont= didadabuma

  syn= paremwana

  syn= kalimwana

  rel= katudabuma



  pos= n

  gl= a#kind#of#plant

  xgl= " a kind of plant. The leaves are used to wrap things."

  note= " The leaves of this plant are used to wrap some foods. Like mona.

          mona ikapwalisa - mona they wrap up."

  note= " also occurs in Malinowski (SLOS:360)as reed".



  pos= v2

  gl= ruin

  gl= raze

  gl= pull#down

  samp= "idademi bwala - I pull down the house."

  syn= kodedemi


DADODIGA (bwala)

  pos= v

  gl= loading a house as for a sagali

  note= dadodiga is the cont. form of the verb didagi- to load.

  rel= kabiyamila(loading a womans house with skirts)

  note= nb2:63



  pos= v1

  gl= bend

*pos= adj

  gl= crooked

  gl= bent

  gl= winding

  samp = "kaidadoga - bent stick"

  samp= "kadadadoga- winding road."

  rel= vili(twist)

  rel= doga(boars tusk)

  rel= kailupidoga(rainbow)




  pos= n2

  gl= craving

  samp= " ikadadoka tau, iyosi kala bunukwa ikam.- the man has a craving

          he gets his pig he eats."

  note= kadadoga looks like the verb form.



  pos= v

  gl= flood

  gl= inundate with water

* pos= adj

  gl= inundated

  gl= flooded

  samp= "keda sena dadoya - the road is very wet."

* pos= n

  gl= flood

  c= kwe

  note = " refers also to the pools of water left after a rain."



  pos= n

  gl= step

  gl= ladder

  c= kwe

  note= borrowed from Dobuan

  rel= getana

  rel= bwadaga



  pos= n1

  gl= feather

  c= kai

  snd= dagule

  pl= dugugagula

  note= "dugudagula refers to the dancing feathers, when they are stuck in

         the hair all over."

  note= " used to describe the rays of the sun. Dugulela kalasia - feathers

          of the sun."



  pos= v1

  gl= thats#what#I#just#said

  note= "this is a speech performative exclamation used in response to

        someone presenting a widely known bit of information as if it was




  pos= adj

  gl= red headed person

  note= to/nabweyani can also be used

  pl.= dedaiya

  samp= minadedaiya

  rel= didaidaiya(light in color)



  pos= n2

  gl= thirst

  samp = " sena agu daka - very much my thirst."

  note= " i pakala duwaiyagu - my throat is dry."



  pos= n3

  gl= stone

  gl= rock

  gl= stony#soil

  xgl= " stones of coral composition only."

  rel= binabina

  rel= utukema

* pos= n3

  gl= money

  note= " used as a metaphor for money."

* pos= n2

  gl= abcess of lymph glands at the groin. lanced as a cure

  note= metaphore

  rel= pukuna

  rel= tubudawa

  note= may occur as dakula(dialect change)



  pos= n

  gl= matrilineal local descent group

  snd= dale

  samp= daleda(our dala), dalela(his dala), dalegu(m dala)



  pos= n

  gl= black#animal

  c= na

  rel= dalabweyani

  rel= dalapupwakau

  rel= liyada



  pos= n

  gl= flower,dark#red

  gl= red,magenta#in#color

  note= "see dilalugu"



  pos= v

  gl= darken&swell#painfully

  gl= aedema

  gl= swelling of a spreading infection

  gl= pain of overswolen breasts of nursing mother

  note= " used when speaking of an infection swelling."

  note= " occurs in Twomey as i dalia nunuma- darkening of breasts."

  cont= dilidalia

  note= nb4:83



  pos= adj

  gl= smooth#surface#of#sea

  rel= yelu



  pos= v2

  gl= strain

  xgl= "to strain or squeeze out through a mesh."

  cont= dinidani

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= pwali



  see DOU



  pos= n

  gl= frigate#bird

  c= na



  pos= v

  gl= blush

  gl= flushed

  xgl= " blush in shame or in anger."

  note= " maybe an adj."



  pos= v

  gl= fall,ripe#fruit#only

  cont= didebali

  note= in Fellows as didebwala



  pos= n

  gl= head,of#animal

  gl= animal head, forehead and snout. Not human. Usually refers to head

        after butchery. Used often for fish heads.

  note= " derived from debala (daba). A frozen form of this."

  c= kwe

  rel= pwaneta

  rel= daba<o.p.>

  rel= mwamwadu (neck and back of head)



  see dobwelaki



  pos= n

  gl= perimiter

  c= kai

  rel= kaidedana



  pos= n2

  gl= ease

  note= " occurs as agu dedesi - my ease. Like agu pwapwasa."

  note= " sena kamtovagi. Biga kamnamwana."

  note= " in Malinowski (SLOS:482)."



  pos= n

  gl= orchid

  c= kai

  c= ya

  note= " The orchid plant takes classifier kai while the flower takes ya."

  note= " stress on de."



  pos= prep

  gl= also

  gl= with

  gl= together

* pos= c

  usedfor= group#of#people#

  rel= boda

  samp= "delitala - one company of people."

  samp= " madelina - that group."

* pos= v

  gl= to#be#together

  rel= kasiteyu



  pos= n3

  gl= digging#stick

  xgl= " digging stick used mainly for gardening. Common object."

  c= kai

  note= " a stick a yard or more in length that has a metel blade on one end."

          or just a sharpened stick of a hard wood."



  pos= adj

  gl= no#more

  xgl= " stop in the context 'don't do it anymore'."

  samp= "desi kamwata - no more noise of people talking."

  samp= " kwetinidesi - one and no more."



  pos= v1

  gl= float

  cont= dedeu

  pl.suff= sa

  note= "kaidedeu -floater"

  syn= beu

  syn= doya

  note= " deu is old speech".

  rel= kutiga(floats of a net)



  pos= n2

  gl= smegma

  rel= nau



  pos= n3

  gl= shallow#reef#area#between#shore#and#drop#off

  gl= reef, head of fringing reef

  rel= takali



  pos= adj

  gl= sweet

  note= "kaitala kai yagala dibi. When it is scraped on the body.v2dibidibi."

  note= "borrowed from dobuan."

  note= "in Twomey as sweet."

  note= "in Fellows as dibidibi migila- expressionless face.  but we have a

         note under that which glosses it as dirty. Pupwagata senela."

  note= ?



  pos= adj

  gl= sick person. does not perspire

  c= to/na

  note= nb4:67



  pos= v

  gl= scrape away, as skin of something

  note= used as a metaphore also

  note= T22A:148

  note= this is possibly a cont. form.



  pos= v3

  gl= load

  cont= dadodiga

  pl.suff= sa

  snd= didagei

  rel= diga

  rel= lupisau(unload)

  rel= katusau(dump out)

  rel= lupi(lift up)

  samp= 'kai, lamaga badidagem'- hey, I came to load you.(TT3S:145)

  rel= dadodiga bwala



  pos= adj

  gl= light#in#color

  samp= "yadidaidaiya - light hair"

  rel= daiya



  pos= v1

  gl= itch

 *pos= n2

  gl= itch

 *pos= adj

  gl= itchy

  rel= kwali



  pos= v

  gl= fill

  gl= pack

  note=  Malinowski (SLOS:408)

  rel= didagi(load)

  rel= dadodiga bwala



  pos= adj

  gl= yellow

  gl= orange

  xgl= "yellow or yelloe-orange in color."

  rel= kwinini

  note= "Malinowski (CGv2:34l) describes digadaga as'anything yellow or blue

         or any of the greys between white and black'. The same reference

         also describes other color terms."

  note= " diadegila is probably a flower name."

  note= ?



  pos= v1

  gl= talk#in#sleep

  cont= dikwadikwa

  note= " Fellows has glossed as 'a mistake made in fun."

  note= John Kasaipwalova has published a story called 'Dikwadikwa'



  pos= n

  gl= grasshopper

  c= na



  pos= adj

  gl= purple

 *pos= n

  gl= purple#flower

  xgl= " a particular kind of purple flower."

  note= "see dalalugu"



  pos= n

  gl= line, between the float line and the weight line of a net

  rel= wota

  note= see WOTA for related entries



  pos= ?

  gl= ?

  note= nb4:44. no gloss

  note= also the note mposa(your fat) with it.



  pos= n

  gl= european

  note= borrowed

  note= " borrowed from motu"

  note= original meaning eas'glass beads'.

  syn= topupwakau

  syn= napupwakau

  syn= gumanuma



  pos= n

  gl= result

  xgl="there exists an end to be achieved."

  note= " isimwa dimlela - there is a reason,goal."

  note= " often heard in the form 'gala dimlela'-no result."

  rel= dumlela

  note= may occur as a n1. dimlem(nb4:86)

  note= cause and end linked by action. isimwa uula,isimwa dimlela gala

        gagabila bitaweya. we don't hit people without reason. ikomakaiisi




  pos= n

  gl= skirt

  note= " generic name for skirts. Also specifically the short red ones that

         unmarried girls wear. Traditionally made from banana leaf fibres.

         but now also made of cloth."

  c= kwe

  c= ya

  note= " if the skirt is the traditional fiber one then the classifier

          kwe is used. If made of woven fabric then ya is used."

  snd= dabe

  note= in the n1 form dabegu, my skirt etc.

  rel= buliga

  rel= losewa(for adult)

  rel= dugagwadi(for a child)

  rel= lululiga

  rel= tagilikosi

  rel= dobatola



  pos= n1

  gl= skirt,red

  c= kwe

  note= ?



  pos= v2

  gl= fill#in#a#kumkumila

  note= " maybe just to fill in a hole or just speciic to kumkumila."

  note= ?

  syn= dubwali



  pos= v2

  gl= go#out#to#sea

  gl= descend at sea

  samp= tadobusi tilibwaubwau

  rel= dolaguva

  rel= dolapula

  rel= dokaliga

  note= at sea movement in cenceptualized in terms of the bottom contours.

        moving into deeper water is descending - busi. Moving into shallow

        water is ascending - laguva or going olakaiw-higher.



  pos= v

  gl= call#properly

  note= "kudobwelaki yagala = kudau bibwena yagala."

  rel= debiliki

  rel= kabwelaki

  note= ?



  pos= adj

  gl= dry#weather

  gl= rainless

* pos= v1

  gl= be#without#rain

  note= " This can be a long time, short timee, or immediatly after a rain."

  samp= " bogwa idodewa - already the rain has stopped."

  note= " in Fellows as ' gets fine after a storm."

  rel= kuna(rain)



  pos= v

  gl= fill#with#yams

  xgl= " to fill the liku or bwaima with yams. To load someones house before

         a sagali."

  samp= " dodiga bwala - load the house"

  cont= dadodiga

  rel= didagi

  rel= katuguguli



  pos= n

  gl= weeds#of#the#lagoon#floor

  note= " explained as 'munumonu bwarita'".

  rel= dom(lagoon)



  pos= n

  gl= child taken along on a Kula expedition. Blows the conch shell.

  rel= dou (dodou is the cont. form)

  rel= tauy

  note= Malinowski(ARGO:197)



  pos= n

  gl= tusk

  gl= crab#claws

  xgl= "curved pig tusk"

  c= kai

  rel= dogadoga



  pos= n

  gl= circular#tusk#for#decoration

  note= noun#plural#form#only

  note= " reduplicated form of doga"



  pos= n

  gl= top#of#tree

  gl= end#of#story

  xgl= " the uppermost branches of a tree or the conclusion of a story."

  note= " actually a frozen form of n1 dogila. Doginela - its tip."

  rel= u'ula

  rel= tapwana

  note= " The tree metaphor carries through u'ula (base) and tapwana




  pos= v2

  gl= peep

  xgl= "to look around or over something"

  note = " peep may not be the best simple gloss for this."

  note= see story of Katataba



  pos= v

  gl= measure#around#the#perifery#of#a#yam#pile

  rel= pwauna

  note= " also have doka as weight."

  note= ?

  note= " could be the noun for the perifery of the yam pile?"



  pos= v

  gl= move towards the land while at sea

  gl= ascend, at sea

  pl.suff= si

  note= tadolaguvasi kaidada tilipupwakau

  rel= dolapula

  rel= doligilaguva(cont. form)

  rel= laguva

  rel= kolaguva

  note= see note on DOBUSI entry.



  pos= v

  gl= come#into#sight#at#sea

  rel= yolapula

  rel= lapula

  rel= dolaguva

  rel= dobusi



  pos= v

  gl= move towards shore while at sea

  gl=  come up the transition zone between tilibwaubwau and tilipup-


  rel= katulaguva

  rel= kululaguva

  rel= dolapula

  note= " laguva may appear as lagua."

  rel= laguva



  pos= v

  gl= dissappear#at#sea

  xgl= "dissappear at sea especially in out distancing the rest of the fleet."

  m.d. "do + kaliga

        do - seems to be a verb formative for events at sea

        kaliga- die"



  pos= v2

  gl= suppose

  snd= dokai

  cont= nil

  samp= "gala kudoki - don't you suppose."

  pl.suff= sa

  samp= " idokaisa gala tetala tau bima - they  think(suppose) no one

          will come'

  samp= ' gala kudokaisa wala besa'(T25B:125)

          is comming."



  pos= v

  gl= call#out

  xgl= " to call out to see if someone is home or awake."

  md= " do + kwali

        do - call(dou)

        kwali - try/emcompass"

  rel= dou(call)



  pos= n

  gl= lagoon

  c= kwe

  loc.prep= wa

  rel= dodom(weeds of the dom floor)



 pos= v3

 gl= call

 gl= summon

 snd= dawe

 cont= didawe

 cont= dodou

 syn= dau

 samp= "idawegusi - they call me."

 note= " same as dau- what about ididau?"



  pos= v

  gl= call#for#no#reason

  md= dou + makai

      dou - to call

      makai- to no end."

  note= "may be makavi or makava"



  pos= v

  gl= call anew

  rel= dou

  rel= vau(new)

  note= TT14A:638



  pos= adj

  gl= straight

  rel= dumwalu

  syn= duosisiya



  pos= n

  gl= skirt, for a child

  md= duba + gwadi

      duba - from doba(skirt,gen.)

      gwadi - child.

  note= see DOBA for related entries.

  note= nb2:116



  pos= n

  gl =rise#of#land

  gl= high#ground

  loc.prep= O

  ant= sapoula

  ant= tagega

  ant= silisaliga



  pos= v

  gl= disreguard

  gl= not to care for

  gl= dislike (someone)

  note= nb4:39 & 94

  rel= olakaiwa(in this specific context)



  pos= adj

  gl= head#strong

  gl= stubborn

 *pos= v

  gl= selfish

  md= " duba + kasala

        duba - possibly from dubumi(belief)

        kasala - kasela- late or slow in comming."



  pos= adj

  gl= dark#of#night

  gl= dark, very

  xgl= " darker than dudubila but lighter than kawita."

  rel= dudubila

  rel= kawita

  rel= sakabayam



  pos= n

  gl= dump, as for garbage

  loc. prep= O

  rel= wawa

  note= this may be two words: dubila (poss. a verb to dump) & wawa (refuse).



  pos= n

  gl= chile pepper

  c= kwe



  pos= adj

  gl= lower

  xgl= " lower relative to something else."

  rel=  otanawu

  note= " otanawu is an absolute below."

  note= ?



  pos= n

  gl= lowerlip

  note = " bilubalola is lip."

  note= ?



  pos= v

  gl= lower#to

  gl= settle#over

  gl= traverse#downwards

  rel= dubili

  rel= debiliki

  note= " may occur ar dubilaki."



  pos= n

  gl= twilight

  gl= evening

  gl= late#afternoon

  note= " Kwai'ai is afternoon. maybe dubili because the sun is lower."

  rel= kau'kwau

  rel= lalai'i

  rel= kwai'ai

  rel= bogi


'ai is afternoon. maybe dubili because the sun is lower."

  rel= kau'kwau

  rel= lalai'i

  rel= kwai'ai

  rel= bogi


  rel= dubilakwitakwita

  rel= kawita

  rel= sakabayam



  pos= n

  gl= snail

  c= kwe

  note= "doen't take the classifier na like for animal but kwe...pela

         vigoda makala ( because it is like a sea mollusk)."



  pos= n

  gl= vine#to#pull#log

  gl=  vine used to pull a canoe log from the cite of felling. technical


  gl= notch where the rope goes to pull canoe log out of the swamp.

  c= ya

  rel= tutu(the name of the vine that is used for this)

  rel= gegeta

  note= nb2:148 & nb2:43



  pos= n

  gl= stoney#ground

  c= kwe

  rel= resi

  rel= siguniguna

  rel= dakuna(stone,gen.)



  pos= c

  usedfor= bunches#of#three#kuvi#only



  pos= n

  gl= belt,woven



  pos= n

  gl= pipe

  xgl= " pipe for smoking"

  rel= bobau



  pos= n

  gl= rolling of the sea ( not breaking waves)

  gl= ground swells

  rel= kawola(breaking seas)

  note= nb4:58



  pos= v

  gl= lie,deny that you possess something that is asked for.

  rel= sopa

  note= nb4:64



  pos= adj

  gl= slippery

  rel= dumwekikina




  pos= n1

  gl= throat

  samp= dumwadogu- my throat

  rel= wado<o.p.>(mouth)

  rel= kaiyo<o.p.)(neck)

  rel= dumwani

  rel= duwaiya



  pos= adj

  gl= straight

  gl= smooth

  note= todumwalu (tominabweta-handsome man). smoothness of features

        and fullness of body are valued in appearance.

  syn= dualilia

  syn= duosisiya

  ant= dadoga



  pos= v2

  gl= swallow

  rel= duwaiya<o.p.>(adams apple)

  rel= dumwadou<o.p.>



  pos= adj

  gl= slippery

  note= also occurs in nb2:141 as dumwakikina



  pos= n

  gl= swamp

  gl= boggy#land

  c= kwe

  loc.prep= wa

  rel= pasa

  note= " this is not the same as a mangrove swamp(pasa), but just

          swampy wet land like west central part of the Island of Kiriwina."

  ant= butumaweluva



  pos= v2

  gl= drain#away

  gl=  water draining downward current.

  note= " maybe also used for ebbtide?"

  rel= Be'u

  rel= yelu(current)



  pos= v1

  gl= sleepy

  gl= dozeing

  note= borrowed

  note= "borrowed from Dobuan"

  note= "nunupula is Trobriand equivalent.



  pos= n

  gl= Southern#Cross

  c= puli

  note= " puli is the c used for groups of stars. Not sure if for specific

          named constellation."

  note= "may occur spelled as douga."

  rel= kabwana

  rel= utuyam



  pos= adj

  gl= straight

  samp= " kaidu'osisiya - straight stick."

  note= " can be used for things as well as ideas and speech."

  samp= " m'tona la nanamsa send du'osisiya-his thought is very straight."

  rel= saitaula

  rel= dualilia

  note= possible should be written duwosisiya



  pos= c

  usedfor= holes

  usedfor= orifices

  note= "the routes in the river that runs trough th mangrove swamps

         are sometimes refered to this way."

  note= duyatala used to refer to the hole in the nipple.(T18B413)



  pos= n

  gl= throat

  note= ?

  note= " was on dumwadou entry as a related term."

  note= in nb5 as adams apple.

  rel= dumwani



  pos= adv

  gl= yes

  rel= gala(no)

  note= " in discourse this is used to initiate event units. Starts paragraphs."

  note= "used as 'and' in the context: yokwa yegu e minana - you I and she."

  note= nb1:11



  pos= n2

  gl= wealth

 *pos= v

  gl= become#wealthy

  note= " a common form of this is adjectival with the prefixing of the

          classifiers'to', 'na' or 'mina'."



  pos= v2

  gl= carry#on#the#head

  pl.suff= sa

  cont= gogebila

  note= " Women carry things this way."

  syn = gebila

  samp= "Igabi liu iniya - the canoe frames carry fish on their heads.

         Metaphorical description of a fishing canoe loaded to capacity."

  rel= tugwebi(pad for the head)

  rel= koni(load)

  note= 'kulupegu - you put the load up on my head- is one use of the verb


  note= 'kataiyasi - put down koni from the head. akataiyasi asuvi wa bwala-

         I take the load from my head and enter the house.(T21A:55)


  pos= n

  gl= morning

  c= kwe

  rel= kaukwau

  note= "kaukwau is later than gabogi."i

  rel= "insert other times of day here."



  pos= v2

  gl= burn

  gl= heat

  gl= roast#in#fire

  cont= gubugabu

  note= " cont form in Fellows is gibugabu."

 *pos= v1

  gl= burn

  cont= gigabu

  pl.suff= sa

  note= may be si - bigabusi(nb3:97)

 *pos= v3

  gl= burn

  snd= gabwe

  samp= "Kuyamata mitaga bigabwem kova - You look out or the fire will burn

         you. igabwegu- it burns me"

  note= " There is a note on this entry that kakata kata is a related term."

  note= " we were told that this was a Dobuan word. That the word vakarote

          was real Kiriwinian."



  pos= n2

  gl= beard

  snd= gwabu with the first sing. and second person

  samp= " agu gwabula - my beard

  note= " beard is transitionally possesed unlike most 'body'parts."



  pos= v3

  gl= bite

  cont= gigade

  snd= gade

  note= also as a v2 to bite, as an insect(nb2:27)?

  samp= " igadegu - it bites me."

  rel= gigali (chew)

  note= " Fellows has igadi leya - anger. burns hot."

  pl.suff= sa



  pos= v1

  gl= soak

  cont= gigadi

  samp= " bigadi wa sopi - it will  soak in the water."

* pos= c

  gl= soaked things



  pos= n

  gl= fenceposts

  xgl= " the upright stakes of a fence."

  rel= pali (fence)

  c= kai



  pos= adj

  gl= bad

 *pos= v1

  gl= be#bad

  samp= "bogwa egaga - already it is bad."

  rel= bwena(good)

  note= " see Malinowski (SLOS:464) for a range of meaning."

  note= " sena bwenagaga means really great reduplication of the post-fixed

          intensifier 'ga'."

  rel= gagavau(bad anew, gets worse)

* pos= n2

  gl= bad

  samp= kala gaga - his bad( i.e. trouble, bad fortune etc)

  rel= bwena(kala bwena)

  note= T13p7



  pos= adv

  gl= easily

* pos= adj

  gl= light#in#weight

  gl= small#price

  gl= easy

* pos= v2

  gl= not#serious

  gl= not#heavy

  note= " usually preceeds a noun phrase in this form."

  ant= mwau

  syn= pwapwasa



  pos= v1

  gl= cower#in#fear

  text= "kugisa lagagaguva wala.(T20:10)."

  trans= "You look, I just cowered in fear."

  note= in nb4:73 glossed as to do awkwardly. with a question mark. might

        have been confused here with geguda?



  pos= n

  gl= locust

  c= na

  note= " makala gagata migila-his face is like a locust. The locust

          gave men one type of love magic in which

          the woman wooed sees the mans face appear like the locust and

          she is drawn to it."



  pos= adj

  gl= ugly#face

  note= " this is very strong speech used only in a fighting mood."

  samp= "senagagena migila - very ugly his face."

  rel= tomigaga



  pos= n

  gl= wood,ebony

  c= kai



  pos= v2

  gl= notch

  xgl= " to make a notch in the end of a log. Building technique."

  cont= gaiyagaiya

  samp= 'kokola kugaiya - you notch the house post'

 *pos= n

  gl= notch in wood

  rel= tagetu(notch in yobilabala)

  note= the 'gai'particle is in many words dealing with the spreading

        apart of things.



  pos= v2

  gl= shake

  pl.suff. = si

  syn= yega

  rel = yagi

  samp = " bwala igaiyega - the house shakes."

  rel= gogeuna(shaking)



  pos= n

  gl= flowers, of the pandanus

  note= nb4:67 as gai'ewa



  pos= adv

  gl= no

  gl = not

  ant = E(yes)

  note= " a common construction is 'gala wala' meaning an emphatic no

          also galaga."



  pos= v

  gl= return#a#person#to#his#own#village

  note= ?



  pos= n

  gl= gill, of a fish



  pos= adj

  gl = potent

  gl = strong

  gl = forcefull

  gl = powerfull

  xgl = " indicates active ingredients present. Used to describe strong

          flavor, strong tobacco , betel nut or lime, wildness of animals

          good soil, magic, spells etc."

  pl= gigasisi

  ant= pwaiyata(weak#of#essence)

  ant= mama(weak#of#body)

  ant= bwebutu(dull)

  samp = " nagasisi = wild animal; sena gasisi buwa - very strong betel."

