N. Weibel, A. Piper and J. Hollan, HIPerPaper: Introducing Pen and Paper Interfaces for UltraScale Wall Displays, Demo Proceedings of UIST 2010, 23rd ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, New York, NY, October 2010


While recent advances in graphics, display, and computer hardware support ultra-scale visualizations of a tremendous amount of data sets, mechanisms for interacting with this information on large high-resolution wall displays are still under investigation. Different issues in terms of user interface, ergonomics, multi-user interaction, and system flexibility arise while facing ultra-scale wall displays and none of the introduced approaches fully address them. We introduce HIPerPaper, a novel digital pen and paper interface that enables natural interaction with the HIPerSpace wall, a 31.8 by 7.5 foot tiled wall display of 268,720,000 pixels. HIPerPaper provides a flexible, portable, and inexpensive medium for interacting with large high-resolution wall displays.