N. Weibel, A. Piper and J. Hollan, Exploring Pen and Paper Interaction with High-Resolution Wall Displays, Extended Abstracts of UIST 2010, 23rd ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, New York, NY, October 2010


We introduce HIPerPaper, a novel digital pen and paper interface that enables natural interaction with a 31.8 by 7.5 foot tiled wall display of 268,720,000 pixels. HIPerPaper provides a flexible, portable, and inexpensive medium for interacting with large high-resolution wall displays. While the size and resolution of such displays allow visualization of data sets of a scale not previously possible, mechanisms for interacting with wall displays remain challenging. HIPerPaper enables multiple concurrent users to select, move, scale, and rotate objects on a high-dimension wall display.