* pos= v1

  gl = violence



  pos = adj

  gl = dirtiness

  note = " can take classifier. Kaigatu kwim  (Malinowski SLOS:483)

  rel = pupwagatu

* pos= v

  gl = dirty



  pos = n

  gl = tree,type#of

  xgl= " tree with an especially smooth clean bark ."

  source = "Malinowski (SLOS:365)"



  pos= n

  gl = mist

  gl = fog

* pos= v3

  gl = befog

  cont= gigau

  snd= gawe

  rel= tagau

  rel= guyugwayu(poss.plural#form)

  rel = lumla

  note= " as a verb a supernatural way to interfere with activities at sea.

          used in magic to twart flying witches , Malinowski (ARGO:246)."



  pos= n

  gl= pandanus#flowers

  rel= vadila(pandanus#fruit)

  c= ya

  note " classifier is variable depending on aggregation of the flowers,

         i.e. gugula (bunch of flowers put together by a person, Ya (single

         flower), kununu ( whole bunch as it occurs in the wild). Multiplicity

         of classifiers is common & for the most part this dictionary will

         list only the most common."



  pos= v2

  gl = carry

  pl.suff= si

  cont = gogebila

  note = "may be gabila"

  syn= gabi

  note= " see also gabi"



  pos= n

  gl = house#on#canoe

  xgl =" frame house on a canoe that is used to hold cargo"

  c= kwe

  loc.prep= wa



  pos= v1

  gl= hurt

  gl= pain

  cont= gidageda

* pos= v3

  gl= bite

  syn= gadi

  note = " might also be noun bite as for bite marks?"



  pos= adj

  gl = awkward

  rel= togegedu(stand#awkwardly)

  rel= yogegedu(do#awkwardly)

  rel= toyogegedu(awkward#person)

  note= "might be related to 'geguda'-unripe."

  note= putting the wrong plural suffixes on words is considered gegudu.

  note= nb4:31



  pos= v

  gl= chew (buwa only?)

  rel= kauui(chew,betel nut)

  rel= gigali(chew,gen.)



  pos= n

  gl= small#stick#used#for#retaining#a#rope

  gl =  stick which retains the pulling rope (duku) when dragging

        a canoe from the swamp. Also used to keep a pig from running into

        the bush. The stick is tied to the end of the rope and catches on

        trees, acts like an anchor. (notes2:148)

  note= "technical term"



  pos= n

  gl = parrott

  note = " a red and green parrott. Also is the totem for the LUKULABUTA clan."

  c= na



  pos= adj

  gl = unripe

  gl =  green.

  gl= inexperienced

  rel= monogu(ripe)

  rel= matuwa(ripe)

  rel= geyata

  rel= genata






  pos= adj

  gl = spread#apart

* pos= c

  usedfor= thing#spread#apart

  xgl = " especially heard used for one arm of a fishing net."

* pos= v

  gl = spread#apart

  note= " Fellows has i gei kaikela as bowlegged."

  rel = togei(stand#with#legs#apart#)

  rel= butugeiyaii(disperse)

  rel= katugeya(scatter)

  rel= gaiya(v.notch)

  rel= tagetu(notch)

  rel= katugigeya(break#apart)

  rel= kogiyaki(contaminate, spread, as illness)

  rel= ligewa(abandon, leave off,)

  rel= ligemwa(forget)

  note= the morpheme gei (also as ge,gi) indictaes a spreading or

        seperation. see above related words.



  pos= n2

  gl= lameness

  note= " kala gei - lameness, spreadness of legs."

  rel= bali(lame)

  rel= pem

  note= " this is one of those words that seem to occur as all types of

          parts of speech. Geya might be a word with gigeya as a

          continuous form. Observed only in katugigeya."



  pos= n

  gl= arm#of#a#hand#held#fishing#net(kaileta)one arm only.

* pos= c

  usedfor= one arm of hand held fishing net

  rel= tita



  pos= v1

  gl = scream,animals

  gl= cry#out,animals

  xgl= " mainly used for the cry or scream of animals, especially

         birds. Voiced nonhuman cry. also used now for radios, tape


  cont= gilagela

  snd = nil

  pl.suff = si

  rel= tegila(ear)



  pos= v

  gl= lack

  note= " seems to be used only with a negitive as gala a geli buwa - I

          don't lack betel. the word yomala seems to be of this form

          also only occuring as gala yomala ( not a lttle - abundance)."



  pos= v2

  gl = man#a#canoe

  pl.suff= si

  rel= usagelu(crewmen)

* pos= n

  gl= bulkhead

  gl=  frame or bulkhead in an European ship or a masawa kula canoe.

  note= " Fellows has GELUBWAU as overcrowding as in a canoe."



  pos= adj

  gl= uncooked

  gl= raw

  gl= unripe

  ant= menu

  syn= geyata(unripe)



  pos= v2

  gl = husk

  gl =  rip the husk off of betel nut or coconut

  cont= gisigesi

  pl.suff= si

  rel= kisi(tear)



  pos= n

  gl= step

  note= "see daga."



  pos= adj

  gl= lifeless

  gl= listless

  gl= languid

  gl= sickly

  samp = " kaigewagewa - sick tree, Togewagewa - sicly person.

           sena gewagewa ipaisewa- he works very listlessly."

  note= glossed  as chronically ill in nb4:76

  note= also togewagewa - incompetent person(nb4:25)



  pos= adj

  gl= unripe

  syn= genata

  syn= geguda

  ant= monogu(ripe)

  ant= matuwa(ripe)

  note= togeyata - a deceased person for whom the cycle of sagalis is not

        yet complete (T25B100).



  pos= n

  gl= stingray barb

  rel= vaii



  pos= adj

  gl= sullen

  note= " probably related to gibuluwa(anger)."

  samp= " kwegibu migila - his face is sullen. Togibu -sullen man."

  cont= gibugibu

  samp= "i gibugibu migila- He is looking sullen."

  pl.suff= si

  note= " informants explaination: gala sitana kalagigisa mwamwasila-

          doesn't look even a little bit like happiness."



  pos= v

  gl = offend

  gl= anger

  note= ?

  note= " some deeper meaning of this word is associated with sulumwaiya


  rel= gibuluwa(anger)

  rel= bulubwalata(see#entry)



  pos= v2

  gl= angry

  pl.suff= si

  snd= gibuluwe

* pos= adj

  gl= angry

* pos= n2

  gl= anger

  samp= " a kokola kidamwa m'tona bigibuluwa besa yegu - I am afraid that he

          will be angry with me."

  rel= yogibuluwa(make#angry)

  rel= segibuluwa(remain#angry)

  note= " possible sound change occurs in Fellows as yogibulaigu- make me


  rel= vatai

  rel= kaiki

  rel= kominimani

  rel= gibu



  pos= v

  gl= boiling

  rel= polu

* pos= n

  gl= whirlpool




  see gibu



  pos= n

  gl= pains

  gl= hurts

  note= "cont. form of geda.see geda"

  rel= maiyuyu



  pos= n

  gl= wild#fig

  c= kai

  note= " only children eat it."



  pos= v2

  gl= chew

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= gadi(to#bite)

  cont= gegigila



  pos= v


  rel= gigibwadi(to#tighten#around)      

  rel= gigimati(kill#by#tightening)

  note= "Fellows has katugigi as tie round."

  rel= segigila(tying strap or line)

  rel= sipu



  pos= adv

  gl= fast

  note= "appropriate classifier required"

  rel= nanakwa(fast)

  rel= yopulapwala(fast)

  rel= kigimamala(fast)

  rel= kilibwalabula(fast)

  rel= kasai(slow)

  note= see KASAI for other 'slow' terms.



  pos= v1

  gl= tighten#around

  xgl= "to tighten about. As a rope around a stick."

  md= "gigi + bwadi

      gigi- tie around

      bwadi- to bound, to meet,come together."



  pos= v

  gl= laugh

  snd= gigile

  cont= gigigila

  pl.suff= si

  samp= " gala bukugigilegusi - don't (you pl.) laugh at me."

  note= " automatopoetic. like the English word giggle."

  rel= kabelu(frown)



  see gigila



  pos= v

  gl= return to a former lover

  gl= flirt

  note= nb4:86



  pos= v

  gl= laugh,big

  note= " nubosa is to sniff deeply."



  pos= v

  gl= blacken#teeth

  xgl= " the process of blackening ones teeth."

 *pos= adj

  gl= black(for#teeth)

  note= " sesuyu - the tree which is used to make the teeth black."



  pos= v

  gl= strangle

  xgl= "to kill by tightening."

  md= "gigi + mati

       gigi - tie around

       mati - kill"



  pos= v

  gl= seeing

  gl= looking

  note= this is the cont. form of gisi. see gisi.



  pos= n

  gl= drill, pump drill

  rel= gipwana(verb, drill)

  note= see Malinowski (ARGO) Plate LI for photo.



  pos= n

  gl= coconut shell that has been scraped out

  c= kwela

  note= nb2:103

  note= may occur as gilagaluva .

  note= this is kavava in Kavataria dialect.



  pos= v

  gl= flavor#food

  sorce= Fellows

  dep= unknown

  note= this is probable same word as GILAGABWA above. A common

        practice is to flavor foods with scraped coconut.

  note= ?



  pos= v

  gl= crying out(animals only)

  gl= crowing of roosters

  gl= squeeling of pigs

  note= "cont. form of gela. See Gela."

  rel= gilivai(cry out)



  pos= v2

  gl= pull off of a shaft

  rel= lulu

  note= nb3:1

  rel= bibigili



  pos= c

  gl= rows#of#spondylus#shells of kaipwesi or saveva

  samp= magilina sena bweyani- that row is very red.

  samp= saveva gilitala wala - saveva is just one row?

  syn= ligili



  pos= n

  gl= decoration#on#adze

  gl=  comb that is carved on the outside arch of an adzeligogu)

  note= nb2:42



  pos= v

  gl= throw a throwing stick

  rel= katukwekwa(syn)

  rel= kadikwakuni(n, throwing stick)

  rel= kaikwala

  rel= lai(throw, v.gen.)



  pos= v

  gl= cry out (people?)

  rel= gela

  rel= valam(cry)

  note= TT22B:365



  pos= v1

  gl=  bow the face to the ground

  cont= nil

  pl.suff= si

  snd= nil



  pos= v

  gl= dig out, like the eyes of a potatoe

  gl= gouge

  note= nb4:54



  pos= c

  usedfor= buying&selling

  note=  verb generated from Gimwali- buy,sell.

  samp= " gimlatala- one sale, gimlavyeka- big sale,magimlana-that sale."

  samp= 'igimlabogwa - already bought. T25B:118.'



  pos= v

  gl= spend

  gl= buy#with

  samp= " money igimlaki kaula - money buys food."

  rel= gimwali

  rel= mapu<o.p.>



  pos= v

  gl= masturbate

  md= " gi + mona

        gi- verb formative(by hand. generally. ki or gi)

        mona- seminal fluid."



  pos= v3

  gl= thrash an object

  gl= whip

  pl.suff= sa

  snd= gimsise

  md= " gim + sisi

        gim- verb formative

        sisi- branch."



  pos= n

  gl= stick, short thick throwing stick.

  c= kai

  rel= kadikwakuni(n.throwing stick)

  rel= kaikwaula(fishting throwing stick)



  pos= v3

  gl= buy

  gl= sell

  gl= trade

  gl= barter

  snd= gimwale

  md= "gi + mwali

       gi- verb formative

       mwali - a valuable."

  text= " Agimwalem - I will buy/sell you. (TT5a1)/"

  rel= mapu<o.p.>(mapula)



  pos= v

  gl= roll(as a cigarette,tobak)

  rel= bili

  note= nb2:57



  pos= c

  usedfor= one#quarter#piece#of#mustard,pepper,tobacco(long#things)

  samp= maginina kumeya- bring me that piece of mustard.



* pos= v2

  gl= write

  gl= draw

  gl= inscribe

  note= covers the range of meaning of writing, drawing, carving lines like

         on prow boards ( of canoes) or scratching lines on lime gourds."

  cont= ginigini

  pl.suff= sa

  note= " toginigini is now used to describe a student in school."



  pos= n

  gl= bedbugs

  c= na

  syn= lewaleusa

  note= plural#form#only



  see GINI



  pos= n

  gl= marine#mollusk#that#lives#in#Mangrove#swamps

  source= "this gloss is from Malinowski (CGv1:155)."

  gl= insect,kind#of

  xgl= " small inscet that lives in holes in the ground where the ground

         is clear."

  source= " this gloss is from an informant."



  pos= n1

  gl= body area#above#hip

  rel= nunuma

  source= " Malinowski ( SLOS:337)"


GIPWi + pwana

      gl- verb formative(do by hand)

      pwana - from pwanana (hole).



  pos= v1

  gl= blood,flowing#from#wound

  note= " may occur as gipwosisi."

  sorce= Fellows

  dep= unknown



  pos= v

  gl= overlook

  md= " gise + mwa

        gise- gisi(to see)

        mwa- aside (instrumental post fix)."

  note= "igisemwa occurs on TT19A pg10."



  pos= v3

  gl= see

  gl= look

  snd= gise

  pl.snd= gise

  cont= gigisi

  pl.suff= sa

* pos= n2

  gl= appearance

  xgl= " literally the look of something- kala gigisa."

  note= " also used metaphorically to describe abstract character of

          situations. "

  samp = " kala gigisa magila bila- it looks like he wants to go."

  note= gisitala- one look.? as classifier?



  pos= v

  note= "cont. form of gesi. see gesi."



  pos= v

  gl= open up a betel nut to see how big the nut is. may be more general.

  md= gisi + kwali

      gisi - to rip open(from gesi)

      kwali - to attempt, or as a test.

  note= nb3:95



  pos= v

  gl= recognize

  ant= takainowa



  pos= n2

  gl= saliva

  gl= spittle

* pos= v3

  gl= spit

  snd= giwe

  pl.suff= sa

  cont= gigiu

  rel= giuseli

  rel= puli



  pos= n

  gl= fiber,type#of

  gl=  white fiber used to make string ( im) for fishing nets



  pos= v1

  gl=  spit#on

  xgl= " to spit a wad of saliva ."

  rel= giu

  rel= puli

  md= "giu + seli

       giu - spit

       seli- put, set."

  note= " Fellows has giusaina as pours out in a flood."



  pos= c

  usedfor= thing#that#has#been#divided#by#verb#KIVI

  note= verb#generated



  pos= n2

  gl= mushroom

  note= " This is edible type of mushroom, but not much relished."

  rel= kwarepakula ( mushroom) may occur as kwarepaka



  pos= c

  usedfor= chiefs

  samp= " giyovyeka- big chief, giyotala- one chief."



  pos= n

  gl= chief,only#one#in#village

  gl=  chief by himself in a village. The only chief in the village

  rel= Giyovadulu(two#chiefs)

  md= "giyo + kesa

       giyo - chief

       kesa - remaining."



  pos= n

  gl= ?

  note= " not sure of the meaning of this.May mean a powerfull chief. Was

          in Twomey as Glory. Dep. of Twomey is poor."

  note= ?

  dep= poor



  pos= n

  gl= chiefs, two

  note= see giyokese



  pos= n

  gl= chiefs#wives

  md= " giyo + vila

        giyo- chief

        vila- maybe from vivila ( woman)."



  pos= n

  gl= big#chief

  syn= giyosaki

  md= " giyo + vyeka

        giyo- classifier for chiefs

        vyeka- adjective big."

  note= "most possible words of this composition (i.e. c + adj)

         do not appear in this dictionary."



  pos= v2

  gl= carring#on#the#head

  note= " continuous form of gabi."

  pl.suff= si

  rel= gabi

  rel= gebila

  note= see GABI



  pos= v

  gl= shaking

  note= " togowagewa - shaker, a trembler."

  note= " gewagewa means lifeless, sickly."

  rel= gaiyega

  note= " occurs in Fellows as Gogweuna - shake the head."

  rel= katugogeuna



  pos= v1

  gl= bleed#as#result#of#gweli

  rel= gipwasisi

  note= " in Fellows as gogova buyaii- blood flowing."



  pos= v1

  gl= shout#loudly

  rel= katugogova

  rel= gela

  rel= gova

  rel= wakula(scream, cryout)

  rel= govasi



  pos= v1

  gl= bark#of#a#dog

  rel= gugulaluwa-growl

  note= " cont. form of gwau see gwau."

  pl.suff= si

  note= tiligogwau(very high tide)



  pos= v



  gl=  tired of something due to excess

  samp= " igwegwesi wowola - he has had enough (lit. his body is tired)."

  rel= kamgwesi

  rel= simagwesi(tired#of#sitting)

  note= " toyogwegwesi - overconsumer"

  rel= gwegwesi



  see gola



  pos= adv

  gl= of#course

  gl= naturally

  rel= " interjective use of mitaga. i.e. taga!- What else!?"

  samp= 'O gala bwena. Bavagi pikekita kaivatamla gola. - O this is not

         good. I'll make a bit of kaivatam of course.(TT20).'



* pos= v2

  gl= get#water#in#container

* pos= v1

  gl= accumulate

  note= " Malinowski (   :213) glosses as forgather."

  note= "goki is Kavataria dialect."

  rel= kasopi(carry water)

  rel= kili(dip water)



  pos= v

  gl= add#to

  note= " Kavataria dialect. Same as the v1 useage of Gola."

  rel= kigoli



  pos= n

  gl= ring,in#the#nose

  xgl= " a ring of turtle shell ( paiya- like an earring)that is

         placed in the nose and eventually creates a hole in the

         septum. Later it is relpaced with a nosebone (nauwa)."

  note= " this is a n2 when in place in the nose and a n3 when out."



  pos= v1

  gl= cry,animal

  xgl= " cry of an animal, like a pig whine."

  rel= kagota

  rel= gela



  pos= v

  gl= notch

  cont= gugou

  rel= gaiya

  note= nb2:119



  pos= v

  gl= make a special noise

  rel= katugogova

  note= may be gogova



  pos= n

  gl= government

  note= borrowed

  text= " E, besa tuta govamen lema."

  freetrans= " now the government has come.(T19A3)."



  pos= v

  gl= yell#loudly

  xgl= " a powerfull yell as in play or hard work>'

  note= " in Malinowski ( SLOS:360) as high pitched scream."

  rel= kawau

  note= "speculation that it might br from kobasi - to pierce with the mouth."

  rel= gova

  rel= katugogova

  rel= gogova

  note= the 'si' may be the plural suffix



  pos= n

  gl= kuvi yam that is old

  note= ?

  note= kuvi tambogwa

  note= nb2:102



  pos= c

  usedfor= burned#thing

  gl=  burned thing or burnedness. Gardens or lime

              can be gubuvau ( newly burned)."

  note= verb#generated

  note= " verb generated from gabu- to burn."

  note= real name of uribugu for kaula. urigubu is used only for mweya

        buwa or luya.



  pos= v

  gl= burning

  note= " continuous form of gabu. See gabu."



  pos= n

  gl= garden, small late garden for ones own consumption.

  note= nb4:53



  pos= n1

  gl= inheritance

  rel= {la}kula

  rel= kaikeya

  note= " more in notebooks. metaphorical uses."



  pos= n2

  gl= loneliness

  xgl= " the physical state of discomfort experienced when a loved one

         is absent, heartsick."

  note= " an informant told us it was makala kala katoula - like being ill."



  pos= c

  usedfor= garden,burned#section#of

  note= " verb generated from gabu."



  pos= c

  usedfor= children

  usedfor= childness

  samp= " magudina gwadi - that child."

  note= " from the noun Gwadi(child)."

  rel= gwadi



  pos= n

  gl= stillborn#baby

  c= to/na

  note= " we were told that the causes of this are things like carrying

          a heavy load, being hit in the abdomen, or the sorcery vatula


  m.d.= " gudi + mata

          gudi- c for child(from gwadi)

          mata- from mati(to kill)."



  pos= prefix

  gl= children of

  note= nb4:91

  rel= latu<o.p.>



  pos= v2

  gl= break#off#branch

  xgl= " to break off a branch of a tree by hand."

  pl.suff= sa

  cont= gudugudu si

  rel= katugudu(smash down a tree with a stick)



  pos= n

  gl= notch for tying pitapatila matala

  rel= gou(v.r. notch)

  rel= gaiya

  note= nb2:119



  pos= adj

  gl= glutton

  gl= big#eater

  c= required to/na



  pos= adj

  gl= dark#due#to#overcast

  xgl= " if it is dark in the daytime due to overcast and rain. The word

         dudubila is used for the darkeness of night."

  samp= " kalasia nagugugu - the sun darkened"

  note= also occurs on lisa. bilisa gugugu?



  pos= v

  gl= tell#people

  gl= ordain(Malinowski)

  gl= address

  rel= luwawala

  note= nb2:125 glossed as preaching



  pos= c

  usedfor= bundles,leafy#things

  rel= luva(c for sticklike things)



  pos= v

  gl= growl,of#dog

  rel= gogwau(barking)

  rel= gwau(bark)



  pos= v1

  gl= assemble,people

  note= " this word occurs only in the plural form wth the suffix si."

  samp= " bigugulasi pela kariwaga- they will assemble because they have to."

  note= " possible derivation from gula, the classifier for aggregations

          in heaps."

  rel= sigugulasi(sit#assembled)

  rel= togugulasi(atand#assembled)

  rel= kovi(divide a group of people)



  pos= v

  gl= heap#up

  gl= make#a#pile

  gl= pile

  text= " itateyaga iguguli tomwaiya, numwaiya kala iga.(T26:20)"

  trans= "the old man cut it an heaped (yams) for the old woman,so they say ."



  pos= n3

  gl= things

  gl= objects

  gl= belongings

  c= depends on the object

  samp= " tauau si guguwa - the men's things."

  note= " Also occurs in the form guguwala- its parts,things. Tokaliga

          guguwala- the dead man's things."

  note= guguwala - its components. poss snd change guguwalela - its things.

  rel= semigiliki(assemblege)



  pos= adj

  gl= hair,typical#type#of

  xgl= " the typical bushy curly type of hair."

  note= " takes the classifier ya."

  note= " in Malinowski as 'typical Melanesian mop'."

  note= " just like the present day afro style."

  note= " sena yawanaku - really fluffy."



  pos= n

  gl= children

  note= " this is a plural form of gwadi- see gwadi."



  pos= c

  usedfor= heaps

  note= "may appear as guli."

  note= " we have heard this used for heaps of children as they sleep together.

          as gulatala gwadi."

  note= "verb generated- guguli."

  samp= gulatala guguwa- one heap of things. magulana tetu - that heap of yams.

  rel= tagulaki

  rel= koguguli

  rel= guguwa



  pos= n

  gl= thing that is saved for posterity

  rel= kaigula

  note= 4:79



  pos= n

  gl= coconut branch wrapped trunk of tree to indicate that the tree is

      bomala (forbidden to harvest from)

  rel= bomala

  rel= tabu

  c= sisi

  note= nb4:64



  pos= c

  usedfor= bit#of#a#whole

  note= " often used to denote a small bit of tobacco along with the

          classifiers kabula & vili."



  pos= adj

  gl= quiet#person

  gl= taciturn

  gl= reclusive

  c= to/na



  pos= n2

  gl= birthmark

  note= "frozen form la"

  note= " doesn't take proximal possesive pronouns."



  pos= adj

  gl= to#not#have#many#relatives

  note= "Twomey has as orphan."

  note= " might mean to live alone. An informant also told me ' tetala

          tomota gala bidubadu veyola. Sena Kapisini.'- One person without

          many relatives. It is very sad."

  rel= milawau



  pos= adj

  gl= whiteman

  gl= non-native

  gl= european

  note= " means literally 'man of comfort'"

  note= " takes classifier to/na"

  syn= dimdim

  note= " the word dimdim seems to be more in use at the present"



  pos= n

  gl= wind, from the north

  note= see YAGILA for related entries



  pos= n2

  gl= mouthrince, not swallowed

  note= T22A:203



   see GUYAU



  pos= v2

  gl= smooth#out#something#sharp

  note= " Fellows has to blunt a point."

  pl.suff= sa

  note= " informant said by way of example 'tagumlisa bibwena' - we will

          smooth it out and it will be good."

  rel= katubwebutu



  pos= n2

  gl= scabies

  note= " scabies is a skin disease."

  note= noun#plural#form#only

  samp= " sena gaga kala gunigweni - his scabies is very bad."



  pos= n

  gl= tree, type of (and its wood)

  note= T23A:139



  pos= n

  gl= chief

  c= giyo

  c= to

  pl= gweguya

  rel= gumguyau (small or less chief) lit. quiet chief.



  pos= v2

  gl= cut#coconut#leaves#from#the#tree

  cont= guguye

  pl.suff= sa

  syn= sipi



  pos= n

  gl= chief,special#form

  note= " found in the form guyola(village name) - literally (village)its


  note= " the part/whole relationship of the 3rd person proximal pronoun-la."



  pos= adj

  gl= bright

  gl= shinning

  gl=  hard to look at

  samp= " Kalasia sena guyugwayu - the sun is very bright."

  note= " Fellows has as 'to dazzle the eyes.'"

  note= nb4:63 - guyugwaiyu as adj - dim sight of old age?



  pos= v

  gl= eat#two#foods at#the#same#time

  cont= gubugwaba

  note= " informant said ' kaula deli iniya kugwaba- yams with fish you eat

         at the same time."

  note= nb3:75 GWABALA as mixed.



  pos= n3

  gl= child

  pl= gugwadi

  c= gudi

  c= to/na

  rel= latu<o.p.>(offspring#in#the#possesive#form)

  note= as agu gwadi(n2) a woman sppeking of her own children(T18B:250)??

  note= nagwadi - female child human. nagwegwadi(animal?) -nb2:102.

