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N. Weibel, A. Fouse, C. Emmenegger, S. Kimmich and E. Hutchins, Let's Look at the Cockpit: Exploring Mobile Eye-Tracking for Observational Research on the Flight Deck, Proc. ETRA 2012, ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications, Santa Barbara, USA, March 2012, Accepted


As part of our research on multimodal analysis and visualization of activity dynamics, we are exploring the integration of data produced by a variety of sensor technologies within ChronoViz, a tool aimed at supporting the simultaneous visualization of multiple streams of time series data. This paper reports on the integration of a mobile eye-tracking system with data streams collected from HD video cameras, microphones, digital pens, and simulation environments. We focus on the challenging environment of the commercial airline flight deck, analyzing the use of mobile eye tracking systems in aviation human factors and reporting on techniques and methods that can be applied in this and other domains in order to successfully collect, analyze and visualize eye-tracking data in combination with the array of data types supported by ChronoViz.