Dynapad is the third generation of our multiscale interface and visualization software. It makes scale a first-class parameter of objects, supports navigation in multiscale workspaces, and provides special mechanisms to maintain interactivity while rendering large numbers of graphical items. Dynapad employs Scheme to provide a high-level programming interface to the multiscale graphical and interaction facilities in the C++ rendering substrate.

Dynapad implements multiscale graphical objects (e.g., rectangles, lines, text, and images) that are interactive (e.g., they can be scaled or moved via user interaction) and dynamic (e.g., they can have behaviors that result from running of attached code). Behaviors can be associated with an object, a set of objects, or a region of the workspace and are triggered by user actions, the behavior of other objects, various events, or timer interrupts. Because Dynapad is based on a class system, objects in Dynapad can inherit characteristics and behaviors from other objects.

The name Dynapad was chosen to reflect the software’s heritage from our earlier Pad++ and STkPad software as well as ideas from Dynabook and Sketchpad.

Email: dynapad@hci.ucsd.edu

Email Archive

Week 1:

Notes (pdf)

Week 2:

Version 0.1 of Dynapad: A Brief Introduction (pdf)

Week 3: Version 0.2 of Dynapad: A Brief Introduction (pdf)
Week 4: Version 0.3 Dynapad: A Brief Introduction (pdf)
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