* pos= n1

  gl= childhood

  loc.prep= O

  samp= " O gwadila gudikekita- In his childhood he was small."

  note= "see Malinowski (SLOS:60) for 'designations of age'."



  pos= n

  gl= fruit,type#of

  xgl= " a small good tasting fruit. Falls apart into four pieces."

  note= " also mentioned in Malinowski (CGv1:160)."



  pos= n

  gl= shellfish,type#of,greensanil

  gl=  mollusk found on the open seashore, not in the lagoon

  c= kwe

  c= yure(when tied in bunches)T21A:45

  rel= vigoda(shell,gen)

  note= " Fellows glossed as short sighted, but informant gave above





  gl= bail

  gl= scoup,water&liquids#only

  rel= kili(get#water,dip)

  note=  continuous form & pl.suff. is uncertain.



  pos= n2

  gl= feel#hot

  note= "told that this is si biga Vakuta - a word from Vakuta."

  ant= sibula(feel#cold)



  pos= v

  gl= bark,of#dog

  cont= gogwau

  rel= kagota



  pos= n

  gl= tree,type#of

  xgl= " a certain type of tree. It is not used for anything."

  c= kai

  note= "stress on u."



  pos= n

  gl= chiefs

  note= " plural of guyau- see guyau."



  pos= adj

  gl= animal#young

  note= " this word is always used for animals. May always occur as

          nagwegwadi- animal child."

  rel= gwadi



  pos= v

  gl= aversion#that#comes#of#excess

  samp= " sena gwegwesi wowogu. Sena vatai - my body is very tired from much


  note= " same word as gogwesi - different dialect. see also gogwesi entry."



  pos= v2

  gl= bleed#for#medicinal#purposes

  snd= gwele

  cont= gugweli

  note= " the bleeding is the result of deep scratches made with a sharp

          object (traditionaly  memutu - obsidian blades) usually many

          scratches running parallel to each other & up and down in direction.

          often done on forhead ( esp. for headaches) or back. The bad thing

          that causes the pain is thought to run out. Still much in use. We

          saw people first do gweli and then go to the aid post for an asprin."

  rel= gogova(to#bleed#as#a#result#of#gweli)

  rel= kaigweli(cuts#or#scars#of#cuts)

  rel= memutu(obsidian#bits#used#to#cut)

  rel= mulubida(decorative scratches)



  pos= adj

  gl= begger

  gl=  Someone who continually begs things but never returns

       anything so people don't give him anything anymore.

  c= to/na

  pl= gwagweluva

  note= " togwagweluva is the general class of people that do this."

  rel= nigada

  rel= tonagowa

  rel= tonimakava

  rel= tobugumata

  rel= tobonebona

  note= nb4:71




  pos= c

  usedfor= names

  samp= " igatala yagala, igiyuwela, igiminabweta etc. Maigina yegila

          bwelimila - the name of the wind is bwelimila."

  note= may sometime occur as igi.



  pos= adj

  gl= woman#who#has#more#than#one#child

  rel= igavau

  note= " the mugwa may be a transformation of the word bogwa- already."

  sorce= " Malinowski (SLOS:180)."



  pos= prep

  gl= not#now

  gl= later

  xgl= " not now, either forward of backward in time. Indicates temporal


  note= " most common useage seems to be later in time, but also indicates

          past time often in the phrase ' Igau Omitibogwa- not now (but) a

          long time ago."

  rel= makateki



  pos= adj

  gl= woman#with#only#one#child#or#who#concieves#forthe#first#time

  rel= igamugwa



  pos= c

  gl= bunch of ten nununiga

  samp= ikatala (ten nununiga),kusakaigu ikavau - you give me the new bunch.

        maikana ikanukwena wa pweya - that bunch lying in the basket.



  pos= v2

  gl= shake,a#tree

  note= Tie a string to a branch and pull on it repeatedly to get fruit to


  rel= kumgwali(shake#a#coconut#to#see#if#there#is#liquid#inside)



  pos= n

  gl= youngest#daughter

  rel= ilitomwaiya(eldest#daughter)

  rel= inagwadi(young#girl)

  rel= monagwadi(young#boy)

  rel= molagwadi(youngest#son)

  rel= molitomwaiya(eldest#son)

  note= "the ila is a shortening of vila (from vivila woman) and the mo

         in an indicater of maleness. Mo & to both indicate male."



  pos= n1

  gl= shoulder

  note= ?



  pos= n1

  gl= woman#of(place)

  samp= " ilela Tukwaulkwa - woman of Tukwaulkwa(a village)."

  note= " may appear as vile(la)."

  rel= tole(man#of)

  note= " occurs most often in the singular 2nd person ( la) but also

          occurs in the plural 2nd person as ilemi - women of."



  see ILE



  pos= n

  gl= chief's followers

  note= nb4:92 & nb4:10



  pos= adj

  gl= the#whole#village

  xgl= " used to indictae the whole village. truely evyone. used for

         people only."

  rel= kumwedona(things)

  note= " mwedona is a word root that is used to indictae all of something.

          is used as a part of a whole word or with a classifieri.e. namwedona-

          all of the animal."

  note= vilumwedona (dropped V?)



  pos= n

  gl= its#place

  xgl= " the place of something. Where a lot of that thing occurs."

  note= " informant said by way of explaination.'Muwa luya iluwela - Muwa

          place of the coconuts.' (Muwa is a plantation to the suth of




  pos= n

  gl= string

  gl= twine

  xgl= " the handmade string from the roots/multiple trunk of the pandanus

         plant ( kaibwibwi)."

  c= ya

  note= purchased nylon line on a spool take the classifier kwe.



  see SENA



  pos= n1

  gl= mother

  note= " also feminine particle,Malinowski (SLOS:418)."

  samp= " Inagu- my mother, Inala minana - her mother."



  pos= n

  gl= young#girl

  rel= ilagwadi(youngest#daughter)

  rel= ilitomwaiya(eldest#daughter)

  rel= monagwadi(young#boy)

  rel= molagwadi(youngest#son)

  rel= molitomwaiya(eldest#son)



  pos= n

  gl= fish

  c= na(one#fish)

  c= kwe(school#bunched#up)

  c= uwo(school)

  c= ya(school#strung#out)

  note= " the multiplicity of classifiers is a common hing that for the most

          part will not be noted. Usually the most common only will be listed."

  note= " occurs as Yena is the dialect of Kavataria"

  loc.prep= wa

  samp= 'talai poeini, bitola wa iniya - I will throw the fishing spear, it

         will stick(stand) in the fish.'



  pos= n1

  gl= husbands#sister

  gl= brothers#wife

  samp= " ivaiguta - my sister-in-law"

  note= " vaii means to marry"

  note= " there is a sound change on 3rd person singular form to

          ivaileta ( not ivailata)."



  pos= n1

  gl= place

  samp= " kabagu - my space (sleeping area). Implies a personal place."

  note= " occurs in the form KABO a a bound morpheme indicating place-

          see KABO."

  note= " in the third person Kebila represents generic place."



  pos= n2

  gl= illness,type#of

  gl=  ademia, swelling of the face and limbs, loss of color

         in mouth eyes and palms of hands. weakness. Can be fatal."



  pos= v

  gl= search in complete darkness

  rel= kabisiwali

  rel= ninei(search,gen)

  note= nb3:117



  pos= v

  gl= fight#with#spears

  note= " the last si may be the plural suffix."

  md="ka + basi

      ka= verb formative

      basi- to pierce"



  pos= n2

  gl= allies

  gl= consent

  samp= " agu kabekau - my allies"

  note= " Fellows glosses as 'assisting in fighting' but it is not a verb."

  note= nb2:117 has glossed as consent.?(tagwala)



  pos= n3

  gl= anchorage

  note= " occurs also as KABOKOTA."

  md= "kabo + Kota

       kabo- place

       kota- anchor,arrive by conveyence."



  pos= n2

  gl= pillow

  c= kwe

  md= "kabe + kunu

       kabe- place

       kunu - poss. from kulu (hair)."

  rel= kabomasisi(sleeping#place)

  rel= kabokenu(place#for#lying#down)



  pos= v1

  gl= frown

  pl.suff= si

  cont= kikabelu

  pl.snd= nil

  ant= gigila(laugh)



  pos= v1

  gl= loose structural integrity

  gl= fall apart

  rel= utu



  pos= v1

  gl= accomplish

  gl=  do something

  note= "behaves like an auxiliary existential verb 'do'."

  text= "Ikabi ila. (T3:63)"

  trans= "He did go."

  cont= kabikabi

  note= takabi kala ninabwela - we do his mind good(nb2:102)



  pos= v2

  gl= weed a garden

  note= "Malinowski (SLOS 340) has 'takabi' glossed as 'we take hold of'"

  note= see also Malinowski (CGv2:184 no.9)

  cont= kabikabi

  note= kabivau (handle anew) on kivau entry.



  pos= v

  gl= presentation of a new canoe to the friends and realitives of the


  note= Malinowski(ARGO:163)

  rel= tasasoria(launching and trail run)



  see KABI



  pos= v

  gl= act as a go-between

  gl=  approach a girl on behalf of a friend. Especially when a man

         wants a girl that he doesnot know he asks a friend to go ask."

  rel= kaikivi(summon#for#a#purpose)

  rel= touwata(procure)



  pos= v3

  gl= obey

  gl= do#as#bid

  snd= kabikuwale

  pl.suff= si

  ant= peki(refuse)

  samp= " kukwabikuwalegu - you obey me."

  samp= 'ikabikaulasi pela kala bwena valu kala gigis-(T13)'



  pos= v3

  gl= touch,with#hand

  snd= kabikwane

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= kabukwani

  rel= sukwani(smell)

  rel= nukwali(know,understand)

  rel= kwani(see kwani)



  pos= c

  usedfor= butchered#section#of#animal

  samp= " makabilana - that section."

  rel= towasoli(n. butchered piece of animal)



  pos= n

  gl= fallen#tree#lying#horizontally

  gl= fallen logs

  rel= bilabala

  rel= yobilabala



  pos= n3

  gl= war

  c= kwe

  note= " the phrase 'la tuta kabilia' now mostly refers to WW2."



  pos= v

  gl= make#peace

  md= " kabi + lula

        kabi - from Kabilia(war)

        lula - gift to restore relations after fight."

  rel= kabolula(place#of#offering)



  pos= v1

  gl= grow(a plant)

  note= " also seen as kabinem - it will grow you. Magical usage from Weiner."

  rel= susina(sprout)

  samp= 'ikabinai tetu ilupi pwaipwaiya (nb3:119).'



  pos= c

  usedfor= compartments#of#a#yam#house(liku)

* pos= v1

  note= " we have an entry on our card from the field that indicated that

          kabisi is also a noun type 1 meaning - all of the compartments

          together. This seems wrong. We would guess that it may mean

          to divide up a liku into compartments."

  note= ?



  pos= v

  gl= searching, going from one place to another.

  gl= looking for anything that will work, willing to try anything from


  note= nb3:116

  note= see NEI for related terms



  pos= n3

  gl= knowledge

  xgl= " mastery of knowledge or skills."

  rel= kateta(basic#knowledge)

  rel= nukwali(knowledge#of#a#fact)



  pos= v3

  gl= apply#understanding

  xgl= "to apply ones understanding in order to gain understanding."

  snd= kabitutukwe

  samp= " ikabitutukwegu -  he is comming to understand me."

  note= " see notebook 3:70"

  note= nb3:3 as 'accustomed to'.

  note= nb4:16 'ikabituki mabigana biga'



  pos= n

  gl= war within a village(usually the result of adultery)

  rel= pulukuvalu

  note= nb4"45



  pos= v

  gl= sagali term. like dadodiga bwala. for women with skirts

  rel= sagali

  note= also sagali term, valuables given.

  note= T26A:206 - ikau ikabiyamala matona.

  note= nb2:63



  pos= c

  usedfor= place(bound#morpheme)

  note= " may be place for..or place of..."



  pos= adj

  gl= to#be#level

  note= " Fellows also has bobota as 'in lenght'."

  note= ?

  rel= yayali(tilted)

  rel= tagega(to be slanted)



  pos= n

  gl= display

  gl= thing#to#be#viewed

  md= " kabo + gigisa

        kabo- place

        gigisa - seeing"



  pos= n

  gl= responsibility, domain of responsibility

  note= TT13A:p.1



  pos= n

  gl= eating#place

  md= "kabo + kwam

       kabo- place

       kwam- eat."



  pos= n

  gl= bed

  xgl= " place for lying down."

  md= "kabo + kenu

       kabo- place

       kenu- lie"

  rel= kabomasisi(sleeping place)



  pos= n

  gl= scary#place

  note= " Also on card is the note ' thiongs which involk fear'."

  md= " kabo + kokola

        kabo- place

        kokola- kokola(fear)"



  pos= n

  gl= anchorage

  note= " also appears as kabekota"

  note= " also used now for place of rest for anyconveyance, like

          garage. The place where we parked our motorcycle."

  md= "kabo+ kota

       kabo- place

       kota- anchor(park)"

  rel= kota

  rel= vakota

  rel= kanuvakota



  pos= n

  gl= place#of#offering

  xgl= " traditionally only the setting of valuables before tauvaii, now

         used for the alter of a church."

  note= " one could also say 'lula kabala - gift/payment its place."

  md= " kabo + lula

        kabo- place

        lula- gift to restore relations"

  note= "see also KABILULA"



  pos= n2

  gl= memorial

  gl= place#of#rememberance

  md= "kabo + luluwai

       kabo- place

       luluwai- remember"



  pos= n3

  gl= plate/bowl,wooden

  xgl= " traditionally used for wooden bowls and plates, now also used for

         metal & china ones(china ones can be designated from metal ones

         by calling them pwaka)."

  pl= kaikaboma



  pos= v1

  gl= observe#taboos

  note= " boma means sacred grove. Ka is a verb formative"

  samp= ' kidamwa ikaboma bwena... nb2:144'



  pos= v1

  gl= observe#taboos

  note= " same as Kaboma"



  pos= v2

  gl= involk comparrison to a ledgendary event (liliu), a form of exageration

  rel= liliu

  rel= seliu

  note= nb4:68



  pos= n

  gl= floor

  gl= sitting#place

  md= " kabo + sisu

        kabo- place

        sisu - sitting"

  note= " also have on card kabosisusa"



  pos= n

  gl= cooking#place

  md= "kabo + sulu

       kabo - place

       sulu- boil(cook)"



  pos= n1

  gl= recognizable#mark

  gl=  landmark left by actions of men- ancestors or present. A recognizable

         mark like cutting a chicken's toe off to identify it as yours"

  note= " without the pronoun ending it indicates general usage."

  note= kabotuvatusi gweguya - the sign of the chiefs, i.e. their decorations

        by privilege. buna shells etc. nb3:117.

  note= also 'we see kimali we know a man has slept with a woman'nb4:66

  rel= kabogigisa

  rel= kaivitsila

  rel= katulokwa

  note= " kabotuvatusila - its mark"

  rel= kabutuvatu(may#be#same#word)



  pos= n

  gl= allegory

  gl= for#example

  note= " on card as kaboviseki makala - its likeness."

  md= " kabo + viseki

        kabo- place

        viseki - vi+ seki

                 vi- verb formative

                 seki- to give."

  rel= kaiviseki

  rel= seliu(involve liliu as allegory)



  pos= n

  gl= starting#place

  md= " kabo + vitoula

        kabo - place

        vitoula - to begin/start"



  pos= n

  gl= place#to#break#firewood

  md= " kabo + wota

        kabo- place

        wota- chop firewood"



  pos= n

  gl= place#over#the#fire#in#the#house

  xgl= " the place over the fire in a house where things are kept so that

         they will not mold. Things like skirts and adzes."



  pos= v

  gl= speak with maximum clarity

  rel= bona

  rel= biga

  rel= tabiletaku(think before speaking)

  note= nb4:16



  pos= n

  gl= net#float,type#of

  gl=  wooden floats on the top of nets that correspond to the

        position of large shells (buna) that are used for weights on the

        bottom on the net. They are longer than the normal size float on

        traditional nets."

  rel= kutiga(regular#float)



  pos= v2

  gl= touch

  gl= get#ahold#of

  note= "see Malinowski (SLOS:490)"

  rel= kabikwani

  samp= '...kwelima tetu bogwa makala ikabukwani baleko makwena - its as

         if he has touched the garden for five years already (T19a2:p.3).'


  pos= c

  usedfor= protuberances

  usedfor= ends#of#objects

  xusedfor= " also used for sections in a joined net, sections of a loaf

            of bread, ends of tobacco stick and mustard( both long thin


* pos= n3

  gl= end,terminus



  pos= n

  gl= knot that ties the tabulabula to the liu

  rel= kululatau(knot that ties the liou to the hull of a waga)

  note= nb2:120



  pos= n

  gl= banana,type#of

  note=  a type of large yellow banana



  pos= n

  gl= point#of#land

  rel= kabula(nose)



  pos= n

  gl= magic,type#of

  gl=  silami thrown by a bwagau(sorcerer). Appears as leporacy,

         the rotted nose leaves a hole like the mouth of a tauya shell."

  note= may occur as kubulitauya

  rel= meguva



  pos= n

  gl= nose,standing#up#kind

  xgl= " this type of nose is thought of as the most beautiful"

  note= "Malinowski ( SLOS: ??)"

  md= " Kabuli + toto

        kabuli - nose

        toto- to stand up"



  pos= n

  gl= head#cold

  md= " kabunu + nutoguna

        kabunu - nose

        notoguna - poss. from nugogu- snot."

  note= nb2:72 - kabunutogula  glossed as 'blow the nose'.



  pos= v1

  gl= contract#communal#labor

  note= from Malinowski ( CGM:158) ' a chief, headman, man of wealth and

        influence gets his dependants and relatives in law to work for him

        and him alone'. see also ARGO:161

  note= " Fellows has gloosed as agreement"

  rel= lubalabisa



  pos= n

  gl= marker

  xgl= " marker, like a blaze on a tree."

  note= " notebook 3:77"

  rel= kabotuvatusi(probably#same#word)



  pos= adj

  gl= insufficient

  note= " not enough of something to fit the proceedure undertaken."

  note= nb4:109 as v1- to be insufficient(e.g. seed yams for garden area

        or skirtlength(size) for waist line.

  rel= kusa

  rel= tapinatana



  pos= v1

  gl= leave#some#food(leftovers)

  rel= kobwagi(probably#same#word#diff.dialect)



  pos= n

  gl= bird,type#of

  xgl= "butcher bird."

  c= na

  note= " its call: kabwakukukuku"

  note= " titolela yagala bikaitagi- its self alone its name it says."



  pos= v2

  gl= cook#food directly#in#fire

  xgl= " to cook food directly in fire- not burried or in a pot."

  cont= kakabwasi

  note= kikabwasi may possible occur as the continuous form.

* pos= n2

  gl= food#cooked#in#fire

  note= " stress i=on first sylable."



  pos= n

  gl= flower, type of butia

  rel= vana

  note= nb4:67



  pos= adv

  gl= fast

  gl= quickly

* pos= v

  gl= hurry

  note= " Archaic word"

  syn= nanakwa

  rel= nagipwa(also#arch.)

  note= see NANAKWA for other related terms






  pos= v3

  gl= love

  gl= like

  snd= nil

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= kavisi

  syn= yobweli

  md= " yo + bweli

        yo - verb formative

        bweli - bound morpheme to like/love from bwena(good)."



  pos= c

  usedfor= roads,paths,trails,on#land#or#sea

  note= " from the noun keda - road, path etc.."

  samp= 'sena kuna. kadadadadoya talola - there was a heavy rain. the road

         we walk is flooded. makadana keda bila Losuia - that road goes

         to Losuia.'



  pos= n1

  gl= mothers#brother

  gl= sister's#son(reciprocally)

  gl= sister's#daughter(recipre=ocally)

  note= " see also Malinowski(SLOS:515)

  rel= kadidaiyasa

  rel= kadumaiyasa



  pos= n

  gl= path,straight#one

  md= " Kada + saitaula

        kada- classifier for roads

        saitaila - to go directly"



  pos= n

  gl= beaten#track(path)

* pos= v1

  gl= pound#a#track#into#the#earth

  md= "keda + tutu

       keda- path/road

       tutu - to pound."



  pos= n

  gl= main#path

  md= " kada + ula

        kada - path

        ula - maybe from u'ula -base(of tree), origin."

  note= " also have kadulela as its path."



  pos= n

  gl= road, newly made road

  re;= keda

  rel= kada

  note= nb4:11



  pos= adj

  gl= distant

  syn= kaduwinaku



  pos= adj

  gl= distant

  note= " can be used to denote either time or place."

  samp= 'kala kadawenaku basisu - how long I stay -nb3:3'

  syn= kaduwanoma

  md= "kada + wenaku

       kada - road

       wenaku - long(adj)"



  pos= n

  gl= wood,type#of

  note= " a wood similar to sandlewood. The sap is used to make a white

         face paint."

  rel= Sayakwa



  pos= n

  gl= stick for throwing

  c= kai

  rel= gimumta

  rel= katukwekwa(to throw it)

  rel= gilikwekwa(throw it)

  rel= kaikwala(fighting throwing stick)

  note= nb4:11



  pos= adj

  gl= forked(road?)

  note= ?

  rel= kaduluvilavi(maybe#same#word)



  pos= adj

  gl= distant

  rel= kadawenaku

  rel= kaduwanoma

  rel= kadunanako

  rel= kadumanaku

  rel= kadumanako

  note= " there are not seperate entries for the lastthree related terms

          am unsure of exact meaning. Poss. dialect changes. from Fellows

          entered under gloss of ' long distance'."



  pos= n

  gl= path,main#roads

  rel= kaduvapwala



  pos= n

  gl= entrance

  syn= kadumilagela

  locprep= O



  pos= n

  gl= entrance

  syn= kadumalaga

  locprep= O

  note= " stress on la."



  pos= n

  gl= road,new#or#secondary

  note= " from the kaduluvilavi card."



  pos= c

  usedfor= rivers,creeks,sea#passages

  usedfor=  passages generic

  samp= 'makadyana waiya bila Okupukopu - that river goes to Okupukopu.

         kaduyamemada adoki gala ibwadi waga - the river is shallow,

         I don't think the boat will fit.

         ki. kaduyavila esisusa wapasa - how many rivers are in the swamp?

  rel= Duya(c#for#orifices)



  pos= v

  gl= heap up

  gl= pile up

  note= T26a:210



  pos= v1

  gl= cry,of#pig



  pos= v

  gl= ?

  rel= mata

  note= archaic



  pos= n2

  gl= leprosy

  note= " believed that leprosy doesn't affect the nose, because that is

          kabulitauya which is caused by a bwagau."


  pos= n1

  gl= wood

  gl= stick

  gl= tree

  c= kai

  loc.prep= wa

* pos= c

  usedfor= woodiness

  usedfor= longness

  usedfor= trees

  samp= " kaitala kai- one tree, makaina kai- that tree, kaivyeka kai-big t


* pos= interjection

  gl= draws#attention#to#an#object



  pos= instrumental#prefix



  pos= n2

  gl= food#given#to#parents(gardened#for#parents)

  note= kaibaba is the produce of kaimata garden

  rel= gubukaieki

  note= " Malinowski ( SLOS:401) has as decorated food."



  pos= n

  gl= exchange#garden

  note= "T26AC2... Modilavyeka la kaibali."

  note= " not sure exactly what type of exchange garden."

  note= ?



  pos= n

  gl= injection(modern usage)

  gl= prongs, as on a digging stick(kaikam)

* pos= v

  gl= inject

  md= " kai + basi

        kai- instrumental prefix

        basi- to pierce."

  note= " Twomey has glossed as nails(of fingers) - but this must be only

          in the sense that fingernails could be an instrument to pierce

          something as it is not the generic word for fingernails."



  pos= v

  gl= garden#for#a#chief



  pos= v1

  gl= speak

  gl= make#words

  snd= nil

  rel= luki(tell)

  rel= livala(hear)

  rel= sola(repeat a message ?)

  rel= biga

  note= " these seems to be used alomost like quotes. 'ikaibiga minana...-

          she says..."

  md= "kai + biga

       kai- instrumental prefix

       biga- speech in general"



  pos= v

  gl= talk,to#no#purpose(considered#lying)

  md= "kai + biga+ makava

       kai - instrumental prefix

       biga - speech

       makava - behavior without thinking, without sense.(see MAKAVA)"



  pos= n

  gl= betel nut, type of. thicked skinned

  rel= kakaraiya(adj.thin)



  pos= n3

  gl= implement#for#cleaning#ears

  note=  feather, grass, or a stick (etc.) that is used for cleaning the


  c= kai

  note=  people seems mostly to use grass

* pos= v2

  gl= to#clean#the#ears#with#kaibonini



  pos= n

  gl= fruitless#tree,type#of

  note= " used for firewood when cooking mona."

  rel= butia



  pos= n1

  gl= coxix,tail#bone



  pos= v2

  gl= peel#vegitables(kaula)

  rel= katubinini



  pos= n

  gl= pandanus#type of(used to make mats & string)

  note=  the multiple trunks of the pandanus(vadilla) from which string(im)

         is made

  rel= vadila



  pos= n

  gl= delineator

  gl= railing,as#of#a#porch

  rel=  dedana( perimiter,edge of something)

  note= 'tadolaguvasi kaidada tilipupwakau - we will go down to the

         edge of the light water.- in the ocean the kaidada is the

         transition zone between the shallow (tilipupwakau) and the deep




  pos= n

  gl= headman of a hamlet

  note= nb4:93

  rel= valu(village)

  rel= kaidada(delineator)



  pos= n

  gl= edge

  md= " kai + dadana

        kai- instrumental prefix

        dadana- perimenter."

  rel= kaidedana(same word)

  note= also this way in nb2:115. kaidedana moi. the edge of the mat.

  note= the na is probably a possesive. lit. its' edge.



  pos= n3

  gl= torch,firebrand

  xgl= " firebrand made from coconut sheaf. In the old days was made from

         kaiwata tree. coconut is a relatively recent introduction."

  c= kai

  rel= kaitapa



  pos= n

  gl= sticks that are used when a long kuvi yam is tied to sticks for

      transporting after harvest.

  rel= kedaii( verb, to tie it to the kaidaii)




  pos= n3

  gl= scrapeing#board

  xgl= "flat board for scrapeing banana leaf for skirts. held against the


  c= kai

  rel= kaitatai(board#for#cutting#hem)

  note= "also the word for thigh."



  pos= v1

  gl= dance,type#of

* pos= n3

  gl= danceing#board

  c= kai

  note= " the shape of the board is roughly if you cut an oval in half along

          the longer sides, and then joined them with a stick in the middle

          in the same orientation in which they were cut.carved &painted"

  note= " now only in use in luya, yalumgwa and kitava."

  note= see Photo Malinowski(ARGO: plate XIII and plate XIV)



  pos= n3

  gl= perimiter#of#anything

  samp= " kaidenana moi - edge of the mat."

  md= " kai + dedana

        kai -

        dedana - peimenter."

  note= " kaidedana and kaidadana maybe same word."



  pos= n

  gl= shell,#mother#of#pearl

  c= kai

  note= " used as knives by women before europpean knives came - si kutou


  rel= kaieki

  rel= kaisali

  note= " Malinowski (SLOS:354)."



  pos= n

  gl= decorative sticks protruding from the top of liku(mwamwala)

  c= kai



  pos= n

  gl= shell, #mother#of#pearl

  xgl= " mother of pearl shell used for berauty magic and as a knife

         & scraper a long time ago ( omitibogwa)."

  note= " Fellows has glossed as shell spoon."

  c= kai

  syn= kaidobu

  syn= kaisali



  pos= c

  usedfor= voice#things

  samp= " kaigatala- one voice, makaigana- that voice, kaigakikita- small


  note= " seems to be synonymous in the adjectival form with kapi-as in

          kapinavyeka - big ( loud) voice."

  note= " may occur as kega."

  note= " generic word for voice is kaigila."

