Digital camera how to
How to download images from the digital camera
  1. Log on to the computer on the West side of the DEW hut. (You must have an account on the computer in order to log on.)

  2. Turn the camera to PC on the rotating control dial.

  3. Plug the camera into the computer.
    On the right side of the computer, near the phone is a little gray plug (it says Canon on the head); plug it into the entry jack marked "Digital" on the side of the camera.

  4. Open Canon ZoomBrowser EX.
    From the Windows Start menu go to ProgramsCanon PowerShot Utilities ZoomBrowser EX.

  5. Once the program has finished starting, select the image library you would like to download images into.

  6. Import images from the camera into ZoomBrowser EX.
    • Click on File Import Images From Camera.
    • A window will pop up with a roll of film streaming out from a camera. The images in the camera will appear in the spaces on the roll.

  7. To download imported images select the images you want and click on Download among the buttons in the import window. (You can also delete images from the camera here, or rotate images before downloading, etc.)

  8. Once the selected image(s) have downloaded you can close the import window.

  9. To save an image as a .jpg (or other format):
    • Select the image you want to export.
    • Go to File Export.
    • Choose an Output File and a File Format. Click Next.
    • Select the image properties you want. Click Next.
    • Again select the image properties you want. Click Finish.
    The exported image will be in the directory you selected; it can be edited with Photoshop or used in other files.

  10. Unplug the camera from the computer.

  11. Turn off the camera. (Turn the rotating control dial to lock - the red 'L'.)

  12. Return the camera to its case.

  13. You can close the ZoomBrowser EX window and the downloaded images will remain in the image library until you delete them, even after having exported them into a file.

  14. Log off of the computer.


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