Lab Members

Nadir Weibel

Faculty (Adjunct)


Office: CSE 3224
Phone: 858-534-8637

Research Interests

Human-Computer Interaction, Multi-modal interactions, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Medical Informatics, Computer Supported Collaborative Work.


My work on Human Computer Interaction is situated at the intersection of computer science, cognitive science, communication, health and social sciences. I am a computer scientist who develops tools, techniques and infrastructure supporting the deployment of innovative interactive multimodal and tangible devices in context, and an ethnographer creating novel methods for studying and quantifying the cognitive consequences of the introduction of this technology in the everyday life.

My main interests ranges from software engineering to human computer interaction, including computer supported cooperative work, social media, medical informatics, mobile and ubiquitous computing. 

In my past research I explored new ways of enhancing a seemingly mundane, but ubiquitous, resource such as paper to support everyday work, interaction and collaboration. In particular, I investigated how to support and extend the authoring and publishing infrastructure for interactive paper documents, providing distinctive ways of interweaving paper documents with digital materials.

In my current work I am developing theory and methods, designing representations, implementing prototypes, and evaluating the effectiveness of interactive multimodal physical-digital systems such as pen-based and touch-based devices, depth-cameras, and mobile devices in order to understand the broader design space in which they are situated.


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