* pos= n1

  gl= voice

  samp= " kaigagu - my voice."

  note= " poss snd change is possessive suff: kaigadesa,kaigamesa??"

  note= nakaigabwela vivila & nakaigamwaiya vivila - beautifuly voiced

        women. (nb2:146).

  note= kaigavau- subsequent voice.



  pos= n1

  gl= heel

  note= ?

  rel= gabula(chin)

  rel= kaike<o.p.>(leg)



  pos= n3

  gl= magic,type#of

  note=  magic to ward off and bewilder the mulukuausi(flying


  c= maila

  source= " Malinowski ( Baloma SofD:153)"

  note= "note on card that the Kaiyogwaga of Tukwaukwa knows it."

  rel= meguva



  pos= adj

  gl= loud#voice

  syn= kapinavyeka

  note= " most words of this composition ( c + adj ) do not appear as entries

          in this dictionary."



  pos= n1

  gl= thigh(outer)

  note= " see also next enrty"



  pos= n

  gl= thing#of#use/purpose



  pos= n

  gl= magic,#type#of

  note= special evil magic practiced against dancers and bystanders.

         makes the dancers legs numb."

  source= " Malinowski ( SLOS:358)."



  pos= n3

  gl= drill

  c= kai

  rel= kaigipwana

  rel= kaigigipwana

  rel= gigiu(syn)



  pos= n

  gl= voice,#generic

  note= " from the n1 kaiga."

  note= " probasbly related to the word gela."

  rel= kaiga

  rel= kapi



  pos= n3

  gl= whip

  md. " kai + gimsisi

        kai - instrumental prefix

        gimsisi - to whip,trash."

  note= " if it is raining in a really heavy wind people might say ' besa

          gala kuna, kaigimsisi.- this is not rain, but a whip."



  pos= adj

  gl= play,excessively

  rel= tuli



  pos= n

  gl = ?

  note=" occurs on the kaigigiu card as a relational term."



  pos= n

  gl= ?

  note= " occurs on the kaigigiu card as a relational term."



 pos= n1

 gl= first#bone#in#spine(at#base#of#neck)

 note= nb2:41 as neck- of butchered pig.

 rel= kaiyo<o.p.>



  pos= n3

  gl= burn

  md= " kai + gubu

        kai - instrumental prefix

        gubu - from gabu - to burn."

  note= " note on card ulo kaigubu or agu gwabu optional useage."



  pos= n

  gl= trail left by a person

  rel= bakwai(trail,footprints)

  note= nb4:89



  pos= n

  gl= thing saved for posterity

  rel= gulagula

  note= nb4:79

  note= may be in here in anoter form.



  pos= n

  gl= marker, channel marker

  rel= vitusi(to look for the markers)

  note= nb4:25



  pos= n

  gl= distribution#fitting#a#chief

  note= " the card has this as a verb with the gloss- an act of distribution

          fiting a chief."

  md= " kai + guyau

        kai - instumental prefix

        guyau - chief."



  pos= n2

  gl= cut,from#gweli

  xgl= " a cut made for medicinal bleeding, or the scars from such cuts."

  c= kai

  note= " note on card that this is also the instrument usaed for cutting that

          is made of memutu - black obsidian glass."

  md= " Kai + Gwela

        kai - instrumental postfix

        gwela- from gweli (the verb to bleed for medicinal purposes."

  rel= sumale(v3- to cut kaigweli)

  rel= gweli

  rel= memutu

  rel= gogova(to#bleed#as#result#of#gweli)



  pos= v

  gl= grow back, as a garden grows back to bush



  pos= v1

  gl= return

  gl= come#back

  pl.suff= si

  samp= lakaiitasi

  samp= " bakaiita igau kwaiyai - I will come back later in the afternoon."

* pos= n

  gl= end#of#something(like#point#of#land)

  rel= mekaiita(end#of#something)

  rel- kaiitama(come#back#here)

  rel= kaimali#(return#something)

  rel= vaiyumita(reverse)



  pos= v1

  see above...entry

  note= " card has..Fellows as boundry.  i kaiita it is bounded. maybe where

          kali ( fence) comes from kalitala?"

  note= ?

  note= "maybe it is the 3rd person possessive pronoun affixed to kaiita.

         this yields, 'its return', or the place where it stops extending.

         Thus, could well be boundary."



  pos= v

  gl= come#back#here

  rel= kaiita

  rel= kaiitamwa(return there)



  pos= v

  gl= return there

  rel= kaiita

  rel= kaiitama



  pos= n

  gl= platters

  gl= bowls

  note= plural form of kaboma

  note= see KABOMA

  note= occurs in Malinowski(SLOS:89) as kaykaboma



  pos= n3

  gl= lightning

  c= kwe

  rel= pilapala(thunder)




  pos= n

  gl= leaves for washing

  note= Malinowski(SLOS:449)



  pos= n

  gl= stick for digging, has many forked tip

  note= see kaibasi

  note= nb2:101



  pos= n

  gl= magic,#type#of

  gl=  magic performed over kwega(type of betel nut- similar to buwa but

         bitter in taste) to turn the foetus around in the womb

  note= " Malinowski had as' magic preformed over kwega ( special betel nut)

          to induce pregnancy."

  note= " maybe related to katuvili- to turn."



  pos= n1

  gl= leg

  c= kweya

  snd= keke

  pl.suff= si

  samp= " kaikegu sena babatila- my leg is numb."

  rel= kaikila(leg#generic)

  note= kaikela is also used as a n3 to describe the rear paddle of

        a masawa canoe - may be ametaphorical use.



  pos= n2

  gl= gardening term. where part of the crop goes to the owner of the

      garden. share-cropping.

  note= nb4:38



  pos= n

  gl= legs, rear legs of butchered animal

  note= nb2:41



  pos= n

  gl= wooden#paddle#for#pounding taro

  note=  wooden paddle of some weight that is used for pounding taro into

         mona, a subset of the class of kaitutu(pounders).

  rel= kaitutu(n. pounder, hammer)

  rel= kaitilawa#(pounding#surface)

  rel= tutu(v. to pound on)



  pos= n1

  gl= inheritance,type#of

  samp= kaikeyam- your inheritance

  note= "the thing given to someone by the person who moves away. the thing

        left to someone when a person dies."

  note= nb3:85

  rel= {la}kula

  rel= gubukeya

  rel= kaigula?



  pos= v1

  gl= be#anxious#about

  gl= disturbed

  pl.suff= sa

  snd= kaike

  samp= gala bukukwaikesa  valu- don't disturb the village(T20:34)



  pos= n

  gl= leg,generic

  rel= kaike(n1)

  syn= kaikela(poss.#dialectic#diff.)

  rel= kaikena



  pos= n3

  gl= medicinal#rubs

* pos= v2

  gl= to#rub#with#kaikisi

* pos= n3

  gl= rubbing#implement

  rel= kikisi(rubbing)

  note= " both of these n3 glosses appeared on cards."

  rel= kaituvi

  rel= kaibasi(as injection)



  pos= v3

  gl= consult

  snd= kaikive

  pl.suff= si

  samp= yegu bikaikivegusi, bala - they would consult me and I would go.

  note= " Fellows has as call people together."

  rel= saibutu(call#a#large#group#together)

* pos= n

  gl= intermediary(context#of#getting#a#sexual#partner)

  note= " Malinowski (SLOS:313)"

  rel= kabikaikivi

  rel= gugulasi



  pos= v1

  gl= sailing

  rel= kewa(to#sail)

  rel= Kaivakewa

  rel= pwalova



  pos= n2

  gl= earrings,of#kaloma

  xgl= " the kaloma ( red spondylis shell disks) that hang on the tortose

         shell earrings (paiya)."

  c= kai

  rel= paiya



  pos= n3

  gl= forked#stick#used#to#pick#mustard

  md= "kai + kosa

       kai - implemental prefix

       kosa - pick mustard."

  c= kai

  rel= kailuvakosa(with#a#knife#on#the#end)

  rel= kaikam(another typed for forked stick)

  rel= kosa(harvest mweya with a kaikosa)

  rel= mweya(mustard)



  pos= n

  gl= armshell,a#very#large#one

  rel= mwali(armshell)

  note= see MWALI for other related entries

  rel= mwalikau(really large mwali)



  pos= n

  gl= storage place for tauya (shell) in the area of the liku where the

      roof section joins the top.

  rel= liku

  rel= tauya



  pos= n1

  gl= shadow

  samp = "kaikwabugu- my shadow, kaikwabusi, shadow (theirs)."

  note= " also used now for photograph along with pikise(from English)"



  pos= v2

  gl= warm#self#by#the#fire

  gl= warm#self#in#the#sun

  rel= kwanunuva



 pos= n

 gl= shade#tree

 rel= katunagula

 c= kai



  pos= n

  gl= tree,type#of

  xgl= "a large tree. Salient property is that it casts good shade."

  c= kai

  rel= kai(tree,gen)



  pos= n

  gl= stick for throwing in a fight

  rel= kadikwakun

  rel= gimumta

  note= nb4:11



  pos= n

  gl= stone#to#set#cooking#pot#on#in#fire#(three#per#pot)

  c= kwe

  rel= ulilaguva(large stones at the base of a bwaima)



  pos= adj

  gl= middle#aged

  rel= tubovau



  pos= n

  gl= tongs made from a bent branch

  rel= kaisikwa



  pos= v3

  gl= to#tell#to#sleep#with#ones#wife

  snd= kailukwa

  pl.suff= si

  note= " in Malinowski(SLOS:487) as 'to swear'. This is a very insulting

          thing to say to someone. One of the worst.

  rel= kammtoki

  rel= kwava(wife)



  pos= n3

  gl= adze,type#of

  note=  a very large adze used for cutting out a dugoutcanoe.

  c= kavi(kaii)

  md= " kai + lali

        kai - instrumental prefix

        lali - to dig out a dugout canoe."

  rel= ligogu(adze)



  pos= n3

  gl= brush#of#coconut#husk

  note= " a coconut husk which is split to the texture of a brush- used to

         brush dirt from food parcels in earth oven(KumKumila)."

  note= " probably not this specific. more likely justbrushes and things

          used to brush generally."

  rel= kaitanei(broom)

  rel= kwesalu(coconut husk)



  pos= v2

  gl= adultery

  pl.suff= si

* pos= adj

  samp= " tokailasi - adulterer"



  pos= n3

  gl= handle,of#a#tool

  c= kai

  note= "this is becomming obsolete. replaced now by 'vala'."

  note= nb2:42



  pos= n

  gl= lizard, large

  note= may be a varient of karavasia



  pos= n3

  gl= weights#on#fishing#net

  c= kwe

  md= " kai +la + vatu

        kai- instrumental prefix

        la - go

        vatu- coral bolder."

  note= " literally like 'sinkers'."

  rel= kutiga(floats)



  pos= n2

  gl= name giving?

  note= nb4:9



  pos= v2

  gl= ?

  note= nb2:147



  pos= n1

  gl= adam's#apple

  c= kai

  note= " also have glossed as throat cord"



  pos= n

  gl= magical#stick

  xgl= "magical stick for use by towasi in garder. Looks like a normal

        walking stick."

  c= kai

  note= "malinowski (CGM 2:18) as magical wand."



  pos= n

  gl= moon, sliver of (new moon)- elicits katugogova

  note= see YAPILA for related terms

  rel= tubukona(moon)

  note= nb2:154



  pos= n2

  gl= net, hand#fishing

  c= kai

  c= tita(when#held as a pair each one is tita)

  rel= wota(large#net)

  rel= kuyuva(upper#arm#of#kaileta)

  rel= gei(lower#arm#of#kaileta)

  rel= uvala(span#between#the#arms)



  pos= n

  gl= ant,#small#black

  c= na

  rel= sebwaiiki(red ant)



  pos= n

  gl= branch#or#post#for#storage#of#coconuts

  c= kai

  note= " Malinowski has as 'well adorned, well trimmed."



  pos= n

  gl= spear like stick cut during takaiwa garden cleaing. used in wosi-

      tuma dance.

  note= nb4:28

  c= kai



  pos= adj

  gl= wasted

  rel= yomadi(v.waste)



  pos= v

  gl= pull#out

  note= " from lulu - to come off"



  pos= n

  gl= rainbow

  c= kai

  syn= lubakaidoga

  note= " doga is a curved pigs tusk."



  pos= n

  gl= shoulder#strap#onpersonal#basket(kauya)

  gl= shoulder#strap#on#string#of#armshells

  md= " kai + lu + pwesi

        kai - instrumental prefix

        lu - from lupi(to lift)

        pwesi - to put bag on the shoulder."



  pos= n1

  gl= nape#of#neck



  pos= n3

  gl= stick#used#to#harvest#fruit(knife#at#end)

  c= kai

  rel= kaikosa(forked#stick#used#to#pick#mustard)

  note= nb3:2



  pos= adj

  gl= follower,#last#in#line

  xgl= " would be the furthest boat out to sea if the reference was from


  note= "toluviyeki - last person."

  rel= kaipwaiyata

* pos= n

  gl= nexter



  pos= n

  gl= canoe, model canoe. not siutable for people. children used to train

      by building them.

  rel= waga



  pos= n

  gl= crab

  c= na

  note= " this is the large edible crab that is collected in the kukulawotu(land crab,edible)

  rel= lakum'm(crab,type of)



  pos= n

  gl= design element, back to back curves



  pos= v3

  gl= bring#back(indirect#obj.)

  gl= return(an#object)

  gl= recover

  snd= kaimale

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= kaiita(return#to,as#a#person)

  samp= 'E itota minana bunukwa bogwa ikaimalisa- (TT3B:s110)'

  samp= " bakaimalem - I will bring you back."

  note= " Fellows has tokaimila as returner"



  pos= v2

  gl= replace

  rel= kaimapula

  md= "kai + mapu

       kai- instrumental prefix

       mapu- payment(see mapu entry)."



  pos= n

  gl= replacement,thing#or#person#which#replaces#another

  note= " see also Malinowski(SLOS:112)- a subsitute wife on death of first


  rel= kaimapu

  rel= mapu

  note= " see mapu entry"



  pos= n3

  gl= gardens,#for#growing#food#to#be#stored

  rel= kaiumgwa(early#garden)

  note= nb4:53 says that this is synonymous with kaibaba.

  rel= kaibaba





  note= classifier as kumla.?



  pos= n2

  gl=  cooked food given to those who perform the mortuary

       services like crying, gravedigging, holding the body (kopwi)

  rel= yolova

  rel= lumi(genata kaula that is given for morturary services)

  rel= veymaiya(give food to the grave digger)

  samp= a bakalausa kaimelula (personal name) bogwa bikaliga -  we

        are takeing this kaimelu of (personal name) has already

        died.(TT3b:s166). note the possessive  construction here.



  pos= n

  gl= mortar and pestle

  note= carved from hardwood and used by toothless senior citizens to

        pre-soften betelnut,lime,mustard combination



  pos= v

  gl= bring#back#again

  rel= kaimali(bring#back)

  md= " kaimali + vau

        kaimali - bring#back(a#thing)

        vau - new or in this case anew."



  pos= n

  gl= treestump

  c= kai

  rel= mtu



  pos= n3

  gl= garden,#early(food#grown#for#immediate#consumption)

  rel= kaimata



  pos= v

  gl= sing,very#light#heartedly#in#joy

  rel= wosi(sing#in#general)

* pos= n

  gl= song

  c= maila

  rel= kalimwana(this was listed as a relation, but I can't tell why)



  pos= v1

  gl= preparation of the body for kula and love

* pos= n2

  gl= personal presence

  note= presence of a person is meant to over whelm the other party and

        make them agreeable.

  note= nb4:69



  pos= conj

  gl= exclusive#disjunction

  note= " implies an indeterminate bifurcation in exiting states."

  note= " used at ends of sentances as 'perhaps'."

  samp= " gala anukwali kaina bibwena kaina gala - I dont't know it will

          be better or not."



  pos= n

  gl= asswiper

  note= " notes 4:8"

  rel= poyewesi

  note= see also Malinowski(SLOS:446)



  pos= n

  gl= root(generic), or tree or plant

  c= ya

  c= ori

  note= " with la suffixed it becomes its root. i.e. kainawalila kai - the

          roots of a tree."

  rel= wotuna



  pos= n3

  gl= stirring#stick

  c= kai

  rel= kenevi(v. to stir)



  pos= n

  gl= prod,#polking#stick

  md= " kai + no +basi

        kai - instrumnental prefix

        no -  the classifier for blows(hits)

        basi - pierce."

  note= " see MALINOWSKI (SLOS:480)"



  pos= n

  gl= pandanus strip with wawega(feathers )for dancing

  rel= bisila

  rel= wawega



  pos= n

  gl= stick,one#end#is#burning#in#fire

  c= kai

  note= " find the word for firebrand and compare."

  note= " from notes 3:93"



  pos= v2

  gl= round#the#edge

* pos= adj

  gl= have#a#rounded#edge

  rel= katubutu(blunt)



  pos= n

  gl= glue

  gl= stickum

  md= "kai + paki

       kai - instrumental prefix

       paki - the verb to stick."

  rel= paki

  rel= yopaki(cling)

  rel= pikipaki(sticky - cont. form of paki)

  rel= peki(refuse)



  pos= v

  gl= hug

  gl= embrace

  gl= embrace#walking(arm#over#shoulder,around#waist,holding#hands)

  note= " may occur as kaipapi"

  note= " in Malinowski as ' holding hands, arms aroud each other. unmarried

          lovers or friends of same sex."

  rel= pepa

  rel= katupala

  note= in nb3:35 as v1 - be loyal.



  pos= adj

  gl= useless thing, thing that cannot fullfil the function for which

      it was intended.

  note= " on card : needle without an eye, drum without avoice."

  md= " kai + patu

        kai - instrumental prefix

        patu - closed tight,without opening."



  pos= v

  gl= tug lightly as a fish on a line ( a nibble)

  gl= pull lightly

  rel= pipisi(thrib)

  note= nb4:7



  pos= n

  gl= instument of pokala. the thing recieved as pokala

  rel= pokala



  pos= n3

  gl= just#deserts

  samp= " tolakaipota - one who gets what he deserves."

  rel= boma



  pos= n

  gl= waves and surf hitting the rocks- butula luma.

  rel= kaisaii

  rel= polu

  md= kai + polu

      kai - instumental prefix

      polu - foam, boil up.



  pos= v2

  gl= mix#up#ingredients

  pl.suff= sa

  pl.snd= nil

  cont= nil,or#else#already#in#this#form

  rel= kainevi(stir)



  pos= adj

  gl= sores#on#buttox

  note= " Malinowski (SLOS:404) as full of sores"

  note= "might be better filled under pwadau."



  pos= adj

  gl= ground, low cround where water accumulates- ground is cold

  md= kai + pwasa

      kai - instumental prefix

      pwasa - sore, rot.

  note= nb3:119



  pos= n2

  gl= elephantaisis#of#testicles

  rel= pwawa(to#swell,the#testicles)

  rel= bwawa(swelling#of#leg)

  note= " due to filaraisis"

  rel= puwa(n1-testicles)



  pos= ?

  note= "as a relation on kailuvi card."



  pos= n

  gl= shell#belt

  xgl= " shell belt when wide and with overlapping disks of kaloma. Veguwa"

  c= gili

  rel= {wa}kala



  pos= n

  gl= magic,type#of

  note= " one of the systems of love magic."

  c= maila

  rel= kwewaga

  source= " Malinowski ( SLOS:369)"

  rel= meguva



  pos= adj

  gl= fecund

  note= a prolific producer of fruit- as a tree (kai uwa senela)

  note= nb3:120



  pos= n

  gl= ocean#wave

  loc.prep= O

  c= kai



  pos= ?

  note= " as syn on kaiyeki(kaieki) card."




  pos= v2

  gl= split#kuvi#with the#shell#instrument#kaiiki

  pl.snd= kaisali

  pl.suff= si



  pos= n

  gl= people#who#watch#over#lead#dancer

  note= " they watch over the lead dancer in a dance. keep the spectators off."

  md= " kai + sigi

        kai - instrumental prefix

        sigi - to jerk on someone, pull violently."

  note= on taisigi card kaisigi occurs as a n1, shin, snd.kaisige.



  pos= n

  gl= magical herbal preparation to dislodge fishbone stuck in the throat

  rel= sopi

  md= ' kai + salili

        kai - instument

        salili - descend."



  pos= n

  gl= brush

  rel= katusisapi

  rel= sapi



  pos= n3

  gl= shreader used to shread banana leaves for doba.

  rel= sean(v.shread)

  note= nb4:68



  pos= n

  gl= decorated#boards(horizontal#ones)on#liku

  note= " they span the space between the curved decorated boards(kaivalapula)"

  rel= tatapa(see kaisikalu cd for drawing)

  rel= kaivalapula



  pos= n

  gl= tongs

  rel= kailakaivila(tongs made from a bent branch)




  pos= n

  gl= fish,type#of

  note= " kind of fish with a long flat tail. skin like oil and

  c= na



  pos= v

  gl= sitting

  md= "kai+sisu

       kai- instrumental prefix

       sisu - to sit, to be"



  pos= n3

  gl= drum

  c= kai

  syn= kupi

  rel= katunenia(smaller#drum)

  note= " appears also in Malinowski (Baloma S ofD:notes, no.39) as kasausa'u."

  note= " may appear as kaisosou."

  note= see photo Malinowski(SLOS:plate 59).



  pos= v2

  gl= string, of something (fish,flowers,insects)

  note= nb4:67 - kaisuya nasigwa - a string of edible insects.

  gl= joint lines between sections of a net(the line that holds them together)

  rel= suya

  md= " kai + suya

        kai -

        suya - to string on a string"



  pos= v2

  gl = to#have#sexual#intercourse

  cont= kakaita

  pl.suff= si

  rel= katudewa(fool#around)

  rel= keya

  note= " the word occurs in Malinowski as 'kayta'."



  pos= adj

  gl= desire sex to excess

  note= in nb4:44 also as - sex during mensus, results in pain in lower

        back and head.



  pos= v1

  gl= call#by#name

  note= " the bird Kawaku is named after the sound of its call 'kabwakukukuku,

          about the bird someone said 'titolela yagala bikaitagi.'"

  note= " related to 'tegila'- ear."



  pos= n3

  gl= carrying#pole

  c= kai

  note= " men commonly carry things on their shoulders with the kaitakewa.

          things being carried are tied to one or both ends of the pole."

  rel= keula(to#carry)

  rel= gabi(carry one the head-women)

* pos= v2

  gl= to#carry#on#shoulder



  pos= n1

  gl= collarbone

  note= see kaitakewa above - the carrying pole rests on the colorbone.



  pos= n3

  gl= shovel

  md= " kai + takopwa

        kai - instrumental prefix

        takopwa - verb to shovel."



  pos= v

  gl= sodomy

  rel= kaitauui(lesbianism)



  pos= v

  gl=  intercourse when the man has not given the woman any small

         gift that is expected, i.e. betel nut, tobacco etc.

  note= " informant's explantion - ' gala iseki buwa. Ikatulaki wila ila


  md= "kaita + makai

       kaita - sexual intercourse

       makai - to do something to no purpose."

  note= " may appear as kaitamakavi - these final v's (in final 'vi' sylable

          are often not pronounced."



  pos= n3

  gl= broom

  c= kai

  md= " kai + tanei

        kai - instrumental prefix

        tanei - verb to sweep."




  pos= n3

  gl= board#for#cutting#hem#of#skirt

  note= " might be more general than this, maybe just cutting board in


  md= " kai + tataii

        kai- instrumental prefix

        tataii - cont. form of teya - to cut."

  rel= kaidawaga(board#for#scrapeing#banana#leaves)

  note= see kaitateya(same word?)



  pos= n3

  gl= flashlight

  gl= light

  gl= candle

  gl= lamp

  c= kai

  md= " kai + tapa

        kai - instrumental prefix

        tapa - from tapi 'to light'."



  pos= n

  gl= cutting instrument used in skirt manufacture

  c= kavi(kaii)

  note= nb4:72

  note= tapoi is a verb - to break.



  pos= n

  gl= cutting#instrument

  c= kai

  md= " kai + tateya

        kai - instrumental prefix

        tateya - cont. form of teya- to cut."

  rel= kutou(knife)

* pos= n

  gl= tree#which#has#been#cut#upon#but#still#lives



  pos= n3

  gl= house part, side plate

  note= comes as kaitaula olakaiwa (upper) & kaitaula otanau (lower)



  pos= v

  gl= lesbianism

  rel= kaitakusi(sodomy)

  note= only known case of this is explained by the mis-use of kwewaga

        (love potion)



  pos= n

  gl= pounding#surface

  rel= kaitutu(pounder)

  rel= Kaikewa(pounder)



  pos= n

  gl= gift#of#fish#from#one#village#to#another

  syn= lavalakubudoga

  rel= vatogula(return gift)



  pos= n

  gl= tree,type#of(lives#in#mangrove#swamp)

  c= kai



  pos= adj

  gl= coconut with a large husk and a small nut



  pos= v

  gl= speak to know end

  note= bigimakava?

  note= nb4:56



  pos= adj

  gl= sexual, a man who is continually erect. stud.

  rel= totina



  pos= n

  gl= wood, type of. light like balsa wood.

  note= gave it this  name because its like sugarcane (tou'u)-crushable.

  note= nb4:69



  pos= adj

  gl= fat

  gl= healthy

  samp= " nakaitubwa bunukwa - fat pig"

  rel= posa(fat,noun)

* pos= v1

  gl= to#grow#fat

  md= " kai + tubwa

        kai -

        tubwa- to fill up."



  pos= n3

  gl= walking#stick

  gl= staff

  c= kai

  note= "stess on 'tu'."



  pos= n3

  gl= reserves

  gl= thing#held#back#for#future#propagation

  note= "thing not consummed, retained for seed or breeding like yams, seeds

        chickens, pigs etc."

  c= variable(depends#on#nature#of#thing)

  md= " kai + tula

        kai - instrumental prefix

        tula - cold."

  note= " means literally the cold thing."

  rel= pesi

  rel= kaikeya



  pos= n3

  gl= drum,small

  rel= kaisosau(large#drum)(KAISOSOU)

  c= kai

  rel= kupi



  pos= n

  gl= verticle studs of a building



  pos= n3

  gl= pounder

  gl= hammer

  c= kai

  rel= kaikewa(pounder,esp.#for#mono)

  rel= kaitilawa(pounding#surface)

  md= " kai + tutu

        kai - instrumental prefix

        tutu - to pound ."



  pos= n3

  gl= agent,#human#instrument

  gl= doer#of#chores

  gl= servant,#vassal

* pos= v1

  gl= to#do#as#agent#for#another

  pl.suff= si

  note= "TT3B2 1st line"



  pos= n

  gl= medications

  c= variable

  md= " kai + tuva

        kai - instrumental prefix

        tuva- from tuvi - to apply medication."

  rel= tuvi



  pos= n3

  gl= snake

  c= na

  note= people do not like snakes. women generally scream and

        run away. (none are poisonous). one woman told me

        that the reason she doesn't like them is that they smell

        like a ghost (maiina kosi).



  pos= n

  gl= tree,#with#fruit

  md= " kai + uwa

        kai - tree

        uwa- to bear fruit."



  pos= n

  gl= fruitfull#tree

  rel= kaweluwa

  rel= uwa

  note= " see above entry. poss. same word."



  pos= n

  gl= canoe (possible under construction). with high gunnels(budaka)

  rel= waga

  rel= budaka

  rel= ligataiya(with no budaka)

  note= see WAGA for related terms



  pos= v2

  gl= poison

  md= " kai + vakam

        kai - instrumental prefix

        vakam - to feed."

  note= "yaiyana vavagi - bitter thing."



  pos= n3

  gl= spear(with#steel#tip)

  c= kai

  rel= kaiyala(spear,n.)

  rel= vaka(to#haft)



  pos= v

  gl= sailing?

  note= " was as a relation on the kaikokewa card."

  md= " kai + vakewa

        kai - instrumental prefix

        vakewa - sailing."

  rel= kevakewa (maybe same word)

  rel= kewa



  pos= v2

  gl= love#magic(done#by#girl)

* pos= adj

  note= ?

  rel= kwaiwaga(by#boy)

  md= kai + va + kola

      kai - instrumental prefix

      va - feed

      kola - from koli to catch in a net, entangle.



  pos= n

  gl= grill placed over a fire

  rel= tavani( grill)

  note= nb3:120



  pos= n

  gl= race

  c= kwe

* pos= v

  gl= race

  pl.suff= si

  rel= valaku(race#boats)

  rel= kaiwolei(paddle#race)

  rel= uvalaku( race)

  rel= sevalaku



  pos= n

  gl= decorated#curved#boards#on#end#of#bwaima

  rel= kaisikalu

  rel= tatapa

  c= kai

  note= " drawing on kaisikalu card"

  note= also seen glossed as rafter

  rel= udawada(decorative painting on the kaivalapula)

  rel= valapula(to come up, ascend)



  pos= n3

  gl= shaver

  note= " people used to use memutu(obsidian)."

  md= "kai + valiu

       kai - instumental prefix

       valiu - to shave."



  pos= n2

  gl= mourning#relic(skirt(doba)#for#woman,personal basket(kauya)for#man)

  c= varies

  note= there is a word for the dance that is doenw hile holding a

         mourning relic.

  note= see photo Malinowski SLOS: plate 6




  gl= wasted

  note= when a new thing is ruined or lost it is said to be


  rel= yomadi(waste,verb)

  rel= kailugwala(wasted,gone to waste)

  rel= kaivilugwala(same)

  rel= kapwaiyata



  pos= v2

  gl= aquire#knowledge

  gl= learn

  rel= kavisaki(same#wd?)

  rel= sau(in the context - isau biga - pick up the langeage)



  pos= n3

  gl= wooden#dish#with#mono#in#it

  xgl= " flat wooden dish with mono (pounded taro) in t. The same dish without

         the mono is kaboma."

  c= kai

  rel= kaboma



  pos= n

  gl= poles up whick the yam vines coil

  note= used as a metaphore it means too be gardening for someone on

        a regular basis. producing a yearly yam garden for them.

  note= may occur as kaivatam



  pos= n2

  gl= tuberculosis

  c= kwe



  pos= n3

  gl= root

  c= ya

  c= ori

  md= " kai + vili + vali

        kai - instrumental prefix

        vili - to twist

        vali - to plant."



  pos= adj

  gl= wasted

  note= see KAIVALUGWA



  pos= n3

  gl= fan

  c= kai

  md= " kai + visi

        kai - instrumental prefix

        visi - to fan."

  note= " the kaivisi is usually woven from pandanus fiber- looks like a small

          mat with a handle."



  pos= v1

  gl= push in

  rel= suvi(enter)

  rel= bimali(pull out)



  pos= v2

  gl= give#instructions#on#location#of#something

  note= " may occur as kaiitusi with non voiced v."

  note= " possible but awkward as a v3- kavituse."

  md= kai + vitu + si

      kai - instrumental prefix

      vitu - instruct

      si -



  pos= n

  gl= marker

  gl= signpost

  syn= kabotuvatusi

  note= " see kaivitusi above."



  pos= n2

  gl= animal's#feeding#place(pig,chickens)

  c= kwe

  samp= kala kaiwaga bunukwa makwelana vigoda - that shell (they often

        use very large clam shells) is the feeding plae of the pig.



  pos= v

  gl= sing

  rel= usiwosi(wosi)

  rel= kaiwosi, kewosi

* pos= n

  gl= song

  rel= kaibwau(?)



  pos= n

  gl= exterior#corner#of#a#house



  pos= n

  gl= race,type of?

  note= was as a related term on the kaivalaku entry (race)

  rel= valaku



  pos= n2

  gl= dance

  rel= wosi(sing)

  rel= kewosi(verb#dance)



  pos= adj

  gl=  puckered look of lips with no teeth to back them up."

  gl= pinched#or#thin#lips

  note= " second  gloss is from Malinowski. Occured askaywoya wadola."



  pos= v1

  gl= converse

  gl= talk

  gl= chat

  pl.suff= si

  cont= kikaiyaku

  rel= bigatona

* pos= n

  gl= conversation

  gl= conference

  c= kwe

  note= " often used to mean a council (conference) bout the alocation of

          garden plots."



  pos= v

  gl= ?

  note= something to do with in-laws bringing a newly cut out canoe.

  note= nb3:37



  pos= n3

  gl= spear

  c= kai

  rel= bokaiyala

  loc.prep= O#or#Wa(optional)

  rel= kaivakau(spear#with#steel#tip)



  pos= n

  gl= high#noon

  loc= prep= O



  pos= n1

  gl= period#of#dancing#and#amusement#following#harvest

* pos= v1

  gl= danceing,amusement,and#other#activities#at#harvest#time

  note= "see Malinowski (   :213)"

  note= " see T19"



  pos= n

  gl= harvest competition

  note= this doesn't happen every year in every village. depends on the


  note= last place in a kaiyasa gets one piece of betel nut.

  note= see other kaiyasa entry also.



  pos= v

  gl= creep over to as a vine does

  rel= tetetila

  note= T21:522



  pos= n3

  gl= line#that#ties#floats#and#weights#to#fishing#net(wota)

  c= ya

  rel= uvalela(float&weight#spans)

  rel= uvakaiwa

  rel= uvatilawa



  pos= n

  gl= kinsmen

  gl= family

  note= nb4:26

  rel= bwabwala

  rel= boda

  rel= dala

  rel= veyo<o.p>



  pos= v1

  gl= yawn

  note= " Fellows has glossed as breathing."



  pos= v1

  gl= evaporate

  gl= blow out (of something)

  gl= blowing off steam

  note= " to evaporate, like if the magic seeps out of something that is


  note= also in the phrase kaiyawaii kubwawala - streaming otu of smoke as

        from an earth oven.  also a metaphore like blowing off steam from

        over work or excitement.


  pos= n

  gl= pearl#shell

  note= "entered in this dictionary as kaieki."

  note= traditionally used for peeling yams and taro also used in beauty




  pos= v2

  gl= hiss#at,#as#a#cat#or#snake#does

  gl= breath#on#something

  snd= kaiyokai

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= yuvi(blow)

  rel= yuvisi(blow#on)

  note= "in Fellows as kaiauki"



  pos= n1

  gl= neck

  snd= keya

  pl.suff= si

  samp= "keyasi - their necks, kaiyola- his neck, its neck."

  pl.snd= kaiya

  samp= "kaiyamesa- our necks"

  loc.prep= O



  pos= v

  gl= grab#up

  rel= yoli

  rel= lebu

  note= in nb4:74 kaiyoli as v3 - intimidate with a snd change kaiyole.



  pos= n3

  gl= airplane

  gl= weed#with#seeds#that#fly

  xgl= "literally flying thing."

  md= " kai + yoyowa

        kai - instrumental prefix

        yoyowa - cont. form of yowa- to fly."

  c= kai



  pos= v1

  gl= bathe

  gl= wash(persons)

  gl= swim

  cont= kikakaia

  note= "made transitiv  samp= 'kukwakaiya - you bathe'

  rel= vakakaia

  rel= wini(wash)

  rel= kaikaiya(swim)

  note= "may appear as kakaiya or kekaya."



  pos= v

  gl= fuck(obscene#word#for#sexual#intercourse)

  note= "continuous form of kaiya - to fuck"

  note= " slight pronunciation difference from kakaia- to bathe. the kai

          soundes longer in the word to bathe."

  rel= kaita

  note= may occur written as keya, kakeya.



  pos= v

  gl= joke

  rel= kovila

  note= nb5



  pos= n

  gl= magical#song

  gl=  magical diagnostic proceedure in which gibaiistingray barb) is

         charmed and thrust at a person without touching him. If it comes

         back bloody the person will live a long time, if it has puss on it

         the person will die soon."

  note= " also see Malinowski (SLOS:555)."

  rel= gibaii(stingray barb)



  pos= n3

  gl= finger#ring

  note= " our informant didn't know this word."

  note= " Fellows has kakarauga as finger#ring"



  pos= adj

  gl= touched

  gl= sadness

  gl= emotion

  gl= feelings

  rel= kapisi<o.p.>(n.prox.poss.-emotion)



  pos= adj

  gl= thin,of#flat#things

  ant= popou(thick)

  rel= kapatata(thin,of#round#things)

  note= " see notes 3:85"



  pos= v

  gl= butchering a pig

  note= this is possibly a cont. form.

  rel= yaloisi(cut into pieces)

  note= nb2:39



  pos= adj

  gl= right(hand)

  rel= kikiwama(left#hand)

  note= there is a word for ambidextrous

  gl= sharp(things,ideas,magic)

  ant= bwebutu(dull)

  note= pilakakata - right eye.

  rel= kata

* pos= v1

  gl= do#correctly#in#conmmtrast#to#kikiwama(do#wrongly#or#awkwardly)

  rel= yokakata(do in an upright manner)

* pos= v1

  gl= cont.form#of#kata. see KATA



  pos= adj

  gl= widow/widower

  c= required(to/na)

* pos= v

  gl= be#widowed

  rel= kwabuya(become#unmarried)



  pos= n

  gl= shallow water

  rel= memada

  rel= tilipupwakau

  note= nb4:39



  pos= n

  gl= small#seed#yams

  c= kwe

  rel= yagogu

  note= " Malinowski (cg ;153)"



  pos= n

  gl= edible#grub(found#in#rotting#logs)

  c= na

  text= "gala bakoma kada kakavaku (T5A:23-105- tapo,sia)"

  trans= " I will not eat our grubs."

  rel= sigwa



  pos= n1

  gl= putative#kinsman.#No#actual#link#traceable

  note= " occurs in Malinowski (SLOS:496) glossed as spurious kinsman."

  rel= veyo(n1-kinsman)

  snd= kakaveya



  pos= v3

  gl= shame someone in the are of self esteem

  gl= embarrass

  pl.suff= si

  pl.snd= kikaiyuwe

* pos= n2

  gl= shame from loss of self esteem

  gl= embarrassment

  rel= mwasila

* pos= adj

  gl= shamefull

  gl= embarrassing

  note= see also Malinowski(SLOS:19) as being laughed at or shamed

  note= nb4:67

  note= T26A:153 - kakayuwa sa ugly girl



  pos= v

  gl= collect kuduvi(clams)

  rel= yobam(catch crabs)

  rel= kakuiga(catch crayfish- kuiga)



  pos= v

  gl= catch crayfish (kuiga)

  rel= yobam

  rel= kakuduvi

  note= nb4:67



  pos= v3

  gl= follow#habitually

  snd= kakule

  pl.suff= si

  pl.snd= nil

  rel= bukuli

  rel= vakuli

  rel= yakuli



  pos= v1

  gl= fit, as a skirt(doba)i.e. enough skirt circumference to go around

      the waist.

  samp= ikakuliki doba

  rel= tapinatana(when it is not enough)

  rel= kabwaga(insuficient)



  pos= v1

  gl= explode

  gl= burst#forcefully

  note= "TT5a#"

  note= " also seen glossed as 'fire a gun'."

  note= " occurs in Malinowski (Baloma S of D:156) as loud sound."

  rel= kapulai(syn.)



  pos= v1

  gl= act#of#lousing#another#and#eating#the#lice

  md= " ka + kutu

        ka - verb formative

        kutu - lice/louse."

  note= " see also Malinowski (SLOS:335)."



  pos= v3

  gl= scare

  gl= make#afraid

  snd= kakuve

  note= " kidamwa tetala gwadi bisula. Inala biluki. Yagala ikakuvi.- If

          a child is about to do the wrong thing. His mother will tell him.

          this is called kakuvi."

  rel= vitokokoli



  pos= n3

  gl= deep#wooden#dish#for#bathing#mother#&#newborn

  c= kai

  note= " in Malinowsk as kaykwaywosi."

  rel= kaboma



  pos= poss.pronoun

  gl= his (transitionaly poss. i.e. goes with nouns of type 2)



  pos= c

  usedfor= days(in#counting)

  samp= kalatala yam asisu - I stay one day

  rel= yam



  pos= n

  gl= outside#at#the#rear#of#a#house

  loc.prep= O

  rel= tadewo



  pos= v1

  gl= rest#&#eat#on#a#trip

* pos= n2

  gl= the#eating#&#resting#on#a#trip

  rel= katupeula



  pos= n

  gl= payment#for#sorcerer

  note= ?

  dep= poor



  pos= v

  gl= report

  samp= kukwalai - you report

  rel= komtuli ( maybe kamtuli)

  note= nb4:66



  pos= v1

  gl= bend#over(a#person)

  pl.suff= si

  note= " in notes 3:4 as to duck down."

  samp= ' ikalakova isau - he bent over and picked it up (T20).'

  rel= koyali(bend#over,an#object)

  rel= kululu(look down)

  rel= koyalema(to#bend#down#to)



  pos= n

  gl= plant,#type#of(stings#like#nettles)

  note= " have heard this word used to describe the feel of a jellyfish

          sting ( a very good description too), but am unsure if it is also

          the name given to jellyfish."

* pos= n

  gl= fish,type#of(important#on#the#north#shore-labaii)

  note= " this fish is called toulam in Tukwaukwa."



  pos= adj

  gl= myself#alone(not#in#the#presence#of#others).Like#in#ones#house

  rel= ka(la)mwaleta(by#oneself#in#possible#presence#of#others)

  rel= titole<o.p.>



  pos= adj

  gl= by#oneself#alone(possible#presence#of#others)

  note= " a gu or le has to be the o.p."

  rel= agumwaguta(myself#alone)

  rel= titole<o.p.>



  pos= n

  gl= song#sung#by#widow#on#death#of#spouse

  note= " Malinowski (SLOS:265) has hoho!(exclaimation)"



  pos= n3

  gl= garden#gate

  gl= stile#in#fence

  note= "kalapisalela - its stile."

  rel= lulu(door#of#house)

  rel= kali(fence)



  pos= n3

  gl= sun

  syn= lilu(arch,)

  c= na

* pos= n

  gl = sunshine

  loc.prep= O

  rel= kaikwali(to warm oneself by sitting in the sun - or near a fire)

  rel= kali(be shinned on by the sun)






  pos= v

  gl= read(modern usage)

  gl= count

  cont= kikalawa

  cont= kakalawa

  rel= sonukula(count up, add up)

* pos= n

  gl= cycas#tree(tally#leaf)

  gl= fern plant

  c= ya

* pos= v

  gl= prepare#a#tally#leaf

  note= " the original meaning of this word was to count, or prepare the tally

          leaf for counting. Now it has also been taken to mean reading."

  note= " see Malinowski (CG v.2:144)."



  pos= n3

  gl= kula#partner

  c= to

  note= " notes3:43."



  pos= v1

  gl= be#angry

  rel= gibuluwa(v.angry)

  rel= leya(anger)

  md= "ka + leya

       ka - verb formative

       leya - anger."



  pos= v1(3)

  gl= shinned#on#by#the#sun

  gl= sunned

  gl= expose to sun

  note= perhaps this is expose to the sun,active rather that passive


  snd= kale

  samp= kalasia ikalegu - the sun shines on me.(nb2:72)

  cont= kikalawa

  samp= "bi kali moi - the mats will be sunned."

  rel= kalasia

  rel= kaikwali



  pos= n3

  gl= fence

  gl= garden#fence

  c= kwe

  c= litula(section#of)

  rel= pali(build a fence)

  rel= kalitutila

  rel= yokalikali(to#fence)

  rel= kalibala

  rel= gadoii

  rel= telema

  rel= kaligei

  rel= kalituli

  note= see photo Malinowski(CGv2:plate 39).






  pos= v

  gl= probing for target

  rel= kalipasala(search for a target in throwing)

  rel= kalikukola(diagnostic, testing but not finding

  note= nb3:117



  pos= n

  gl= fence,crossmenbers#of

  gl=  poles held between the upright stakes of a fenc (kali).

  note= found also is the prox.poss form kalibalela - its crosmemebers.nb3:117

  md= " kali + bala

        bala- from bilabala - horizontal."

  rel= gadoii(uprights)

  rel= telema(bottom#piece)

  rel= kali(fence)



  pos= v2

  gl= stabbing pain(?)

  rel= pipisi

  note= nb2:75



  pos= v

  gl= have#intercourse#during#mensturation



  pos= v1

  gl= fill#yam#house#entirely

  note= "notes3:95."



  pos= v

  gl= dance#at#night,type of

* pos= n

  gl= dance#at#night#



  pos= n

  gl= stick#to#lean#on#while#standing(also#used#in#dancing)

  rel= kailola



  pos= n

  gl= reason for being

  note= ?

  note= T25A:656



  pos= v1

  gl= die

  pl.suff= si

  pl.snd= nil

  cont= kikaliga



  pos= adj

  gl= barren

  c= req(na)

  note= " stress is on first sylb. occurs as nakaliga."



  pos= v1

  gl= unconscious

  gl= be#in#a#coma



  pos= v

  gl= die out

  gl= extinct, to become.

  note= may be same word as KALIYAKOSI

  note= t25B:150

  rel= wokosi(for a dals to die out)



  pos= n

  gl= boundry of a field

  note= see also GEI entry

  note= see also Malinowski (CGv2:8) as karigei.

  md= kali + gei

      kali - fence

      gei - separate. lit. fence setter apart.

  rel= kalituli

  rel= kali



  pos= v

  gl= make awkward

  rel= gegedu

  note= may occur as kaligigedu

  note= T25A:515



  pos= v1

  gl= grow#to#excess

  gl= be#completely#full#of#fish

  rel= kigesi

  rel= gwesi

  note= " may be a dialatet variation of gwesi."



  pos= v1

  gl= fall#apart

  gl= loose#structural#integrity

  samp= " kidamwa bi sulu kaula bi pwapwasa besa kaligeyaii - If the food

          is boiled untill its soft, this is kaligeyaii."

  note= " see also gei."



  pos= v2

  gl= infect

  note= "see gei."

  samp = '...ulisusina ikaligeiyaki kumwedona valu'(T21B:28)

  note= may occur as kaligiyaki.



  pos= v1

  gl= whistle,#like#a#tune

  rel= viguna(whistle#to#get#attention)

  note= " probably to whistle to no express purpose-i kaligwaviguna wala- he

          is just whistling."




  pos= n3

  gl= passage

  rel= keda(road)

  note= possibly related to kali (fence). i.e. fenced road.

  note= toyamata kalikeda - watched the way from the ow of a boat and

        instructs the helmsman.nb3:19.



  pos= adv

  gl= hurry

  gl= put forth effort

  rel= nanakwa

  rel= kosavali

  rel= yobali(dawdle)



  pos= v

  gl= diagnosis, testing but not finding.

  note= nb3:117



  pos= v1

  gl= not#fit#clothing(person#as#subject)

  samp= " akalipam- I don't fit it."

  rel= lapi(to#not#suit)

  rel= bwadi



  pos= n

  gl= shady#arbor#in#garden#for#yams

  c= kwe



  pos= v

  gl= rub#vigorously#in#makeing#a#fire

  note= " appears in Malinowski(SLOS:341): action resembles sex and thus

          appears in description of sex act."

  rel= mtu(small#wood#chips#for#lighting#fire)



  note= " Kiriwinian pronunciation of KALIMWANA."



  pos= adj

  gl= concieted

  gl= pretention

  gl= obnoxious

  syn= paremwana

  syn= dabuma

  pl.suff= si



  pos= v

  gl= searching for a target in throwing

  note= nb3:117



  pos= c

  usedfor= spots



  pos= n

  gl = measurement - from the fingertips across the chest to the

       opposite elbow

  loc.prep= O

  note= nb2:121



  pos= v2

  gl= burn, as a fire

  gl= light

  rel= vakaroti

  snd= kalipokai



  pos= n3

  gl= canoe,#large#fishing

  c= kai

  note= see WAGA for other related entries

  rel= livata

  rel= kewou

  rel= waga

  rel= masawa

  rel= poula(to#fish)

  note= occurs in Malinowski (ARGO) as kalipoulo

  note= see photo Malinowski(ARGO: plate XXIV)



  pos= v1

  gl= go#off#main#road

  gl= turn off a main road

  rel= kawavila(take a fork in the road)

  note= nb4:11



  pos= v2

  gl= deflower#a#girl(in context)

  gl = open up

  snd= kalipwale

  pl.suff= sa

  note= " in Malinowski (SLOS:426) as opens her."

  note= 'ikalipwagisa wadola minana kwau -they open up the mouth of the shark.'

  note= nb3:34

  rel= ulemwa

  rel = kapwagega



  pos= v

  gl= wound slightly

  gl = nick

  note= lit. to make only a light wound. to catch only a corner of, to

        nick. Also used as a metaphore for 'just beginning payment' .

  note= also seen as a noun - lakalipwela bogwa ikeula (personal name).

  note= T25B:204



  pos= v

  gl= insert

  note= as a nose bone into the septum or feathers into the hair.

  samp= kala dagula ikalisa.






  pos= v2

  gl= push#forward

  rel= kaliyomali(push#back)

  rel= biu(push/pull)

  rel= kalisesila

  rel= kalisau(exceed)



  pos= v3

  gl= exceed

  gl= pass#by

  gl= overtake

  pl.suff= sa

  snd= kalisawe

  rel= sikwawe(as#spatial#metaphor)

  samp = " ikalisawegu - it exceeds me."

  samp= 'ikalisau la tuta tetala bima-    (nb4:14).'

  samp= ikalisawesa ninasi - it exceeds their minds."



  pos= v

  gl= push

  note= " occurs as a related terms on the kalisali car but is undefined




  pos= v

  gl= celebrate the end of communal work effort

  note= nb4:103

* pos= n

  gl = celebration of end of communal work.



  pos= v3

  gl= impregnate

  snd= kalisusume

  rel= suma(pregnant)

  rel= uni

  samp= " inala vivila bikatupoi 'avela ikalisusumem?' - a girls mother

          will ask ' who got you pregnant."



  pos= v1

  gl= turn#line#of#sight

  gl= turn#on#a#path

  gl= turn around

  note= also used as a metaphor to change the mind. 'lagela ikalitavila

        matona... decide now that he wanted the garden' in the extended

        metaphor of the 'keda' for a garden.T26A:109.

  rel= mitibilibili

  rel= kalipoula(turn off the main road)

  rel= kawavila (take a fork in the road)

  rel= vili

  rel= taiina



  pos= v2

  gl= scrape away

  rel= talisi

  rel= kwali



  pos= v1

  gl= rear#up

  gl= for#a#apear#to#ricochet#up#off#the#ground

  note= " Occurs in Fellows as kilitobu yeyuna - rear up on its tail."



  pos= n

  gl= magic that enables one to dodge spears?

  note= 'pela kalitovagi gala biweyesa

  note= kakati(adj.proficient at dodging spears)

  note= bn3:100



  pos= v1

  gl= mark#out#space#between#garden#plots

  gl= divide#area#into#sections

  rel= ilaitula

  note= " on T26AC2- kalitutila occurs."

  rel= kaligei(field boundry)

  note= kalituli may mark the unused area. the inside from the outside

        of the garden.

  rel= kalitum



  pos= n

  gl= partition#in#house

  rel= tula(divider/partition)

  rel= kali(garden#fence)

  note= " occurs on tape(  ) 'Oyveyova kalitumla(3rd prox.) makala- the

          Oyveyova fence is part of the parden. or ' itis up against the

          Oyveyova fence'."



  pos= n2

  gl= boundry

  samp= 'itateya bogwa lewokuva kala kalitutila wala, ikanupulasi.

         (t26A:191) as his inheritance, his bequest'.

  rel= kalitum

  rel= kali

  rel= tula(divider,partitions)

  rel= kalituli

  rel= kaligei



  pos= v

  gl= divide up a bwaima into sections

  note= looks like same word as KALITULI



  pos= n

  gl= base#of#fence

  md= " kali + uula

        kali - fence

        uula - base."



  pos= n

  gl= insect,small#biting#one

  c= na

  note= " they cause swelling and the bite is worse than a mosquito. They

          fall out of the roof when it rains. might be termites."

  note= nb3:3



  pos= v2

  gl= move#rapidly#up#and#down

  rel= gogeuna(shake, as the head)



  pos= v3

  gl= strike at without hitting (as a snake, or a threat with a spear)

  snd= kaliwose

  rel= weya

  note= nb4:26



  pos= n

  gl= portent

  samp= " kalliyala - its portent. If the rainmaker dies and on that day it


  note= " stress on ka."



  pos= v

  gl= go, like the slang 'to blow'

  samp= ikatubaiyasi lewokuva ikaliyagilasi ipoulasi - when they are

        done getting ready they will go out fishing.

  note= nb3:96

  rel= yagila(wind)



  pos= v2

  gl= build(structures- houses, food storage buildings)

  plsuff= kaliye(opt)

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= kowagi(build canoes)

  rel= mwaluluva(build,gen.)

  rel= yowaga



  pos= v

  gl= step and slide. searching

  note= nb3:117



  pos= v

  gl= die out (as a group)

  rel= wokosi

  note= T25A:656



  pos= v2

  gl= persist

  gl= without#letup

  note=  has a negative connotation- to persist, not let up. Like day after

         day of rain or continual begging.

  note= " tokaliyeya - a persister."

  rel= valutu (to continue, not negative connotation)



  pos= v2

  gl= push,back

  rel= kalisali(push#forward)

  rel= kalisesila

  rel= biu



  pos= v2

  gl= break by pressure

  samp= bogwa lakaliyuwali pencil(the point of it)

  note= nb4:58



  pos= n1

  gl = partner

  samp = " kalogu - my partner, kalola - his partner."

  snd= nil

  rel= so<o.p.>

  rel= kaletau(kula partner)

  rel= kidodina(wasi partner)



  pos= v1

  gl= come#out

  gl= be#born

  rel= vilobusi

  rel= kalabusi

  rel= sunapula

  note= " also gets glossed as arrive, appear."



  pos= c

  usedfor= pairs#of#two#armshells

  note= " makololala ( not a na ending)."

  note= "see kalo."



  pos= adj

  gl= full,a#vessel

  rel= kasewa(full#to#overflowing)

  rel= kauwadona(full#nearly#to#brim)

  rel= kasibuna(near#empty)



  pos= n3

  gl= shell#used#in#makeing#beads(also#the#bead)

  note= " red, made from the spondyliss shell."

  c= kwe(individually)

  c= gili(in#rows)

  note= see Malinowski(ARGO: plates LI & LII) for photo of manufacture

        of kaloma.  Also (ARGO: plates L(a) & L(b).


  pos= v1

  gl= suceed

* pos= n3

  gl= success

  rel= nanota(come back empty handed)



  pos= n3

  gl= time,position#of#sun

  samp= " ave kalu lokuma - what time did you come."

  samp = "avaka mikalu lokumesa - ."

* pos= n2

  gl= time#for#something

  samp = "avaka kala kalu bima - what time will it com?"



  pos= v3

  gl= make#friends#with

  snd= kalubeli

  pl.suff= si

  rel= lubela(friend,his)

  note= " used euphamisticlyy as to be as lovers."

  md= Ka + lubela

      ka - verb formative

      lubela - from luge<o.p.> - friend.



  pos= n

  gl= fifth day after the full moon

  note= see YAPILA for related entries

  note= nb4:90



  pos= n

  gl= horizontal supports for thatch of roof.

  note= nb1:14



  pos= n1

  gl= gall#bladder

  snd= kalule

  c= kwe

  note= " next to the liver."



  pos= v1

  gl= tree#rots#inside#while#still#standing

  pl.suff= si

  rel= lulumwena(rots#begins#below#and#goes#up)

  rel= lulubusi(rot#begins#above#and#goes#down)

  note= " notes v3:2"



  see kalulusewa



  pos= v1

  gl= so#full#of#anger#that#you#can't#think

  note= "also occurs as kaluluseula."

  rel= kalulupwina

  rel= kasewa(be#full)

  rel= sewa



  pos= v

  gl= ?

  note= "occurs as a related term on the kalulusewa card."



  pos= v1

  gl= put#something#interlineally

  note= " if you had two logs or stripes and you wanted to put one

          in between going in the same direction( parallel)- i kalumwali

          tuvela - put in another."






  pos= v1

  gl= burn#high(a#fire)

  note= " from vakalu leusa?"

  rel= kayai(?)

  rel= kova(fire)



  pos= v1

  gl= boast

  gl= assert#ones#superiority

  rel= paremwana



  pos= n

  gl= hybiscus

  c= kai(trhe#plant)

  c= ya(flower)

  note= nb2:147



  pos= v

  gl= criticize

  gl= deny status, call down

  note= T25B:119






  pos= v2

  gl= eat

  cont= kamkwam

  pl.suff= si

  rel= koma(usually#for#past#tence-ate)

  samp= " lakakamwamsi - we are eating; lakakomasi- we have eaten."

  rel= vakoma(feed)



  pos= posessive#pronoun(2nd#person#transitional)

  gl= yours(consumable)

  note= see Grammar



  pos= v1

  gl= tired#of#being#asked#for#something

  rel= simagwesi(stayed#long#engough)

  rel= gwegwesi(aversion#that#comes#of#excess)

  note= tired of eating?



  pos= adj

  gl= supportive

* pos= v

  gl= support#an#argument

  note= " see T19A2:75 for verb use."

  note= kamiyabi



  pos= v2

  gl= cause#pain

  md= " ka + maiyuyu

        ka - verb formative

        maiyuyu - pain."

  note= " example of this: squeezing a sore."



  pos= v

  gl= hear

  note= ?

  note= " occurs on T19A 'E,Motabasi lagela kamalagi besa ka.... besa


  rel= lagi



  pos= v1

  gl= wish#time#to#go#quickly

  gl= set a deadline

  gl= make time short

  note= nb4:77



  pos= v

  gl= kill, as when biting the head of a fish

  rel= kimati

  rel= katumati



  pos= v2

  gl= build

  note= "known that this is not true Kiriwinian, but it is comming into use

         Maybe English by way of Pidgin. One informant thought it was Dobuan."

  rel= mwaluluva(true#kiriwinain#for#build)



  pos= v

  gl= consume unripe friut (part of mortuary observance)

* pos= v

  gl= intercourse of children (pogeguda)

* pos= v

  gl= garden, slow in ripening. people eat from it before it is ready






  pos= adj

  gl= nice#looking

  gl= beautiful

  gl= lovely

  gl= handsom

  note= " in this form ka seems to be a frozen form of kai or kwe."

  rel= yaminabweta

  rel= naminabweta

  rel= tominabweta

  ant= migaga/minagaga

  note= see#minabweta



  pos= v

  gl= bite#eyelashes(sexual)

  source= " Malinowski (SLOS:342)."

  note= " only done in Kiriwina now because of church influence."

  note= " see mitakuku."



  pos= v3

  gl= Lecture#someone#on#their#mistake

  snd= kamitilakai

  rel= katumitilaki

  rel= luki(tell)



  pos= n

  gl= thorns



  pos= v3

  gl= obey

  snd= kamiyabe

  pl.suff= si

  rel= kwedaguma(entourage)

  rel= kamaiyaba(same word?)

  rel= kaipapa

  rel= kwedaguma



  pos= v1

  gl= speak#with#mastry#of#language



  pos= v

  gl= eating

  pl.suff= si

  note= " cont. form of kam. See kam."

  samp= "sena bwean kamkwam - this is good eating. Besa tuta akumkwam -

         right now I am eating."

  note= " sometimes sounds like kumkwam."

  rel= kamkwani(taste)



  pos= v2

  gl= taste

  rel= kam(eat)

  rel= mumkwani(taste, drinking)

  rel= kamwenala(n. its taste)

  note= man also occur as komkwani



  pos= v

  gl= promounce

  dep= poor



  pos= v1

  gl= eat#greedily

  md= " kam + libulebu

        kam - eat

        libubebu - cont. form of lebu. grab up greedily."



  pos= v1

  gl= boast

  gl= brag

  rel= paremwana

  rel= tumwana

  rel= kalimwana

  rel= dabuma

  note= kamnimwani (nb4:82) as praise highly



  pos= n2

  gl= proof, evidence of truth

  note= kala kamokwita (its proof)

  rel= mokwita(truely)



  pos= n

  gl= singing,type#of#kaiyasa(women#only#communal#singing)

  source= "malinowski ?"



  pos = v3

  gl= swear

  snd= kai

  samp= " ikamtokaigu - he swore at me."

  rel= mtoki(T2c1)poss#contraction

  rel= kailuki

  source= " Malinowski (SLOS:487)."

  rel = biga matuwa



  pos= n

  gl = stump, of a tree or shrubs

  note= whats#left#after#cutting#trees#or#bushes(stumps)

  note= " explained as uula besisu - the bases stay."

  note= " Fellows has glossed as shrubs."



  pos= n2

  gl= garden produce, yams.

  note= Fellows glosses as:feast,after#evil#is#averted

  note= T25A:277'Bitai,bivagi,agu kamtulai.'



  pos= v2/3

  gl= report

  cont= nil

  pl.snd= nil

  snd= kamtule

  note= " see T19Ap8"



  pos= n

  gl= wood that is aged

  note= in nb2:120 as hard mangrove wood used for vatutuwa.

  rel= bwaboula(new, young wood. green timber)



  pos= adj

  gl= orange

  source =Twomey

  dep= poor



  pos= v

  gl= desire to eat all the time

  gl = appitite

  md= kam + mwanana

      kam - eat

      mwanana - excessive, applies to food and sex.

  note= nb5



  pos= n3

  gl= sound#of#people#talking

  rel= mwagega(sound#in#general)

  rel= butula(characteristic#sound...also#renoun)

  note= " Fellows has also komwata, yomwata and lomwata."



  pos= v

  gl= come#ashore

  gl= come#up#beach#from#the#water

  gl = debark(from a boat)

  pl.suff= si

  samp ='ikamwenaguva - she came ashore (T23A:66)'

  note= "also occurs in Malinowski (SLOS:553)."

  rel= dolaguva



  pos= n3

  gl= taste(its)

  gl= edibleness

  rel= kamkwani

  rel= komkwani

  rel= mumkwani



  pos= v1

  gl= eat serving your self ( as when children take food from the kulia

      with out the consent of the parents). with out serving it up

      on a plate (or leaf)

  rel= kam

  rel= yaii

  note= nb3:121



  pos= v

  gl= increse#the#number

  source= Fellows

  dep= unknown



  pos= n3

  gl= sand

  gl= beach

  gl= sandy#soil

  rel= siguneguna(gravel)



  pos= v

  gl= desist

  text= " pela bilivala tetala iwokva ikanagi. tetala bilivali, i wokva,e ..


  trans= "because one person is finished talking. there is a space between

          the speakers and another person talks."



  pos= v

  gl= become#stupid(deaf,crazy,etc.)

  md= "ka + nagowa

       ka - verb formative

       nagowa - deaf, dub, stupid etc."



  pos= n1

  gl= skin(human&vegitable)

  xgl= " skin of people or plants. husks, eggshells etc."

  snd= kanaiine

  samp= kanainegu - my skin.

  note= " in Malinowski (CGv2:94 as kanawina-skin of friut. ALSO in (CGv2:

          78) as kaynavari."



  pos= v

  gl= sleep#on#stomach

  md= "kana + ki + lopola

       kana - lie

       ki -

       lopola - belly(his)."



  pos= v

  gl= increase#by#a#few#only

  source= Fellows

  dep = unknown

  rel= makava(to#no#purpose)



  pos= v

  gl= catch#in#the#hands

  source= Fellows

  dep= unknown

  note= "kavataria dialect."



  pos= v1

  gl= lie#aside

  md= " kana + mwa

        kana - from kenu, to lie

        mwa - go aside."

  note= " Fellows has kanawa - lie down thither & kanama - lie down hither."



  pos= adj

  gl= sharp

  source= Fellows

  rel= kakata



  pos= v2

  gl= roll#over#to

  rel= sipela

  rel= tapela

  rel= topela

  rel= luwapela

  note= " means literally go over to lying."

  md= " kana + pela

        kana - from kenu(lying)

        pela - to go over/across to."



  pos= v

  gl= rolling#around#from#place#to#place

  note= "poss. cont. form of kanapela."

  rel= sipepela(can't stay still, moves around alot.)



  pos= n1

  gl= pet

  syn= wanela

  samp = " kaneda kikoni - our pet rat."

  note= " proximal possesive form like body parts and kin terms."



  pos= v

  gl= hanging#from#a#line#or#branch

  note= " hanging from a branch or line like clothing drying on a line. Also

          informant demonstrated by hanging with both hands from the rafter of

          her house."

  note= " Fellows glosses has loosly hanging."

  rel= lasoiya

  rel= sagi

  rel= kwekukwa

  rel= kasinekukwa



  pos= v3

  gl= sleep#with

  snd= kanaiye

  rel= kenu(lie down)

  rel= masisi(sleep)



  pos= v1

  gl= lie#supine#badly

  gl= uncomfortable lying down

  md= " kani + gaga

        kani - from kenu ( to lie)

        gaga - bad."



  pos= n3

  gl= scraper

  note= " scraper used for getting coconut out of shell ( shreads it). used

         to be made of shell, but now made of metal. toothed edge."

  c= kai



  pos= n

  gl= pandanus#tree

  note= ?

  rel= vadila



  pos= n

  gl= cats#cradle(sting#game)

* pos= v

  gl= make#a#cats#cradle

  rel= ninikula(string game)

  note= in Malinowski(SLOS) there are drawings of erotic ones.



  pos= v

  gl= sleep#alone

  note= ?



  pos= n

  gl= side

  note= ?



  pos= n1

  gl= foreskin

  rel= kwi<o.p.>(penis)



  pos= v

  gl= block#by#lying#across

  note= " same as kanubwadi."



  pos= v2

  gl= block#by#lying#across

  samp= " kai ikanubwadi keda - the tree is blocking the road."

  rel= labudaki(block#a#path)

  rel= sibwadi(block#sitting)

  rel= tobwadi(block#standing)

  md= " kanu + bwadi

        kanu - lie

        bwadi - closed."



  pos= v

  gl= lie beside someone

  rel= todeli

  rel= sideli

  rel= deli



  pos= v

  gl= lying down

  note= this is the cont. form of KENU see also kenu.



  pos= v2

  gl= suck a bit for taste(as with the friut of the vadilla(pandanus).

  note= nb4:21



  pos= v

  gl= catch out of mid-air - as a spear

  gl= catch a falling object

  rel= kiposau(drop)

  note= nb4:75



  pos= v

  gl= cover#up(oneself)

  xgl= " to cover the head and body with a mat or blanet. To cover up

         with anything (cloths etc.) like if you are cold."

  snd= kanunuve(?)

  rel= vakanunuvi(cover#up#another)

* pos= n2

  gl= coverings



  pos= v

  gl= sleeping in place after place. having no house of ones own.

  rel= pepela(jumP0

  note= T26A:201

  note= see aslo kanapepela. may be same word.



  pos= v

  gl= die in the midst of gardening. not to finish the harvest.

  text= " Itateya bogwa lewokuva kali kalitutila wala, ikanupulasi matona

           towaiya Modilaveyeka.(T26:191)."

  pl.suff= si



  pos= v

  gl= lie#with#legs#apart

  md= " kanu + pwagega

        kanu - lie

        pwagega - open."

  note= "Malinowski (SLOS:337)."

  note= see also gei



  pos= v3

  gl= lay against the chest

  samp= ' ikanuwetakogu - laid back against my chest.'



  pos= v1

  gl= lie#in#peace

  gl= lying awake at night

  samp= 'matagu itota wala makala akanuvakota akanuvakota(nb3:6)'

  md= " kanu + Vakota

         kanu - lie

         vakota - peace."

  note= " notes3:6."

  rel= kilisala



  pos= v2

  gl= lick

  note= " Kanuwasi occurs in Malinowski (SLOS:405) as to lap up."



  pos= v1

  gl= stand while leaning on something

  note= may apply to sitting against something too.

  note= see also: Kanuwetako - maybe same word.

  note= nb4:87

  rel= karivanana



  pos= v2

  gl= break#in#the#middle

  source= Fellows

  dep= unknown

  note= may be KOLAI?



  pos= v

  gl= falsehood

  source= Fellows as kapai biga - a lying report."

  rel= udawada

  rel= spoa



  pos= adj

  gl= flat nosed

  rel= napai

  note= classifier to/na

  note= nb4:65



  note= ?



  pos= n3

  gl= spider,type#of

  note=  large black bush spider approx.5-6 inches long.spins a web

         that is many feet on a side. nagidageda."

  c= na



  pos= v

  gl= abet someone in speech

  gl= back someone up(in speech)

  note= T20Bpg.5 - in the particular case observed - to distort facts to

        the advantage of one party or another.



  see kaipapi



  pos= adj

  gl= sparce

  gl= thin(of#fruit)

  rel= kakaraiya(thin)



  pos= adj

  gl= flat

  note= thin, as a timber



  pos= v2

  gl= closed#mouth(not#speak)

  md= "ka + patu

       ka- verb formative

       patu - tight/closed."

  samp = " kukwapatu - shut your mouth."

  rel= patu



  pos= v

  gl= slip#in#striking

  source= Fellows



  pos= v

  gl= silence

  rel= katukuboni

  source = Twomey

  dep= poor




  gl= ?

  note= " In Fellows as:indifferent, disobediant,unsympathetic &careless."

  note= ?



  pos= n2

  gl= headband



  pos= v2

  gl= speak#softly

  gl= soft#sound#in#general

  gl= not#loud

  ant= kapinaveyeka

  note= " have used it heard to describe soft pounding."

  md= " kapi + kekita

        kapi - voice things (c.f. kapinaveyka)

        kekita - small."



  pos= v3

  gl= infect as with sickness

  snd= kapilakai

  pl.suff= sa

  pl.snd= nil

  note= iseki katoula. nb2:142



  pos= v2

  gl= speak#loudly

  gl= loud#sound#in#general

  pl.suff= sa

  ant= kapikekita

  note= " have heard used to describe hard pounding."

  samp= " gala lalagi kukwapinaveyka - I didn't hear you, speak louder."

  rel= veyka(large, big)



  pos= v3

  gl= bite#his#lips

  source = Fellows

  dep= unknown



  pos= v2

  gl= tug#repeatedly

  rel= pipisi(throb)

  note= "notes4:7"

  note= " used to describe a fishing line with a nibble."



  pos= v3

  gl= sadden

  gl= emotion

  gl= sad

  snd= kapise

  note= subjective response or reaction

  samp= "sena kapisegu - I am very sad."

  samp= " kapisila."

  syn= kakapisi

  rel= nokapisi(pity)

  note= " the pipisi part seems to be indicative of pounding or throbbing.

          nopipisi-to knock on,pipisi- to throb, kapipisi- to tug on."



  pos= v

  gl= nausea(disgust)

  gl= revolted, to feel revulsion

  source= " Fellows entered as: Kapiokwapa lula"



  pos= adj

  gl= contained

  gl= bounded on all sides

  note= Fellows glosses as:full, one compartment

  note= also nb3:119 ' kapituki Opwaipwaiya - doesn't grow. doesn't lift

        the ground. with reference to yams.



  pos= v2

  gl= cut#off,leg#neck#arms#etc

  gl= lop#opp

  gl= amputate



  pos= n

  gl= wasp

  c= na



  pos= v

  gl= silent(of#voice)

  rel= katukuboni

  rel= kapatu



  pos= v

  gl= swing,as#from#a#vine

  rel= yowa(fly)

  rel= waiyeda(push#swing)see#weya

  rel= kasiyayoga(swing,the#noun)



  pos= v

  gl= refuse#to#stay

  gl= cause#disgust

  source= Fellows

  note= maybe kapeki?

  rel= peki(refuse)



  pos= adj

  gl= young#woman

  rel= (na)kubukwabula

  source= Fellows

  rel= kapugapugula

  note= " Twomey has kapugula as a verb"

  note= same as kapugula



  pos= c

  usedfor= small#piece#bitten#off

  note= "appeared in Fellows as kapi- - bite a little off and as kapoitala -

         bite one little piece off."

  note= " note on card: lipoli?:one bite."

  note= may be kapo.



  pos= v

  gl= threaten

  rel= vitukokoli(scare)



  pos= v

  gl= sweat

  cont= kapokwapula(?)

  note= " i polu wowola - sweating freely."

  note= " maybe the noun also."



  pos= v

  gl= lie about haveing slept with someone

  rel= tilewaii(a band tied on the arm of someone who has committed kaponai).

  note= may occur as kaponie



  pos= v

  gl= fatten

  samp= "bunukwa ikam siwaii(beak of Squid) bikaposa - the pig eats siwaii and

         will fatten."

  md= " ka + posa

        ka - verb formative

        posa - fat."



  pos= n1

  gl= back,between#shoulder#blades

  rel= kuvili(lower#back)

  rel= kuvalila

  c= kabila



  pos= n

  gl= young#woman

  gl= girl

  note= "malinowski (SLOS:265)

  rel= kapugulasame word)



  pos= v2

  gl= burst#open

  rel= ulai

  rel= ulemwa

  md= " kapu + lai

        kapu - poss. from kapwa(package)

        lai - throw."

  rel= kakupwana



  pos= n3

  gl= uncut#forest

  c= kwe

  rel= odila

  rel= raibwaga



  pos= v2

  gl= fall#down(solid#objects#and#people)

  rel= vakapusi(cause#to#fall)

  md= " ka + pusi

        ka - verb formative

        pusi - poss. from busi(decend)."



  pos= n1

  gl= heart

  snd= kapuwe

  pl.suff= si

  samp= "kapuwala bunukwa- pigs heart. kapuwegu - my heart."



  pos= n

  gl= coconut, small and immature

  rel= luya

  note= malinowski(CGv1:307)



  pos= c

  usedfor= packets,packages,wrapped#things

  note= verb#generated(kapwala)

  note= " now also used for packaged things that come from the trade store

          like a box of tea. Traditionally used to describe things wrapped

          up in a leaf like lime (pwaka)."

  samp = " kapwatala- one package, makapwana - that package, kapwaveyeka -

           big package."



  pos= adj

  gl= wasted

  rel= kailugivala

  rel= kaivilugwala

  note= pwaiyata (weak of essence)



  pos= v2

  gl= wrap#up

  gl= bundle#up

  gl= package

  snd= kapwali

  snd= kapwale

  cont= kapwakawala

  note= also done to corpses (nb2:107)

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= kapwa



  pos= v1

  gl= open#the#mouth

  rel= ulemwa

  note= "not sure if this refers just to mouths."

  note= " the ge or gei may refer to the spreading."

  rel= kayawasi(yawn)

  rel= kipwagegi(v2- open a mouth)



  pos= n2

  gl= foot#sores

  source = Fellows

  rel= pwasa



  pos= v1

  gl= mispronounce

  gl= err#in#speech

  source = Twomey

  note= "occurs in Twomey as both kapuasau & kapwasau."

  note= "Dep of Twomey is poor."



  pos= n3

  gl= parrott(large#blue#&#green#one)

  c= na

  note= kuduna karaga - wire cutters,dykes. - teeth of the parrott.



  pos= n3

  gl= iguana

  gl= lizard,#giant(iguana)

  note= " often lives in the tops of coconut trees around the village and

          eats baby chickens. 3 to 4 ft in length. They use the skins for

          drum heads."

  c= na

  note= "appears in Malinowski as kayiavasi."

  note= may occur as kailavasi



  pos= v

  gl= ?

  note= found with the words:kwesesepina(personality attribute - frivilous)

        and nagowa (brainless). nb3:105



  pos= n

  gl= sugar cane (old speech)

  rel= tou

  rel= totetila



  pos= n3

  gl= responsibility

  gl= decision

  gl= will

  gl= authority

  gl= law

  gl= instruction

  gl= right

  gl= control

  samp= "ki, M karewaga makala? - are your instructions really like this?"


  c= kwe

* pos= v2

  gl= set#down#the#law,rules#etc.

  gl= decide

  samp= '...bogwa gola kukarewaga - already of course you decided.'

  rel= kasali

* pos= v3

  gl= controll#someone#else

  snd= karewage

  samp= 'no outsider will karewagemasi gweguya Kilivila.'

  samp = "karewagegu - it controlls me."

  samp= 'gala bikarewagegu besa makwesina baleku - he won't control me

          with respect to these gardens.(T26A:c2)'



  pos= n

  gl= gift, closing up gift given by a chief to the wrkers who built

      a canoe. Maybe specific to vakuta.

  note= Malinowski(ARGO:163)



  pos= n

  gl= gifts, solicitary gifts

  note= Malinowski(ARGO:358)



  see Kaligei



  pos= v2

  gl= communal labor-A limited number of men all working in common

      covering the whole of the gardening cycle."

  source= " Malinowski (CGM v1:158)

  rel= taula(one#stage)

  rel= lubalabisa

  rel= kabutu

  rel= taula

  note= also see Malinowski (ARGO:611)



  pos= v1

  gl= sit leaning

  rel= kanuvateta

  note= nb4:87



  pos= n

  gl= portent(sign#of#magic)

  source= " Malinowski (SLOS:406)...'chant produces a portent(kariyala) in the

            form of lightening'."



  pos= n

  gl= cloth, fabric

  note= from the English word calico.

  c= ya, kupa(bundle of skirt material)



  pos= c

  usedfor= rows

  note= verb#generated(kasa)

  samp= "kasatala bwala- one row of houses."

  samp= kasawanogu (long line)

  rel= gili(rows#shell#beads)

  rel= savisavi(rows#one#above#the#other#joined#together)

  rel= uvai(pos=c)one#of#savisavi

* pos= v2

  gl= put/be#in#rows

  gl= line up

  gl= form a line

  pl= kasikasa

  samp= " ikasasi -."



  pos= adv

  gl= late

  gl= slow#in#comming

  gl= difficult(by#virtue#of#being#slow)

  gl= slow#by#virtue#of#being#physically#hard

  samp= "taro is sena kasaii, even when cooked it is not very soft."

  gl= a#bit#longer#in#time

  samp= "kusisusa sitana kasaii - you (pl) stay a litle longer."

  rel= kasela(adv.late)

  rel= sibaubali

  rel= sibobona

  rel= situbwatobwa

  rel= katubiligaga

  rel= sidubaduba

  rel= yobali

  note= the above related words all have to do with 'slow'- not sure of

        that shades of meaning.

  rel= nanakwa(fast)



  pos= v2

  gl= decide on a course of action

  samp= 'baleku bogwa ikasali avela, iseki (personal nme)- it has already

         been decided who will get the garden, it is given to (personal name).


  rel= karewaga

  rel= sali(trim off the exterior)

  rel= kasesila(allocated)



  pos= v

  gl= retaliate

  source' "i sitana makala bikasamapu biyosi (..) pwaipwaiya (T19A3)."

  rel= mapu



  pos= v

  gl= cause#to#be#toothless(cause#to#fall#apart)

  rel= samolu(toothless)

  rel= molu



  pos= v2

  gl= cough-up

  samp = " kukwasau pwarara - you cough up phlegm."

  rel= boku (cough)



  pos= n

  gl= game,type#of

  xgl= " like ring around the rosy game."

  source= Malinowski

  rel= saysaya



  pos= adv

  gl= late,slow#in#comming

  rel= kasaii

  rel= dubakasala



  pos= ?

  gl= ?

  note= ?



  pos= v

  gl= writhe - like when alive crab is thrown in boiling water

  note= nb4:72



  pos= v

  gl= add logs to the top of a liku

  rel= liku

  note= t25A:432



  pos= n1

  gl= clitoris

* pos= n2

  note= " in Malinowski (SLOS 398&399), kala kasesa a'u - a string figure."



  pos= n,adj

  gl= allocated

  gl= decided upon

  rel= kasali(decide- as in a court case)

  note== T20B:p.6

  rel= tupwa(extra, unallocated)

  samp= 'makwena baleku gala tupwa, bogwa kasesila - that garden is not

         unallocated. It has already been decided upon.(T20:475).'



  pos= adj

  gl= full(objects)

* pos= v1

  gl= be#full#to#capacity(objects)

  rel= kalulusewa(full#of#anger)

  rel= vakasewa

  samp= " tanki bogwa ikasewa sopi - the tank is already full of water."



  pos= v1

  gl= cold,chill,cool

  md= " ka + sibula

        ka - verb formative

        sibula - (n2)cold."

  rel= vatula

  rel= tula



  pos= adj

  gl= not#full(less#than#half)

  source = Fellows

  note= see SIBULA- bottom of a container or canoe. lowe

        half of a split coconut.



  see kasa



  pos= n

  gl= kaula#that#for#the#pigs

  note= "kalagigisi gaga, bunukwa kasi - it looks bad, is pig food."



  pos= n

  gl= housepost

  rel= kokola

  c= kai

  note= nb4:69



  pos= n

  gl= lower edge of an axe blade

  rel= kasikuuya



  pos= adj

  gl= sore covered

  rel= pwasa

  rel= sipoma(ringworm)

  note= nb5



  pos= n

  gl= upper edge of an axe blade

  rel= kasikumywa



  pos= v3

  gl= whisper

  snd= kasilamwe

  samp = " lubegu, kuma igau. Bakasilawem - come here friend. I will whisper to




  pos= v

  gl= cook entrals of an animal

  pl.suff= si

  rel= sileula(entrals)

  note= nb2:40



  pos= v

  gl= trimming down

  gl= sharpening

  rel= tasi

  rel= sumati

  rel= talisa

  note= vatutuwa(nb2:119)



  pos= n3

  gl= net#rack(for#drying#&#mending)

  c= kwe

  note= may occur also as kasiroria



  pos= v

  gl= explain

  source= Twomey

  dep = poor

  rel= komtuli



  pos= c

  usedfor= small#piece#of#a#bulky#object

  xusedfor= " commonly used to indicate a part of a betel nut."

  note= "when used in demonstrative frame the final na is dropped i.e.


* pos= n1

  gl= taro#shoots

  snd= kasine

  note= " on card as: the shoots of the taro - inala kasinel."

* pos= n

  gl= love#magic,type#of

  source= " Malinowski (SLOS:368) as a charmed piece of food or betel nut

            that is goven to the girl."

  rel= kasinikwali(v.pull food apart)



  pos= v

  gl= playing#the#fool

  source= Fellows

  note= ?



  pos= v

  gl= hanging

  rel= lilasau

  rel= kwekukwa

  rel= lasoiya

  rel= sagi(hang from a nail or post)

  source= Twomey

  dep= poor



  pos= v2

  gl= pull food apart

  rel= kimami

  rle= kasina



  pos= n

  gl= leaf,type of



  pos= n

  gl= swing

  rel= kapiyoya(swing,the#verb)

  note= in nb2:143 as kasiyaiyoga(as a means of transport for Baloma.



  pos= v2

  gl= sink

  source= Fellows

  rel= sonu(decend)

  rel= beku

  rel= salili

  rel= katubeku



  pos= v

  gl= happened

  rel= vilobusi

  note= nb4:45 '...kola silami bikasobusi.



  pos= v1

  gl= fall#through(as#a#hole#in#a#floor)

  rel= kapusi

  rel= sonu



  pos= v2

  gl= carry#water

  pl.suff= si

  note= "Fellows glosses as fetch water."

  rel= kili(dip)

  rel= gola(v.get water in a container)

  md= " ka + sopi

        ka - verb formative

        sopi - water."



  pos= v

  gl= expell#air#from#the#lungs

  source= Fellows

  note= kasuyamali

  note= kasuvimali?

  note= nubosa(inhale sharply)



  pos= v

  gl= sail or travel by canoe at night

  rel= lobogi(walk at night)

  rel= sulubogi(cook at night)

  rel= bogi(night)

  note= maybe the contruction previously- bogwa?



  pos= v

  gl= cooked, done cooking(as food) also cured(as when trengthened

      by passing over a fire, as a lamila is) as wood.

  rel= menu

  rel= siligonata

  rel= genata



  pos= v

  gl= incest

  note= nb3:95

  rel= tosuvasova(incest commiter)

  rel= suvasova



  pos= n1

  gl= liver

  pl.suff= si

  note= in nb2:41 as katala - heart (butchered pig)



  pos= v1

  gl= glow

  gl= burn

  samp= "lampa bikata - the lamp will glow."

  note= " has more to do with the light emited from a fire th the actual




  pos= v2

  gl= sharp

  samp = "ikata - it sharpens. used to describe Bwetuva in pregnancy magic.

          Makes brilliant or resplendant. This gloss is from

          Malinowski (SLOS:182)."

  rel=  kakata(sharp,adj.)



  pos= v3

  gl= forbids

  snd= katabwe

  samp = " katabwem - it forbids you."

  rel= bomala(forbidden,adj)

  rel= tabu



  pos= v2

  gl= cover#food#with#a#dish(lid)

  rel= katubukwali(turn#over#180#deg.)




  pos= v2

  gl= cover#up#food

  rel= katabukwali

  source= Fellows

  note= probably same word as katabukwali



  pos= v

  gl= frighten#in#fun

  source= Fellows

  rel= kokola(frighten)



  pos= n

  gl= parrot,large#one

  c= na

  rel= karaga



  pos= v

  gl= unload koni from the head

  rel= gabi

  rel= koni

  rel= lupi



  pos= n

  gl= fish,type#of

  xgl= "small shiney fish with lots of bones. Caught often in the lagoon.

        an important food fish. About 6 inches long. Forbidden to  Tabalu

        clan. looks like a perch"

  c= na



  pos= n

  gl= cockatoo

  c= na

  note= " stress may be on ta."

  note= nb2:147 as white feather. probably the feathers and thebird



  pos= adj

  gl= proficient at dodgeing spears

  note= nb3:100 as tokataki

  note= maybe the word kata(sharp) with the locative ki postfixed.



  pos= v

  gl= make#a#peacefull#mind

  source= Fellows

  note= " Fellows also has talagua as peacefull mind.  Laguva is to go up

          or ascend. This may be an invented word to mean go to the peace-

          full kingdom or something like that as Fellows was a missionary."

  rel= vilokota

  note= may be same word as kataligaii



  pos= v2

  gl= calm the mind

  rel= talaguva

  rel= tagam

  rel= yomsali

  rel= manun

  note see also KATALAGULA



  pos= v2

  gl= exchange

  rel= kaimapu(payment)

  rel= tamapu (exchange,noun)



  pos= v

  gl= sunshines#after#a#cloud#has#passes

  dep= ?



  pos= v1

  gl= clap#the#hands#together

  md= " kata + patu

        kata - verb formative

        patu - to close."



  pos= v1

  gl= spring

* pos= v2

  gl= to#trigger

  rel= sikula(trap)

  source= TT2C2



  pos= v

  gl= bruise food?

  gl= ruin a basket?

  note= T27B:15 in the context of knocking basket from wa womans head.

  rel= pweya



  pos= v1

  gl= surf on waves with a small board

  note= " childs play."

* pos= n3

  gl= surfboard

  c= kai

  note= " children make surfboards out of wood. they are about 3 - 4 ft long

          wide enough to lie on and flat on the bottom. They lie on them and

          ride in on waves. Observed at mweyuyu."



  pos= v2

  gl= fold#up

  rel= katupwe(joint,of#body)

  rel= katupo(classifier- fold,crease)



  pos= v2

  gl = broken#into#pieces

  rel= msamsa(detrius)

  source= Fellows

  rel= kodidemi



  pos= n

  gl= roof

  rel= katuvala(syn.) maybe same word

  note= nb4:31



  pos= n

  gl= head of a handle (as of an axe)

  note= nb2:43



  pos= v2

  gl= mend

  source= Fellows

  note= " in Fellows as katavilatu kali - to mend a fence."

  rel= pali



  pos= v2

  gl= break#wood#with#aid#of#an#axe(not#to#cut)

  rel= kowali(break#by#hand)

  rel= tai(cut)

  rel= viya(split#up)



  pos= n

  gl= pounding#surface

  note=  flat wood or stone on which taro is pounded to make mono

  c= kai

  rel= kaikewa(the#pounder)



  pos= n3

  gl= ordinary#knowledge#or#superficial#understanding#of#specialized#knowledge

  gl= knowledge,ordinary

  rel= kabitam

* pos= v1

  gl= know#superficially

  pl.suff= si

  samp= 'E olopoula kidamwa tupwa, e bogwa kukwatetasi - within (the

         arguement) if it (the garden) was tupwa (not already allocated)

         you already know.(T20:475).'

  rel= nukwali(understand)



  pos= v

  gl= throw?

  note= "found in either Twomey or Fellows as: bi katilai la mwamova.

         glossed as sacrifice."

  dep= poor



  pos= v

  gl= speak#in#bad#temper

  source= Twomey

  dep= poor

  rel= kominimani(argue)



  pos= n

  gl= dried#shreaded#banana#leaf#strips#of#which#makep#the#underskirt


  rel= noku

  c= ya

  note= katelawa#in#Weiner(WVMR:240)



  pos= adj

  gl= near in space

  rel= vakatitekina(come near)

  rel= makiteki(soon, near in time)

  rel= katikinela



  pos= v3

  gl= greet

  gl= thank

  md= " ka + toki

        ka - verb formative

        toki - gratitude."

  rel= toki(n. gratitude)



  pos= v3

  gl= hit&knock#down

  rel= kidubali(knock#down)

  note= " Malinowski has pulupulu as teasing out the hair."



  pos= v

  gl= hurry up

  note= ?

  rel= nanakwa



  pos= adj

  gl= promise

  gl= pledge

* pos= v1

  gl= promise

  gl= pledge

  rel= tagwala(agree to)

  note= " maybe the noun too?."

  note= ?

  note= " found as biga katotila- promised word."



  pos= n2

  gl= sickness

  gl= illness(natural#causes)

  cont= kikatoula

  samp= " kagu kwatoula - my sickness."

  c= kwe

  rel= silame(sickness#caused#by#magic)

* pos= v1

  gl= sick

  gl= ill

  samp= "kukwatoula- you are sick."

* pos= adj

  gl= sick

  samp= "tokatoula - sick person."

  note= " see also Malinowski (SLOS:364)."



  pos= verb#formative

  gl= make(bound morpheme)

  gl= cause(bound morpheme)

  note="When katu is prefixed to words it generally means to make or cause




  pos= v2

  gl= make#ready

  gl= get#things#in#order

  gl= organize(things)

  pl.suff= si

  rel= katubiyasibogi



  pos= v2

  gl= admire

  gl= praise

  rel= yakaula



  pos= v2

  gl= cause#to#sink

  pl.suff= sa

  md= "katu + beku

       katu - v.f.

       beku - sink."

  samp= " kaisaii ikatubeku waga - the wave sinks the boat."

  rel= beku

  rel= sonu

  rel= kasobu



  pos= v2

  gl= roll#up

  pl.suff= si

  md= "katu + bili

       katu - v.f.

       bili- bili(roll)."

  rel= katukwaibili



  pos= adv

  gl= slow

  note= see KASAI for related entries



  pos= v2

  gl= scratch#up#skin(accidental).Both#for#yams#&people

  rel= kaibwana(peel,vegitables)



  pos= v3

  gl= drag#outside

  snd= katubitane

  pl.suff= sa

  pl.snd= nil

  note= "in Fellows as katubititam."



  pos= v

  gl= pull#along#after#you

  gl= drag

  samp= "bayosi bakatubititani - I will grab it and drag it after me."

  note= "maybe same word as katubitani."



  pos= v2

  gl= hold#them#ready.Already#done

  gl= things#waiting

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= katubaiyasa

  md= katubiyasa + bogi

      katubiyasa(katubaiyasa) - make ready

      bogi- from bogwa - previously.



  pos= v1

  gl= swearing, refers implicitly to genitals, that they rot

  rel= bogina

  note= nb4:88



  pos= n

  gl= hole, big hole in a fishing net. caused by crocodile,shark,turtle etc.

  note= may be less specific (i.e. not just nets)

  note= nb2:105



  pos= n1

  gl= decoration

  gl= ornamentation

  samp = " in n1 form: katububulela - his ornamentation."

* pos= n2

  gl= decoration

  gl= ornamentation

  samp= "agu kwatububula - my orm=namentation."

* pos= v2

  gl= adorn

  gl= decorate

  pl.suff= si

  note=  to decorate the body as for danceing or in death

  note= " maybe katububuli."



  see katububula(v2)i



  pos= n

  gl= lid, as for a pan or pot.



  pos= v2

  gl= turn#over#180#degrees

  gl= turn#upside#down

  gl= turn#over#things#that#hold#things

  rel= kivili(turn#by#hand)

  rel= vavili(rotate#a#bit)

  rel= katabukwali(cover,by#virtue#of#being#turned#over)

  rel= katukovi(turn#over,roll#over)

  rel= katukubwali(maybe#same#word)



  pos= v2

  gl= make#a#noise(animals&people)

  pl.suff= si

  cont= katubutubutu

  rel= yobutu

  rel= butu<o.p.>

  md= "katu + butu

       katu - v.f.

       butu - characteristic#sound."

  note= " note on card " tell the children ' katubutusi bunukwa'."

  note= " maybe to make a sound like something else. to immitate."

  rel= ninisi(noise)

  rel= katuninisi

  rel= kamwata(noise of people)



  pos= n2

  gl= gift#for#work.Form#of#payment

  gl= gift for work to be done

  rel= puwaiya

  note= nb2:44

  note= " also cont. form of katubutu."



  pos= v3

  gl= bleed, cause to bleed

  snd= katubuyaiie

  samp= " ikatubuyaiiegu - it makes me bleed."



  pos= v

  gl= increase in numbers?

  rel= sena bidubadu

  rel= gala yomala

  rel= katuiladada

  note= " katubwabwau buwa."

  rel= bawa(abundance)

  note= bobawa(plural form of bawa)



  pos= v

  gl= report falsely

  gl= give false information

  rel= katuviladada

  rel= takainowa

  note= see aslo katubwaubwau(probably same word)



  pos= v

  gl= draw a girls attention by throwing a small stone near her if

      there are too many other poeple around and you don't want to

      attact attention. may be more general.

  note= nb3:100



  pos= v

  gl= age

  gl= wilt, as flowers

  pl.suff= sa

  note=  bogwa ikatubwausa ( the baloma wilted the butia flowers because

         they heard that someone wanted to pick them).

  note= t26A:95



  pos= v2

  gl= close

  gl= shut

  pl.suff= sa

  md= " katu + bwadi

        katu - v.f.

        bwadi - fit,meet."

  rel= tokatubwadi

  rel= sikatubwadi

  rel= vapatu(close off)

  rel= tabwadi

  note= see BWADI

  samp= "ikatubwadi lulu - he closes the door."



  pos= v1

  gl= exagerate

  note= "also as katubwabwawa."



  pos= v2

  gl= make#dull

  gl= dull

  rel= gumli

  md= "katu + bwebutu

       katu - v.f.

       bwebutu - dull."



  pos= n

  gl= string of kaloma. bigger and courcer that those used in Kula.

      come from Sinaketa

  note= Malinowski(ARGO:358)



  pos= v1

  pos= v2

  gl= love#talk

  gl= sweet#nothings

  gl= light#praise,bantering

  note= "Malinowski (SLOS:280)."

  note= "stress on da,"

  md= "katu + dabuma

       katu - v.f.

       dabuma - put on pretentiousness."

  rel= dabuma



   see katudabuma



  pos= v2

  gl= not#do#anything#in#particular

  gl= messing#around

  gl= wasting time

  gl= sexual#intercourse(slang)

  pl.suff= si

  rel= kaita

  rel= keya




  pos= v2

  gl= smash

  gl= pull#down(wreck)

  rel= katugunuguna(really#wreck)

  rel= dademi

  rel= kodademi

  md= "katu +didemi

       katu - make/cause

       didemi from dademi- to ruin,wreck."



  pos= v2

  gl= straighten

  md= " katu + dualilia

        katu - make/cause

        dualilia - straight(adj)."

  note= "were told that this was Teyava(a village) speech. in Tukwalukwa

         people would use the word katuduwosisiya."

  rel= katuduwosisiya



  pos= v2

  gl= cause#to#fall

  note= " cause to fall like when people throw rocks at fruit in the trees

         to make it fall."

  rel= dubili(lower)

  md= " katu + dubali

        katu - make/cause

        dubali from dubili - lower."



  pos= v3

  gl= amuse,like#an#infant

  md= " katu +dubumi

        katu - make/cause

        dubumi - believe."

  note= " literally makebelieve."



  pos= v2

  gl= make#smooth(things)

  md= " katu + dubuna

        katu - make/cause

        dubuna from dudubuna - smooth(adj)."

  rel= lisa



  pos= v

  gl= flatten

  gl= smooth out (like a pile of cement or sand)

  note= may be katududubuna

  rel= dudubuna



  pos= v2

  gl= straighten

  md= "katu + duwosisiya

       katu - make/cause

       duwosisiya (duosisia) - straight(adj)."

  rel= katunigwanigwa(tangle)



  pos= v2

  gl= scatter,things#all#over

  xgl= " also used to describe throwing things into a crowd of people

         like at a sagali."

  md= " katu + geya

        katu - make/cause

        geya - from gei - dispersion,spreading."

  cont= katugigeya

  samp= " kidamwa bukwatala luya bikapusi, e bikatugigeya - If one group of

          coconuts falls from the tree, they will break apart(scatter)."

  note= see GEI



  pos= v

  gl= scattering. cont form of KATUGEYA



  pos= v2

  gl= tighten#around

  note= "on gigi card as a related term."

  note= ?



  pos= v

  gl= contaminate

  gl= foul

  note= nb4:9

  note= see GEI



  pos= v

  gl= shake#head#in#negation

  rel= tageuna(moveing#head#around)

  rel= gogeuna(shakeing)

  md= " katu + gogeuna

        katu - make/cause

        gogeuna - shakeing."



  pos= v1

  gl= undulating#screem

  xgl= " if you make a sustained tone with the lips in an 'O' shop

  pl.suff= si

  note= " people do this always when seeing the new mon for the first time

          each month."

  rel= govasi

  rel= gova

  rel= sibwani

  md= " katu + gogova

        katu - make/cause

        gogova - shout out loudly."

  note= may also occur as katugogola



  pos= v2

  gl= hit#a#new#shoot(of#a#plant)#with#a#stick#(makes#it#die)

  rel= gudu

  rel= mwelina(new#leaves#of#tree)



  pos= v2

  gl= stack(rock,yams,#etc.)

  gl= make#a#pile

  rel= dadodiga

  rel= koguguli

  md= " katu + guguli

        katu - make/cause

        guguli - from gula(classifier for heaps,stacks."



  pos= v

  gl= put#together(things#of#the#same#kind)

  xgl= " like if you push to piles of yams together."

  snd= katugumlike

  pl.suff= si

  rel= taguliki(mix#together)



  pos= v2

  gl= smash#into#small#pieces

  xgl= " really smash to smithereenes, like glass...gala bi vigivau.

  rel= katudidemi

  rel= kodademi

  rel= dademi

  note= " makes into a plural  form of something."



  pos= v

  gl= turn in circles

  note= as a related term on katukwepina. smae word?


KATU  pos= v2

  gl= sort

  note= " in Fellows as Katukili kili - seperate good from bad."

  rel= kili



  pos= v

  gl= tighten

  ant= kubugi(loosen)

  rel= gigi(tighten#around)

  rel= kikita(tight)

  rel= sipukikiti(tie#tighter)

  note= " kikita is adj meaning small, may mean tight also if something is

          tight by way of being smaller."



  pos= v

  gl= bend ( the legs)

  note= katukipom kaikaim

  note= as arelated term with katupupuma(bend leg under the knee as when




  pos= v

  gl= roll#over(vessel,person)

  gl= turn#over(vessel,person)

  note= " also used to describe rolling over while sleeping."

  note= " note on card: tip it up- gala bibeku mokwita-  as for a boat, will

          tip(list#over)but won't really sink."

  pl.suff= si

  rel= katubukwali(turn#upside#down)



  pos= v1

  gl= not#to#answer(when#called#or#when#someone#knocks)

  gl= be#silent

  gl= fail to answer

  gl= not engage in conversation

  note= " also used when someone is sulking."

  pl.suff= sa

  rel= bona(language)

  rel= gum(adj.)



  pos= v

  gl= turn#it#over

  rel= katubukwali(maybe#same#word)



  pos= v2

  gl= search for(arch) kwebogwa biga.

  rel= nei

  note= T26B:9



  pos= v

  gl= linger(as#an#odor)

  samp= " sena bikatukulikwali maiina. Maiina bi sisu wala. - Very much the

          smell stays. the small will stay."

  note= " not sure if this refers just to odors."



  pos= n

  gl= position on a fishing boat (not sure which one)

  rel= toyokutiga(tender of the net floats)

  rel= tokabilawota(net tender)

  note= nb3:18



  pos= n

  gl= lid, as of a saucepan or kulia

  note= see aslo katubukwalela(looks like a possessive form)

  note= nb2:103



  pos= v2

  gl= make#a#roll

  rel= katubili

  rel= bili(roll)



  pos= v2

  gl= ask for further information.

  gl= indicate that speech was not heard and needs to be repeated

      ( the action of doing that and not the verb to ask)

  rel= katupoi(ask)

  note= nb4:59



  pos= v1

  gl= wrap#around

  gl= tie#around

  rel= kwani(encompass)



  pos= v2

  gl= make#slow

  source= " notes3:34 - a fight made the fishing slow."

  rel= katilakai(?)

  rel= kasaii(slow)

  rel= yobali(dawdle)

  note= could be that this is a ka to kwa

        pronominal verb prefix ku on a verb with an innitial ka. changes

        to kwa.



  pos= v2

  gl= bruise

  rel= katupweli

  rel= tumagi(scratch)

  rel= katapwapweya



  pos= n2

  gl= tatoo

* pos= v2

  gl= tatoo

  note= nb4:41



  pos= v2

  gl= turning#in#a#circle(as#when#danceing#Kalibom)

  pl.suff= si

  rel= pini(twist)

  rel= katukapina



  pos= v2

  gl= throw a throwing stick

  rel= gilikwekwa

  rel= kadikwakuni

  note= nb4:11



  pos= n

  gl= gunnels (raised) of a canoe

  note= see WAGA for related entries

  note= nb2:118



  pos= v

  gl= ?

  xgl= " sit in a tree and cut things down. Is out of sight. Fellows has

        appear after being lost."

  note= " may appear as katulagua."

  dep= poor



  pos= v3

  gl= rebuff

  gl= refuse#a#request(not#necessarily#harshly)

  snd= katulakai

  samp= " ikatulakaigu - he refused me."

  pl.sund= katulakai

  pl.suff= sa

  samp= "Avela gala, ikatukaisa ...T19A3."

  rel= katuli

  rel= kulova

  rel= vasigi



  pos= v2

  gl= pull#up#by#the#roots

  samp= " katulau munumonu - pull up weeds."

  note= " lau means to take away - katulau may have a more general meaning

           than is noted here."

  note= ?



  pos= v

  gl= stubborn#or#obstinate

  note= " katuli nanola."

  md= " ka + tuli

        ka - v.f.

        tuli - poss from tula - cold. Lit to make cold.or deaf-tula"



  pos= v2

  gl= signal by hand

  rel= kwasi(upper arm)

  note= nb4:75



  pos= v

  gl= change#cloths

  rel= sigilova



  pos= v3

  gl= cause#someone#to#blink

  rel= katulepi

  rel= sapeli

  rel= mitupipisi

  note= " found in the phrase: katulupelepi matala."

  note= " on sapeli card is the note: katupilipilepi - o wash out,eye wash."

  note= lepi may be a word- blink? with a cont form of lupelepi?



  pos= v3

  gl= warn

  gl= advise#against

  snd= katululute

  note= "maybe same word as katululuki."

  note= 'ikatululutegu - he warns me'

  rel= luki(tell)



  pos= v3

  gl= remind

  snd= katululuwe

  pl.suff= sa

  md= " katu + luluwai

        katu- make/cause

        luluwai- remember."

  rel= luluwai(remember)

  rel= lumwelova(forget)

  syn= yoluluwai(remind)

  note= " snd change may be:katululuwai'e."



  pos= v3

  gl= underpay

  snd= katumale

  samp= " matona lekatumalem - he underpaid you."

  rel= mapu

  rel= katumapu



  pos= v

  gl= wake up

  rel= mamata

* pos= n

  gl= payment, given to 'wake-up' a previous pokala.(metaphor)

  note= see Hutchins(1980)-Culture and Inference



  pos= v

  gl= make#comfortable

  rel= kaminum

  rel= kimanum(amacably)

  md= " katu + manum

        katu- v.f

        manum- comfortable."

  note= "kaminum & kimanum are probably the same word."



  pos= v2

  gl= exchange

  gl= trade

  md= " katu + mapu

        katu - make/cause

        mapu - return,replace."

  rel= mapu

  rel= katumali



  pos= v3

  gl= kill(persons,pigs)

  gl= murder(persons,pigs)

  rel= kimati(kill#with#the#hands,like#an#insect)

  rel= kamata(kill)

  md=  " katu + mati

         katu - make/cause

         mati- death(root)."



  pos= v2

  gl= make#clean

  gl= clear up

  md= " katu + migileu

        katu- make/cause

        migileu - clear, clean."



  pos= v

  gl= interpret,

  gl= identify

* pos= n2

  gl= meaning,

  gl= interpretation,

  gl= identity

  samp= " amakawala kala katumiki - what is its meaning."

  rel= katupoi(question,verb)

  note= " possibly derrived from migi(face) literally make its face."



  pos= v

  gl= rub,stroke(a#person)like#when#putting#on#putuma(oil)

  samp= " ikatumilasi wowola - he rubs his body."



  pos= v

  gl= warn

  gl= tell#someone#something

  rel= kamitilaki

  rel= katululuti



  pos= v

  gl= cause to be complete

  gl= complete

  note= if someone had only a bit of rice but not enough to feed everyone

        she might beg a bit fromsomeone else to katumkoyla

  rel= vigimkoyla

  rel= katukumlai



  pos= v2

  gl= add#to

  note= " may appear as katumkulavi."

  note= ?

  note= " a md of this word looks like to throw something or to cause to


  note= see katukumlai

  rel= katumkoyla



  pos= v2

  gl= make#an#extention#on#cigarette#stub

* pos= v1

  gl= for#fire#to#spread

  note= " since putting a clip on a cigarette but allows one to smoke it dowm

         farther it does infact spread the fire."



  pos= v

  gl= cause difficulty - as a bwagau make a sick person worse.

  md= katu + momwau

      katu - cause

      momwau - cont. form mwau.



  pos= v3

  gl= save,rescue

  note= " maybe katumomova?"

  note= katumwamova



  pos= v

  gl= encite#to#anger

  gl= aggrivate,#irritate

  note=  to tease an animal or person into attack, to bait

  note= " appears in Fellows as katumoli."

  rel = gibuluwa



  pos= n3

  gl= shelter

* pos= v2

  gl= make#protection

  gl= shield

  md= " katu + nagula

        katu - make/cause

        nagula - protection."

  note= " katunagula kai - the shade of a tree."

  rel= lulalula(not#sunny-shade#of#clouds)



  pos= n3

  gl= drum,small#one(about#10")

  c= kai

  rel= kaisosau

  rel= kupi

  source= "Malinowski (Baloma SofD:263 notes 39)."



  pos= v

  gl= nick

  gl=  rip off with the teeth. Like to cut a thread or a strip of


  pos= v

  gl= make#noise

  xgl= " makeing noise to no special purpose. gala dimlela."

  samp= " ikatuninisi teigagu- it makes noise to my ears."

  rel= katubutubutu

  rel= ninisi



  pos= v

  gl= compress#into#a#bundle

  xgl= " to compress something into a bundle. usually ted with string."

  rel= kinunuma(compress#with#the#hand-crush)

  rel= nunuga (nununiga)



  pos= v

  gl= cause#trouble

  md= " katu + pakula

        katu - make/cause

        pakula - trouble."

  rel= pakula



  pos= ?

  gl= ?

  rel= topana

  rel= katupana(T26b:420)

  note= " has something to so with sheltering or turning awy from something."

  note= see card



  see katupala



  pos= v2

  gl= give#things#away#to#a#lot#of#people(spread#the#goods)lie#betel#or#fish."



  pos= v2

  gl= slap,#hit#with#the#flat#of#the#hand

  samp= "katupatu yamagu - I clap my hands together."

  samp= " katupatu kimwala - slap the face (cheek)."

  samp= " katupatu matala - slap the eyes."

  rel= katusilaki(slap)

  pl.suff= si

  cont= kikatupata

  md= " katu + patu

        katu - make/cause

        patu - close."



  pos= v

  gl= return

  gl= come#back#to

  note= " came back to, like if a person lives somewhereelse and comes back.

         i katupeli Tukwalkwa."

  note= "may be katupela."

  note= ?

  rel= kaiita

  rel= kaimali



  pos= v2

  gl= unwrap

  gl= open#a#package#or#letter

  gl= chip(as#an#enamel#dish-removes#outer#layer)

  pl.suff= si

  note= in nb4:26 - open up a folded thing.possible related to

        pinipani(wings) folding and unfolding.

  rel= katuyuvisa(unravell)

  rel= kapwali(wrap up)

  rel= katupwi(fold up)

  rel= yosokana



  pos= v

  gl= eat#snack#to#maintain#strenght

  xgl= " this word refers only to eating. Biga pela kumkwam."

  note= " kukwam bipeula wowom. Yagala katupeula"

  rel= peula(strong)



  pos= v

  gl= run#on#last#reserves.

  gl= tough#it#out

  gl= exert#to#the#limit

  rel= peulaki

  note= "ipapeula ipapeula ima o valu, imata."

  rel= peula

  rel= peulaki



  pos= v1

  gl= cross#arms,legs



  pos= v

  gl= wash out

  gl= eye wash

  rel= katulupelepi



  pos= v

  gl= screw#it#around

  source= Fellows

  note= "poss. cont. form of katupeni?"

  rel= kosesepina



  pos= v

  gl= tie#up(hands&feet)

  gl= hobble(as an animal)

  note= nb4:73 - grab and restrain

  samp= 'nayu wala kula kwatupipi kumeya - you go tie up those two

         and bring them (pigs).TT3B:s125.'



  pos= v2

  gl= wash#away#(like#the#sea#washing#everything#out#of#a#canoe#when#it#


  note= " occurs in Malinowski (SLOS:557)."

  rel= lupisau(unload)

  rel= sau



  pos= v2

  gl= strip#bark#to#make#string

  xgl= " to strip the outside bark from the inside bark(to make fiber for the

         string of a skirt"

  pl.suff= sa

  note= " sentance on card: ikampipisi iniya bibiyayosi wa bani... can't

         quite make out the word biyayosi?."



  pos= v2

  gl= knocking#together

  gl= banging#together

  md= " katu + pitu + ki

        katu - make/cause

        pitu - dent, bump

        ki - loc.prep 'to'."



  pos= c

  usedfor= folds, creases

  note= " verb generated from katupwi."

  samp= " makatupona - folded thing, katupotala - one fold."

  rel= katupwi



  pos= v3

  gl= ask#for#information

  snd= katupoie

  samp= " ikatupoiegu - he asks me."

  rel= nigada(ask#for#objects/things)



  pos= c

  usedfor= necklace(kuwa),wakula(shell belt).

  note= possible from katupwanana - to make a hole.

  note= can use kwe optionally

  samp= makatupona wakula iyosi oyamala - he holds that shell belt in his




  pos= v

  gl= break#into#a#hole

  source= Fellows

  dep= unknown



  pos= v

  gl= make#interlocked,#tangel#up

  samp= " katupukwani kaikela, a kapusi - the legs get tangled, I fall."

  rel= kakupwana(interlock#the#fingers#and#hit#palms#together(a#game)

  rel= kaipupwali(mix#up#ingrediants)

  note= " may occur as katupukwali."

  rel= nigwanigwa



  pos= v1

  gl= bending#leg#under#knee#when#sitting

  rel= katukipom



  pos= v2

  gl= cause#a#hole(in#something)

  note= ?

  note= " may occur as katupwali."

  xgl= " like if a rock hits your lukwava ( coconut bottle)... bogwa

         ikatupwala lukwava."

  note= "see notes 4:8."

  note= "Fellows glossed as half-full."




  pos= v2

  gl= make#a#hole

  md= " katu + pwanana

        katu - make/cause

        pwanana- hole."

  rel= gipwana(drill#a#hole)

  rel= pwanana



  pos= v3

  gl= conceal

  gl= hide

  syn= seuma(seyuma)

* pos= n

  gl= hidden#thing

  note= " often used to describe tobacco or betel nut as it is often hidden

          to keep from haveing to give it away to those who ask.'

  note= " might possible becoem a classifier.?"



  pos= n1

  gl= joint(of#body)

  samp= " katupwela yamagu - (its) joint my arm."

  note= " the la is this construction refers to the arm."

  rel= kwetutu

  note= "this may actually just be the word katupwi."

  source= twomey

  dep= poor



  pos= v2

  gl= bruise

  rel= katukwatu?

  rel= katapwapweya



  pos= v2

  gl= fold

  xgl= " to fold, locus of action in the thing folded. Characteristic shape

         change to object of verb."

  rel= katupo(classifier#derived#from#the#verb)

  note= " note book (4:29)."

  ant= katupeni(open#a#folded#thing)

  rel= katupipi

  note= " may occur as kutupwa"

  samp= "akatupwi kaikegu - I fold my legs ( to sit cross-legged)."

  samp = "kukwatupwi moi - you fold the mat." 

  rel= kwetutu(joints)



  pos= v2

  gl= add#on

  xgl= " add on, like to a house. a room addition. or to a mat or skirt."

  md= " katu + saii + sa

        katu - make/cause

        saii - to join

        sa- plural marker."

  note= " Fellows has katusaisa keda - to open the path after war...could

         refer to extending the path or road ( methphorically) that has been




  pos= v2

  gl= make#something#miss#it#mark

  gl=  miss make something miss its mark and go aside of the

       intended direction."



  pos= v2

  gl= dump#out(liquids)

  note= possibly a v3 - katusokai<o.p.> - to throw up(or out) on.i

  rel= katusesau(poss. cont. form)

  rel= lupisau(unload-objects)

  rel= yuvisau

  rel= didagi(load)

  rel= kasewa(full-liquids)



  pos= v

  gl= grow#(people)

  samp= "ikatuseli nawanaku - she grows tall ."

  note= " in Fellows as growing tall."

  note= " in Twomey as grow up."

  note= " for pigs chickens etc it would be inavyeka."



  pos= v

  gl= slap

  gl= smack#with#flat#of#hand

  rel= katupatu(slap)



  pos= v

  gl= shake out, off

  xgl= " to shkae off lethargey. Shake out the dust. shake the hand or the leg

         if they have fallen asleep. shake the hand if you hurt it."

  rel= sapi(brush)

  note= " the gloss of sapi doesn't seem to fit with the gloss of katusisapi,

          needs work."

  note= ?

  note= " shake off lethargy & shake out the dust are from Felklows."



  pos= v2

  gl= make#wet

  note= " the example used was to get someone wet , as by tossing out water

          on them. bikatusoki. wowola sopi."

  gl= sprinkle?

  rel= gadi(soak)


  rel= sopi(water)



  pos= v

  gl= lodge

  gl= stick

  note= " to lodge in as food lodged in between the teeth. Fugitive lodged in

        a sanctuary of ones house, noise lodged in ears - unpleasant


  samp= "ikatusuki tegila - it (sound) is lodged in his ear."

  rel= suki



  pos= v2

  gl= throwing#things#a#fruit#in#trees#to#cause#it#to#fall

  cont= kikatutuna

  note= " there is another word for this ?"

  rel= tatina(shake)



  pos= n3

  gl= roof(of#a#house)i

* pos= v2

  gl= to#roof(or#repair#a#roof)



  pos= v2

  gl= search#for

  syn= katuninei

  note= " poss. related to vaguli-to wake someone."



  pos= v

  gl= ?

  rel= luwawala

  note= " Twomey has glossed as exhort and luwawala appears to be related."



  pos= n

  gl= roof

  rel= katavala

  note= nb4:31



  pos= n3

  gl= axe#handle(head#of)

  note= occurs some where else



  pos= v2

  gl= give#up#on

  gl= abandon

  text= "ikatuvemwa pela bogwa ivigibogisa korti. (T19A2)."

  trans= " He has given up on it because the court has already


  rel= luvemwa(leave#behind)

  note= " this may be same as kaluvemwa."



  pos= v2

  gl= break#open

  xgl= "to break open like a coconut or an egg."

  cont= kikatuvi

  samp= 'akatuvi kulula - I split his skull'(T22B:350)

  pl.suff= si



  pos= v3

  gl= waken someone by touching them

  samp= 'bikatuvigulisa bilivalasi - it wakes them up and talks to them

        (a Baloma). T26A:12.'

  rel= mamata(wake up)

  rel= viguli

  note= " possible a verb generated classifier here."



  pos= v

  gl= turning around of marriage arrangements that send a girl to her

      husbands door.

  pl.suff= si

  samp= 'kaula ima kakatuvilasi (T21B:63)

  rel= vila(vili)twist,turn.



  pos= n2

  gl= gift,type#of(1st#marriage#gift)

  xgl= " first marriage gift. cooked yams brought in baskets by the

         girls parents to the boys family(small gift of yams)."

  source= "Malinowski(SLOS:89)."

  rel= katuvi(break#open)

  note= "looks like a metaphorical useage here. Literally ' its breaking


  text= "...E bogwa amyaga kala katuvila bogwa lewokuva , O yamala tomwaiya


  rel= katuvi

  rel= katuyuvisa



  pos= v

  gl= put a spell on

  gl= ensorcel

  rel= valuvasi(throw, as a silami)




  pos= v

  gl= give false information

  gl= report falsely

  rel= katubwabwawa

  rel= takainowa



  pos= v2

  gl= change#from#one#language#to#another

  gl= alternate

  note= "katuvilavila biga - alternate speech."

  rel= vilivila(cont.form#of#twist)see#vili



  pos= v2

  gl= turn#something#around

  md= " katu + vili

        katu - make/cause

        vili - twist."

  samp= ikatuvili seleula (turns his stomach) nb4:91)

  rel= kivili(turn#by#hand)

  rel= katuyau

  rel= katubukwali

  rel= vavili



  pos= v2

  gl= push#a#canoe#back#abd#forth#to#loosten#from#mud#bottom

  note= " may be more general than this gloss."

  rel= vili(twist)



  pos= v

  gl= speek

  rel= viyelu

  note= T20A:186



  pos= v2

  gl= break#by#force



  pos= n

  gl= poltice

  note= in Malinowski (ARGO:183) special uses as: katuwarina kaikela -

        as extra fees given to a magician. Literally as poltice for his leg.

        connection with his long walks.



  pos= v

  gl= return empty handed, esp. after hunting

  rel= nanota

  note= nb4:25

  rel= wokuva



  pos= v

  gl= fling#out#liquid#from#something#by#flicking

  xgl= " to fling out water ( or dye out of noku if it has been dyed and is

         still wet) you would hold on to one end and flick it to shake out

         the moisture."



  pos= v

  gl= steer,a#canoe

  md= " katu + wola

        katu - make/cause

        wola - paddle."

  rel= wola



  pos= v2

  gl= break#in#the#hands

  source= Fellows

  dep= ?

  rel= kawoli

  rel= kiwoli



  pos= v2

  gl= turn around

  rel= katuyau

  rel= vavili

  rel= katuvili

  rel= katuyewa



  pos= v

  gl= turn end for end

  rel= katuvili

  rel= katuyaii(maybe same word)



  pos= v2

  gl= put#away

  source= " Fellows has as put away out of sight."

  rel= yoli

  note= may occur as katuyoli



  pos= v

  gl= ceremonial#escapade#of#women(sexual)

  note= see Malinowski(ARGO: plate XII) photot of girls dressed up for

        a katuyausi



  pos= v

  gl= green(as#a#tree#does#when#it#makes#new#leaves)

  note= " Twomey has as sisila bikatuyawai - branch shows green."

  dep= ?



  pos= v2

  gl= pretend#to#do#something

  rel= katudewa

  source= Fellows

  dep= ?



  pos= v

  gl= somersault/roll#around

  note= ?

  rel= katudewa(maybe same word)



  pos= v2

  gl= put#away#after#use#(like#a#fishing#net)

  note= " Fellows has katulauli as to gather things/ to put them away."

  note= " seems lau, yau,sau related."



  pos= v

  gl= fetching#back

  note= " in Malinowski (SLOS:382) as fetching back formula- love magic."

  rel= kaimali(bring#back)

  note= " see next entry"



  pos= v2

  gl= recover

  note= "technical term denoting the payment made by the members of the owning

       dala to recover use rights in owned land from another dala."

  text= " Kaula, udi, deli kulia ilau. Ikatuyumali bogwa iyosi o yamala.

          (T19A )."

  trans= "He took food, bananas, and a clay pot. He recovered (the land)

          and already he holds it in his hand."

  note= " see previous entry also."

  rel= kaimali(return)



  pos= v2

  gl= unravell

  xgl= " unravell something that is twisted or braidd like 'im'(string)."

* pos= v

  gl= lifting#of#a#ceremonial#restriction

  note= " see Malinowski(Baloma SofD:37 notes)."

  note= " Fellows also has as throw off the skin, as a snake."

  note= beba ikatuyuvisi(a butterfly comming out of the chrysalis)

  note= " also on card: katuvivisa kasausau - innitiation of the drums."

  note= in time past the katuyuvisa for marriage gifts was much lighter.


  rel= sivisa(unravel)

  rel= tineku

  rel= katuvi



  pos= v2

  gl= heat

  gl= make#hot

  gl= warm#up

  md= "katu + yuviyavi

       katu- make/cause

       yuviyavi - hot."

  rel= yuviyavi

  ant= katutula(cool)

  note= " used metaphorically to warm up an idea - to remind someone of

         something - taga bitula makwena nanamsa, bilumwelova. notes(4:88)."



  pos= v2

  gl= have

  gl= hold

  gl= get

  gl= take

  cont= kakau

  rel= yosi(hold)

  rel= sau

  note= many metaphorical uses



  pos= adj

  gl= blind

  samp= " matala pilakau - his eye is blind. tokau - blind man."

* pos= v

  gl= blind

  samp= " matala ikau - his eye  it blinds."



  pos= n3

  gl= nearly#blind

  note= "to be nearly blind, as with cataracts."

  md= " kau + gisa

        kau- blind

        gisa - see."

  note= "maybe a stative."



  pos= n3

  gl= dog

  c= na

  rel= gogwau(barking, or growl of a dog)



  pos= n3

  gl= morning

  c= kwe

  rel= gabogi(early#morning)

  rel= kwaiaii(afternoon)

  rel= bogi(night)



  pos= n3

  gl= front#porch

  gl= veranda

  c= kwe

  loc.prep= O

  samp= " bala basissu Okaukweda - I am going to sit on the porch."

  note= also as a synecdoche for dwell.

  samp= 'agisi luguta ituwali la kaukweda- i saw my sister her veranda

         was different (meaning that she wasn't living with someone in her

         kin group and no one was gardening for her(T20).'


  pos= n

  gl= staple#foods(yams,taro,sweet#potato)

  gl= food(generic)

  rel= kaweluwa(non-staple#foods.fruita,rice etc.)

  rel= viliyona(meat)



  pos= v

  gl= blow up (lift)

  note= yagila ikauleu katuva - wind blows opening in roof. nb4:75



  pos= v2

  gl= chew#betel#nut

  gl= eat#betel#nut

  cont= kakauui

  pl.suff= si

  rel= dubweni

  rel= gigali(chew,gen.)

  syn= gegegila

  rel= kam(eat,gen.)

  rel= buwa(betel nut)



  pos= v2

  gl= curse

  note= " biga sena peula - very strong speech."

  note= " tokauweleku - curser."

  rel= biga matuwa






  pos= v2

  gl= take#anew

  md= " kau + vauwa

        kau - take

        vauwa - from vau-new."



  pos= n3

  gl= personal#basket

  gl= " the personal basket  or handbag that people keep their betel nut

        and tobacco in."

  c= ta(except#when#counting)

  rel= Yola(man's#made#with#coconut#leaves)

  rel= Nepou(womans#cloth#bag)

  rel= pepei(small#peta)



  pos= v2

  gl= walk#stooped#over(as#in#the#presence#of#a#chief#or#elders)

  cont= kikavagina

* pos= v2

  gl= crawling#of#babies

  pl.suff= si



  pos= v2

  gl= mimic

  note= "see kavisaki"



 pos= ?

 gl= ?

 note= " kavaii kaula... looks like a verb?"

 note= ?



  pos= v1

  gl= wade

  gl= walk#in#water

  rel= vaiyali(poss.same#word)



  pos= n

  gl= roof part. batten

  note= nb1:14



  pos= v

  gl= make a fire with a lattice of wood. wood stacked up in

      a lattice shape. cris-crossing

  rel= vigadi (star shaped)



  note= see KAIVATAMLA



  pos= v2

  gl= bite#in#half(like#betel)

  note= " possibly the same word that occurs in Malinowski(CGM v2:197)-


  note= " Twomey glossed as sharp poss from classifier kaii-blades."



  pos= c

  usedfor= blades

  note= sometime occurs as kaii

  samp= kavibogwa beku sen bwebutu - that old blade is very dull



  pos= v2

  gl= collect#shellfish

  cont= kikavigoda

  pl.suff= si

  md= " ka + vigoda

        ka - verf formative

        vigoda - shell."

  rel= kuduvi(clams)



  pos= v2

  gl= refuse#to#agree(Fellows)

  gl= contradict(Fellows)

  gl= criticize,lament(Twomey)

  gl= tell#someone#their#work#is#bad(Inf.)



  pos= n

  gl= change#point#of#speech

  gl= the#point#of#changing#subject#in#discourse

  rel= vili(twist)



  pos= v1

  gl= choke



  pos= v2

  gl= immitate

  gl= teach,train(by#example?)

  note= "probably same word as kavasaki."

  rel= tapisei?

  rel= viseki



  pos= v2

  gl= to#like

  snd= kavise

  rel= kabweli

  rel= yobweli(love)

  note= " notes 3:69"

  plsuff= sa



  pos= v3

  gl= favor,#agree#with

  gl= prefer#in#mind

  snd= kavise

  cont= nil

  pl.suff= sa